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consisted and mock
* A-ca-oo-mah-ca-ye ( Ac ko mok ki, Ak ko mock ki, A ’ kow-muk-ai-“ Feathers ”, since he took the name Old Swan ), since about 1820 Chief of the Old Feathers ’ band, his personal following was known as the Bad Guns band, consisted of about 400 persons, along with Old Sun and Three Suns ( No-okskatos ) one of three Head Chiefs of the Siksika
An exhibit entitled " Pus In Boots " consisted of a pair of Wellington boots filled with custard ; a mock pesticide product called " Platytox " claimed on its box to be effective against the platypus, a beloved and protected species in Australia.
The set of the Nickelodeon version consisted of a mock exterior of a house that included a door through which Eure entered at the beginning of the show.

consisted and game
The contest consisted in submitting a user developed N64 program, game or utility.
Their other sources of food consisted of wild game and the roots of wild plants.
Chunkey was a game that consisted of a stone shaped disk that was about 1 – 2 inches in diameter.
Another criticism of the software library was that most titles consisted of " shovelware ", in which a developer takes an existing title and adds minor new content ( usually a CD audio soundtrack, or video sequences ) while not expanding the original game itself.
Every game in the main Zelda series has consisted of three principal areas: an overworld in which movement is multidirectional, allowing the player some degree of freedom of action ; areas of interaction with other characters ( merely caves or hidden rooms in the first game, but expanding to entire towns and cities in subsequent games ) in which the player gains special items or advice ; and dungeons, areas of labyrinthine layout, usually underground, comprising a wide range of difficult enemies, bosses, and items.
Majority of foods consisted of millet, taro, sweet potato, wild greens and game like boar and rat.
* In the 1970s, there was a two player game made by Tri-ang Toys & Games called Check Lines, in which the board consisted of eleven holes arranged in a geometrical pattern of twelve straight lines each containing three of the holes.
The game area itself occupied only roughly a quarter of the screen and consisted of a first-person view of a flat-shaded Pac-Man-like maze with a crosshair in the middle.
After proclaiming he was not there to play the game, Gabriel was voted off a newly formed alliance led by John, which consisted of himself, Tammy, Robert, and Zoe.
The contestant who matched the most celebrities at the end of the game won the game and went on to play the Super Match, which consisted of the Audience Match and the Head-To-Head Match segments, for additional money.
Dragonlance consisted of an entirely new game world promoted both by a series of game supplements and a trilogy of novels written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.
The main art team that consisted of Eaken, James Dollar and Avril Harrison was sometimes consulted by Barwood to help out with the more graphical puzzles in the game, such as a broken robot in Atlantis.
Issues 33 and 34 of Sonic the Comic, and issue 13 of the Archie comics version of a Sonic the Hedgehog comic consisted of their own comic adaptations of the game.
The game was played at the Victoria Ground on 28 April 1965, by which time Matthews had decided to retire as a player, and the pre-match entertainment consisted of another match of two veteran teams featuring many legends of the game.
Previously, network sporting broadcasts had consisted of simple set-ups and focused on the game itself.
The original game consisted of 55 neighborhood kids.
Crowther's original game consisted of about 700 lines of FORTRAN code ( see the original source code ), with about another 700 lines of data, written for BBN's PDP-10 timesharing computer.
* The Pentathlon This pentathlon consisted of the stadion, a game of wrestling or pale, javelin-throwing, discus-throwing and long-jump.
The system consisted of a " Synclavier II " sound synthesizer ( a sophisticated, professional synthesizer consisting of a 16-bit mini-computer and synthesizer keyboard / sound manager ), running custom sound development software written by Richard Ditton, a software engineer and video game developer at MG & A.
Casting one of the 85 magic user spells consisted of typing a four-letter code found only in the printed game manual, which perhaps helped limit piracy and contributed to the commercial success of the game.

