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censorship and peaked
The push for stronger government policies that enforce censorship peaked after the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) investigated the incident that occurred during the Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show.

censorship and on
The Admiralty, upon receiving Herbert's report, immediately ordered its suppression, but the strict censorship imposed on the event failed when Americans who had witnessed the incident from Nicosians lifeboats spoke to newspaper reporters after their return to the United States.
His censorship seems to have been based on those of his ancestors, particularly Appius Claudius Caecus, and he used the office to put into place many policies based on those of Republican times.
On March 16, 1517, the Fifth Council of the Lateran closed its activities with a number of reform proposals ( on the selection of bishops, taxation, censorship and preaching ) but not on the major problems that confronted the Church in Germany and other parts of Europe.
Biafra was on the show with Tipper Gore as part of a panel discussion on the issues of " controversial music lyrics " and censorship.
In addition, with the Carlsbad Decrees of 1819, Chancellor Prince Metternich and his secret police enforced censorship, mainly in universities, to keep a watch on the activities of professors and students, whom he held responsible for the spread of radical liberal ideas.
This was not the first incident of apparent network censorship on Sullivan's show.
The Christian censorship of the Jewish Talmud in the aftermath of the Disputation of Barcelona and during the Spanish Inquisition and Roman Inquisition, let the term spread within the Jewish classical texts, since the church censors replaced terms like Minim (" sectarians ", coined on the Christians ) with the term Epikorsim or Epicursim, meaning heretics, since the church had heavily persecuted heretics at that time.
Less restrictive censorship towards the end of the 1950s encouraged B-film producer Hammer Films to embark on their series of influential and wildly successful horror films.
Yet in the paperback edition released in 1979, Bradbury wrote a new coda for the book containing multiple comments on censorship and its relation to the novel.
Relaxation of censorship resulted in the Communist Party losing its grip on the media.
In addition to serious explorations of the Soviet past and present situation relaxation of censorship resulted in an explosion of popular culture including popular Western literature and films and books on astrology, religion, and flying saucers, in short, anything official Soviet publishers had not deemed worth publishing.
The Tsar perceived the very real threat of a scandal and ordered his own investigations but did not, in the end, remove Rasputin from his position of influence ; on the contrary he fired his minister of the interior for a " lack of control over the press " ( censorship being a top priority for Nicholas then ).
Based on a play by Victor Hugo ( Le roi s ' amuse ), the libretto had to undergo substantial revisions in order to satisfy the epoch's censorship, and the composer was on the verge of giving it all up a number of times.
Before the networks agreed to put a stop to censorship and bias in the news division, Segal went on to disrupt The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and Barbara Walters on The Today Show.
Hawks encountered a minor amount of censorship when the film was banned in Chicago, which would deal with even further on his next film.
Using the Emergency-era Internal Security Act ( ISA ), the new government suspended Parliament and political parties, imposed press censorship and placed severe restrictions on political activity.
Summarizes and extends 1990 article, with more emphasis on Blume's impact and censorship issues.
In response, former Channel 4 chief executive Sir Jeremy Isaacs describing Loach's intervention as an act of censorship, he said: " They must not allow someone who has no real position, no rock to stand on, to interfere with their programming.
MTV's influence on its audience, including issues related to censorship and social activism, has been a subject of debate for years.
In another side effect, Square Co. ( now Square Enix ) executives have suggested that the price of publishing games on the Nintendo 64 along with the degree of censorship and control that Nintendo enforced over its games, most notably Final Fantasy VI, were factors in switching its focus towards Sony's PlayStation console.

