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battle and involves
* A battle of envelopment involves an attack on one or both flanks ; the classic example being the double-envelopment of the Battle of Cannae.
Interplay # 8 gave a couple of details, stating that " it deals with Adventurers entering a Goblin fortress and encountering organized military units, and as such often involves 10-20 or more fighters in a battle.
This involves avoiding a set battle with the Carthaginians and creating a " scorched earth " area around Hannibal's army.
features scenes from The Sorcerer's Apprentice and other Fantasia segments on water projection screens, and involves the plot of Mickey as the apprentice doing battle with the Disney Villains.
Epaminondas wins the battle with a tactical innovation which involves striking the enemy first at their strongest, instead of their weakest, point, with such crushing force that the attack is irresistible.
Typically, this involves doing battle with evil demons or demonically allied humans, primarily related to Wolfram & Hart, a demonic law firm.
The 2009 novel The Devil's Paintbrush by Jake Arnott involves a retelling of the life of Hector MacDonald, and includes the battle and Kitchener's railway-building drive through Sudan.
Gameplay involves selecting a character and then proceeding to battle the other characters, one at a time, in various locales.
The battle system involves the player chaining different attacks known as Chain Abilities to achieve large combos and deal damage to the enemy.
The plot generally focuses on the custody battle for Ryunosuke and the attempts by Akiko and Mishima Heavy Industries to reclaim Nuku Nuku's body, which often involves amusingly larger-than-life battles between Nuku Nuku and military hardware produced by Mishima Heavy Industries.
Planning for combat involves organizing troops under commanders and issuing up to five tactical battle instructions ( such as magic spells to cast ) to the commanders, and simpler orders to troop squads.
CAC's mission involves leader development, collective training, Army doctrine and battle command ( current and future ).
The Dungeon Siege quest is highly linear and involves constant hack and slash battle, similar in some ways to platform and beat ' em up games.
The ditch battle, or trench battle, is a simple form battle that involves weapon use only, not full class play.
The next year's Battle Chess 4000 spoofs science fiction movies and television series ( such as a battle sequence that involves the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey ) and uses a clay animation art style similar to Clayfighter.
Later, a group of legally sanctioned pirates sink Leie's ship in a naval battle that also involves Maia's ship.
He discovers the Empire's " Dark Trooper Project ", which involves the development of a series of powerful new battle droids and power-armored stormtroopers.
Another major part of Ironfest is the colonial battle re-enactment, called the ' Battle of Lithgow ' which involves over 120 participants, kitted out in fully authentic 19th century apparel, and involving cavalry, infantry and artillery.
The single-player game involves progressing through predominately indoor environments, each culminating in a boss battle, while collecting hearts to replenish health.
The characters in the book display features similar to the two famous Native Americans, and the famous Battle of Tippecanoe which involves both brothers is also a part of the book, although it doesn't happen like the real battle.
The final occasion involves a massive battle against arch-foe Surtur on Earth, with Odin apparently dying once and for all, as the Odin Force — the source of Odin's power — migrates to his son, Thor.

battle and military
The account of the battle is, next to his descriptions of Garibaldi's campaigns, Trevelyan's outstanding military narrative.
The scene is etched in sharp detail, the military problems brilliantly explained, and the excitement and importance of the battle made evident.
The fourth encounter is with Micaiah, the prophet who, when asked for advice on a military campaign, first assures Ahab he will be successful and ultimately gives Ahab a glimpse into God's plan for Ahab to die in battle ( 1 Kings 22 ).
In a battle, each combatant will seek to defeat the others, with defeat determined by the conditions of a military campaign.
The defining characteristic of the battle as a concept in Military science has been a dynamic one through the course of military history, changing with the changes in the organisation, employment and technology of military forces.
While the British military historian Sir John Keegan suggested an ideal definition of battle as " something which happens between two armies leading to the moral then physical disintegration of one or the other of them ", the origins and outcomes of battles can rarely be summarized so neatly.
In general a battle during the 20th century was, and continues to be, defined by the combat between opposing forces representing major components of total forces committed to a military campaign, used to achieve specific military objectives.
A battle always has as its purpose the reaching of a mission goal by use of military force.
The use of the term " battle " in military history has led to its misuse when referring to almost any scale of combat, notably by strategic forces involving hundreds of thousands of troops that may be engaged in either a single battle at one time ( Battle of Leipzig ) or multiple operations ( Battle of Kursk ).
A decisive battle can have political as well as military impact, changing the balance of power or boundaries between countries.
In the United States, it was a controversial battle because of the island's questionable strategic value and the high casualty rate, which was the highest for U. S. military personnel of any battle in the Pacific War.
As his ship was readied for battle, Nelson held a final dinner with Vanguard < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s officers, announcing as he rose: " Before this time tomorrow I shall have gained a peerage or Westminster Abbey ," in reference to the rewards of victory or the traditional burial place of British military heroes.
Pausanias noticed on the monument to the battle the names of former slaves who were freed in exchange for military services.
Many military historians say that the battle of Schwetz / Świecino was the turning point of the Thirteen Years ' War, leading to the final victory in 1466.
The battle typically marks the starting of a period of increased military and political instability in the Roman Empire, although the symptoms of the crisis had already appeared in the preceding decades.
On the other hand, many writers have pointed out how this battle was a humiliation for the Italian military.
Several things were notable about this battle, in which Charles set the pattern for the remainder of his military career: first, he appeared where his enemies least expected him, while they were marching triumphantly home and far outnumbered him.
Charles, in this battle, had begun demonstrating the military genius that would mark his rule.
The event was the culmination of civil disobedience in the Ballarat region during the Victorian gold rush with miners objecting to the expense of a Miner's Licence, taxation ( via the licence ) without representation and the actions of the government and its agents ( the police and military ) The local rebellion in Ballarat grew from a Ballarat Reform League movement and culminated in organised battle at the stockades against colonial forces.
During his campaigns, El Cid often ordered that books by classic Roman and Greek authors on military themes be read aloud to him and his troops, for both entertainment and inspiration before battle.
Kites have been used for military uses in the past for signaling, for delivery of munitions, and for observation, by lifting an observer above the field of battle, and by using kite aerial photography.

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