consisted and against
In the same month the Irish Republican Army began the Irish War of Independence, a guerrilla campaign against British rule ; in 1919 this consisted of attacks on the Royal Irish Constabulary ( RIC ).
The land area of San Marino consisted only of Mount Titano until 1463, at which time the republic entered into an alliance against Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, duke of Rimini, who was later defeated.
It is a modified version of the flag Sandino used in the 1930s, during the war against the U. S. occupation of Nicaragua which consisted of two vertical stripes, equally in size, one red and the other black with a skull ( like the traditional Jolly Roger flag ).
Politics of this era consisted primarily of the political and military struggle between the KMT and the Communist Party of China ( CPC ) in between bouts of active resistance against Japanese invasion.
The West-Pakistan's political system had consisted popular influential Left-wing sphere against elite Right-wing circles.
Galas ' performance consisted of covering her body in cattle blood and reinterpreting biblical texts and classic literature ; she said it was a protest against what she saw as the ignorance and condemnation towards people with AIDS from religious and political groups.
It consisted of internationalists who were in favor of the United Nations and the " Cold War " fight against communism and the Soviet Union.
The Nationalist regime's campaign against Chen consisted of forces from the Guangdong Army under Xu Chongzhi, and two training regiments of the Nationalist Party Army, led by Chiang Kai-shek and staffed by Academy officers and cadets.
His military duties mainly consisted of forays against hostile Native Americans such as the Apache during the course of which he explored much of what is now Arizona.
The ' Stanegate ' frontier, which consisted of itself and several other forts spanning east to Corbridge, was proving to be a far more stable frontier against the Picts than those established deeper into Caledonia.
August 2-British form the Palestine Regiment, consisted of 3 Jewish and 1 Arab battalions, which assist the British forces in North Africa against the Axis.
This consisted of a block opening on a hinge, thus forming a false breech against which the cartridge rested.
The armour, at some places a foot thick, consisted of a layer of concrete sandwiched between layers of steel, successfully rendering the vehicle impervious against small arms fire and small explosives.
The cenacle opposing the ' despotism ' of Queen Elizabeth and King James, like the knights of King Arthur's Round Table consisted of Francis Bacon, Walter Ralegh, and, as far as Shapiro can make out from her confused writing, perhaps Edmund Spenser, Lord Buckhurst and the Earl of Oxford, all putatively employing playwriting to speak to both rulers and the ruled as committed republicans vindicating that cause against tyranny.
Most of the war consisted of a series of largely successful British operations against Dutch colonial economic interests, although British and Dutch naval forces also met once off the Dutch coast.
The first time was in June 1813, when Randall ’ s regiment — which consisted of about 300 men, equally from Stonington and North Stonington — force-marched overnight in driving rain to Groton to help defend the city against a feared landing by British naval forces.
The war consisted primarily of various raids conducted by the Native Americans against Mormon outposts in Central and Southern Utah.
At that time the fledgeling village had a population of around 50 and the school consisted of a lean-to against a house.
While it has been claimed that two related messianic Jewish sects of the eighteenth century, the Frankists, followers of Jacob Frank, and the Dönmeh, followers of Shabbetai Zvi, were alleged to hold an annual springtime ' Lamb Festival ,' which consisted of a celebratory dinner that included a ritualized exchange of spouses., such reports should be considered very cautiously, as they may simply be defamatory propaganda of the time against groups that the ruling elite found heretical, particularly since the groups involved were secretive about their beliefs, aims, and practices.
The piece consisted of periods of music and interludes of silence set against the roar of the airplane propellers.
The French main attack consisted out of general d ' Armentieres ' attack against Voremberg with five brigades of infantry plus four regiments of dismounted dragoons.
From that point until the day he left home and died in a railway station in his final attempt to win out against group pressures, his life consisted of combats with members of his family, with members of the neighboring nobility, with the army, with the Tsarist autocracy and with the established church.
The labor force consisted of 500 Annamite prisoners who had revolted against French rule in Indochina, and were brought in 1931.
For him, human history consisted of the eternal struggle of the human spirit against the laws of nature, as expressed by the atheism of modern society in the twin forms of liberalism and socialism-capitalist competition leading eventually to the merger of private capitals in a single state-owned economy.

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