censorship and 4
To bypass internet censorship in China, which uniformly considers all the above-mentioned names too ' sensitive ' for search engines and public forums, alternative names have sprung up to describe the events on the internet, such as May 35th, VIIV ( Roman numerals for 6 and 4 ) and " Eight Squared " ( i. e. 8 < sup > 2 </ sup > = 64 ).
The censorship in the U. S. zone was regulated by the occupation directive JCS 1067 ( valid until July 1947 ) and in the May 1946 order valid for all zones ( rescinded in 1950 ), Allied Control Authority Order No. 4, " No. 4-Confiscation of Literature and Material of a Nazi and Militarist Nature ".
The overarching theme of the Metal Gear Solid series is that of the " gene, meme, scene, sense and peace " and how people are affected by these factors according to the game's producer Kojima — Metal Gear Solid deals with genetics and the moral implications of genetic engineering, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty deals with how identity can be affected by the philosophies of one's society ( a ' meme ') and the effects of censorship on society, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater deals with how the time and place one lives in ( a ' scene ') affects their identity and how politics change along with the times, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots deals with the ' sense ' that people die, things move on and times change, and that life should not be defined by fighting.
The film had huge censorship problems in the UK and was refused a certificate 4 times by the BBFC.
When Channel 4 broadcast Ferrari's obituary on Eurotrash, it was transmitted with straight dubbing as a mark of respect ( Eurotrash < noinclude >'</ noinclude > s dubbing is normally campy, often playing it for laughs to get around the censorship regulations ).
As was required by law for British film productions of that time, the completed first draft of the screenplay was presented by Tenser to the British Board of Film Censors ( BBFC ) on 4 August to determine if any possible censorship issues could be anticipated.
As the real editor, he was sentenced to prison ( 6 times 4 days ), a fine, and future censorship on June 7, 1843, in the Supreme Court.
However on the night of September 23, 1972, DZAQ, DZXL, DZYK-FM, DZAQ-TV and DZXL-TV along with 4 other ABS-CBN AM radio stations were halted as Metrocom forces seized ABS-CBN Broadcasting Centre two days after President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, even DZAQ / DZXL personalities were arrested because of strict censorship as it went off the air.
Jimmy also starred in the Emmy Award-winning documentary on art censorship, " Damned in the USA " produced by Channel 4 in the United Kingdom in partnership with Channel Thirteen in New York.

censorship and May
Frustrated by resistance and censorship from Word, after May 1977 Norman left the studio and commenced a seven-month world tour, that included concerts in the USA, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Israel, Lebanon, India, Hong Kong, and Japan.
On May 6, 2011, the American Civil Liberties Union's Sonoma County chapter honored Smothers with its Jack Green Civil Liberties Award for his work against television censorship and for speaking out for peace and civil liberties.
In May 2008, it was allowed for sale in New Zealand if sealed and an indication of the censorship classification was displayed.
With the military coup of the 28 May 1926 and the implementation of previous censorship on public shows, the press and other publications, the urban song would suffer profound changes.
A continuing investigation by the FBI resulted in a second indictment on May 5, this time on charges of violating espionage statutes, the Trading with the Enemy Act, and the censorship statutes, conviction of which carried the death penalty.
* May 27 – The English Parliament passes An Act to Restrain Abuses of Players, which tightens the censorship controls on public theatre performances, most notably on the question of profane oaths.
British-Indian censorship permitted news reporters to send the reports only in second week of May, 1944, and this was due to wartime censorship.
* " Obscene feminists: Why women are leading the battle against censorship " by Annalee Newitz, San Francisco Bay Guardian, May 8, 2002.
" This resurgence of Internet censorship lead to the resignation of blogger and political activist Slim Amamou from his post as Secretary of State for Youth and Sport on 23 May.
Following the overthrow of France and the Low Countries in May 1940, the British instigated full terminal mail censorship but the Irish were unable to look at more than about 10 % due to the enormous staff this would have required.
After the occupation of the Netherlands in May 1940, the Germans quickly took control over the existing Dutch press and enforced censorship and publication of Nazi propaganda.
On the other hand, he also criticized cases of actual censorship directed towards the workers ' movement, among others during the secret military expedition to quell calamities in Rjukan in May 1914.
Ernest Bethel's Taehan Maeil Shinbo ( 大韓每日申報 ) provided for Korean writers a brief opportunity of artistic expression free from censorship, from July 1904 till May 1909, but after control of the paper was seized by the Government-General uncensored Korean publishing became impossible.

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