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claim and was
In later years Josephus Daniels was to claim that World War 1, was the first in American history in which there was great concern for both the health and morals of our soldiers.
He claims that he was denied due process of law in violation of the Fifth Amendment, because ( 1 ) at a hearing before a hearing officer of the Department of Justice, he was not permitted to rebut statements attributed to him by the local board, and ( 2 ) at the trial, he was denied the right to have the hearing officer's report and the original report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as to his claim.
He says that he was not permitted to rebut before the hearing officer statements attributed to him by the local board, and, further, that he was denied at trial the right to have the Department of Justice hearing officer's report and the original report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as to his claim -- all in violation of the Fifth Amendment.
His claim was therefore `` so highly exaggerated '', the Department concluded, that it `` cast doubt upon his veracity and, consequently, upon his sincerity and good faith ''.
In his answer thereto, he advised the Board that he had made no such statement in 1956, and asserted that his only claim to `` pioneering '' was in 1952.
But the statement of the local board attributing this claim to petitioner was in his file.
Having had every opportunity to rebut the finding of the local board before both the hearing officer and the appeal board, petitioner cannot now claim that he was denied due process because he did not succeed.
While there are now allegations of the withholding of `` favorable evidence developed at the hearing '' and a denial of a `` full and fair hearing '', no such claim was made by petitioner at any stage of the administrative process.
He did receive a resume of it -- the same that was furnished the appeal board -- and he made no claim of its inaccuracy.
The Court said the purpose of the section was principally to spare the Government the embarrassment and trouble of dealing with several parties, one of them a stranger to the claim, and to prevent traffic in claims, particularly tenuous claims, against the Government.
A recent case in point is Mitchell Canneries v. United States, in which a claim against the Government was transferred first from a corporation to a partnership, whose partners were former stockholders, and then to another corporation formed by the partners.
Revenue Ruling 54-17 provides that if the corporation against which a tax was assessed has since been liquidated by merger with a successor corporation, a claim for refund should be filed by the successor in the name and on behalf of the corporation which paid the tax, followed by the name of the successor corporation.
In rejecting any claim to the value of the slave property, Palfrey was giving up close to $7,000.
He was also pleased with the wide distribution because he thought it proved again his argument that Dallas investment men can do just as good a job as the big New York investment bankers claim only they can do.
The Revenue Service disallowed the claim, invoking a law provision that generally bars deductions for expenses incurred in connection with what it said was tax-exempt income.
Because constitutional claims are of great magnitude, appellate courts might be more lenient to review the claim even if it was not preserved.
At the time, in the 1890s, the issue of land ownership in Ireland was politically charged, and after the events at the Valley House in 1894 Lynchehaun was to claim that his actions were motivated by politics.
It has been maintained that the right to wear mitres was sometimes granted by the popes to abbots before the 11th century, but the documents on which this claim is based are not genuine ( J. Braun, Liturgische Gewandung, p. 453 ).
Other sources, such as Iphigenia at Aulis, claim that Agamemnon was prepared to kill his daughter, but that Artemis accepted a deer in her place, and whisked her away to Taurus in Crimea.

claim and put
When decision makers act within this frame they determine whether a claim put forward in the name of religion is to be accepted by the larger community as appropriate to religion.
Peace, it's wonderful, and `` world law '', it's wonderful, too, and shouldn't we get an international covenant extending it into space, before the Russians put some claim jumper on the moon??
Keith Kintigh wrote: " To put it bluntly, in many cases it doesn't matter much to the progress of anthropology whether a particular archaeoastronomical claim is right or wrong because the information doesn ’ t inform the current interpretive questions.
She put her bag on the bed to claim it as her own ; it was assumed this was pre-arranged.
Thus, similar to the claim put forward by the Provisional IRA after its split from the Official IRA in 1969, the Continuity IRA claims to be the legitimate continuation of the ' Irish Republican Army ' or Óglaigh na hÉireann.
The size of the diaspora is demonstrated by the number of people around the world who claim Irish ancestry ; some sources put the figure at 80-100 million.
These marriages often were alliance or succession devices: the Soga lord ensured the domination of a prince, to be put as puppet to the throne ; or a prince ensured the combination of two imperial descents, to strengthen his own and his children's claim to the throne.
Contrary to Anton's assertions, the Pennant claim in 1790 was not the first time this had been discussed or put to print, as the Martin Martin texts predate Pennant by almost 100 years.
They did not openly express their gratitude to science fiction, because the funding depended on keeping claim to have originated the ideas they had put so much work into testing and verifying.
This claim was first put forward by the biblical scholar William Robertson Smith.
Another claim was put forth by a young boy who stated that he had been hit by a small (~ 3 gram ) stone of the Mbale meteorite fall from Uganda, and who stood to gain nothing from this assertion.
The legend is based on a claim made by Pseudo-Dionysius in a letter addressed to Polycarp: " What have you to say about the solar eclipse which occurred when the Savior was put on the cross?
For this reason, critics of Arafat claim that he put his desire to destroy the Jewish state above his dream of building an autonomous Palestinian state.
Holmes has been known to charge clients for his expenses, and to claim any reward that might be offered for the problem's solution: he says in " The Adventure of the Speckled Band " that Miss Stoner may pay any expenses he may be put to, and requests that the bank in " The Red-Headed League " remunerate him for the money he spent solving the case.
While Africa could claim roughly 10 million Christians in 1900, recent estimates put that number closer to 200 million.
Many people who have been practicing the latihan for some time claim to be able to recognize indications or intuitions ' from their inner feeling ' in response to questions that are put forward.
It encompasses the entirety of Australia and New Zealand, and was granted prior title by the Board of the Society to the Australian administered parts of Antarctica, in contradiction of the later claim put forward by the Kingdom of Trimaris.
The Local Government Board Act 1871 put the supervision of the Poor Law under the Local Government Board ( headed by G. J. Goschen ) and Gladstone's " administration could claim spectacular success in enforcing a dramatic reduction in supposedly sentimental and unsystematic outdoor poor relief, and in making, in co-operation with the Charity Organization Society ( 1869 ), the most sustained attempt of the century to impose upon the working classes the Victorian values of providence, self-reliance, foresight, and self-discipline ".
Bangladeshi authorities claim that 3 million people were killed, while the Hamoodur Rahman Commission, an official Pakistan Government investigation, put the figure as low as 26, 000 civilian casualties.
Frederick desired to put the pope aside and claim the crown of old Rome simply because he was in the likeness of the greatest emperors of the pre-Christian era.
From that moment I put in my claim for a monopoly of Whig principles.
While most cryptozoologists recognize that at least some reports are simple misidentifications, they claim that many of the creatures described by those who have seen them look nothing like the known species put forward by skeptics and claim that certain reports stick out.
It was created by the Chinese government to alleviate social, economic, and environmental problems in China, and authorities claim that the policy has prevented more than 250 million births between 1980 and 2000, and 400 million births from about 1979 to 2011 ; this claim is disputed by two independent scholars, who put the number of prevented births from 1979 to 2009 at 100 million | author = Chen Wei | title = Sex Ratios at Birth in China | year = 2005 | accessdate = 2 March 2009

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