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couple and Andrés
Any children a couple have together take both surnames, so if the couple above had two children named " Andrés " and " Ana ", then their names would be " Andrés Gómez Reyes " and " Ana Gómez Reyes ".
For instance, the name of the son of the couple in the example above could be settled whether " Andrés Gómez Reyes " or " Andrés Reyes Gómez ".

couple and de
With a couple of hundred men, he subdued the local inhabitants and founded the city of Santiago de Nueva Extremadura, now Santiago de Chile, on February 12, 1541.
Georges Méliès first used superimposition on a dark background in la Caverne maudite ( The Cave of the Demons ) made a couple of months later in 1898, and then elaborated it further with multiple superimpositions in the one shot in l ' Homme de têtes ( The Troublesome Heads ).
In sponsalia de praesenti, the most usual form, the couple declared they there and then accepted each other as man and wife.
The sponsalia de futuro form was less binding, as the couple took hands only to declare their intention to marry each other at some future date.
The pavane, the earliest-known example of which was published in Venice by Ottaviano Petrucci, in Joan Ambrosio Dalza's Intabolatura de lauto libro quarto in 1508, is a sedate and dignified couple dance, similar to the 15th-century basse danse.
The largest Venezuelan city corresponding to Java is San Fernando de Apure ( within a couple kilometers of antipodal to the large city of Malang ), though San Cristóbal comes close, within a few kilometers of the Javanese coast.
Eliot's poem " Lune de Miel " ( written in French ) describes a honeymooning couple from Indiana sleeping not far from the ancient Basilica of Sant ' Apollinare in Classe, ( just outside Ravenna ), famous for the carved capitals of its columns, which depict acanthus leaves buffeted by the wind, unlike the leaves in repose on similar columns elsewhere.
If an Australian de facto couple moves out of a state, they do not take the state with them and the new federal law is tied to the territorial limits of a state.
The legal status and rights and obligations of the de facto or unmarried couple would then be recognised by the countries laws of where they are ordinarily resident.
Whether Blanca and Valentino actually had a romantic relationship is unknown, but when the de Saulles couple divorced, Valentino took the stand to support Blanca de Saulles ' claims of infidelity on her husband's part.
* Adieu is a novella by Honoré de Balzac in which can be found a short description of the French retreat from Russia, particularly the battle of Berezina, where the fictional couple of the story are tragically separated.
The couple also took a mutual interest in the work of such authors as the Marquis de Sade ( 1740 – 1814 ), Fyodor Dostoyevsky ( 1821 – 1881 ), Franz Kafka ( 1883 – 1924 ) and Jean Genet ( 1910 – 1986 ), all of whose works explored the themes of sex and violence.
Destouches was abroad at the time of d ' Alembert's birth, and a couple of days after birth his mother left him on the steps of the Saint-Jean-le-Rond de Paris church.
Mary's mother Antoinette de Bourbon wrote that the couple was still young and should hope for more children.
A couple of ships with around 500 people arrived at the Guanabara Bay, present-day Rio de Janeiro, and settled in a small island.
Kelley thereafter did a few television appearances and a couple of movies but essentially went into de facto retirement other than playing McCoy.
He sent away the Spanish ladies and replaced them with French ones, notably the princesse de Conti and Marie de Rohan-Montbazon, his wife, and organized court events that would bring the couple together under amiable circumstances.
In 1927, humorist Frederic Van de Water wrote The Family Flivvers to Frisco, an autobiographical account of him and his wife, a young couple from New York City, piling their belongings and their six-year-old son ( dubbed the “ Supercargo ”) into their Model T Ford and camping their way to San Francisco on the Lincoln Highway, traveling over through twelve states in thirty-seven days.
Legal separation ( sometimes " judicial separation ", " separate maintenance ", " divorce a mensa et thoro ", or " divorce from bed-and-board ") is a legal process by which a married couple may formalize a de facto separation while remaining legally married.
Whether or not the property settlement jurisdiction of the Family Court will be available depends upon whether the de facto couple separated after two years.
Together the couple had five children: Sancho Ramírez, his successor ; García, Bishop of Jaca ; Sancha, married Armengol III of Urgel ; Urraca, nun in Santa Cruz de la Serós ; and Theresa, married William Bertrand of Provence.
There is also a story that a couple of stolen birmans ( or a pregnant female called Poupée de Maldapour ) were imported to France by Thadde Haddisch.

couple and Cabrera
December 4, 2009, Jolbert Cabrera married Andreya Benelli, the couple lives in North Miami Beach where they are raising three daughters Alexandra, Ashlyn, and Ashanty.

couple and Fernández
Dolores del Río, another dramatic actress, became well known after her Hollywood career in the 1930s and for her roles in a couple films directed by Emilio Fernández.

couple and gave
I used the alias of Robert C. Richards, gave the first three letters and the first and last figure of the license number on the agency heap, but a couple of phony numbers in between.
Whatever energy Abner had went into evading the marital goals of Daisy Mae Scragg, his sexy, well-endowed ( but virtuous ) girlfriend — until Capp finally gave in to reader pressure and allowed the couple to marry.
When the couple married, McKinzie's father gave him the of farm land he owned.
Marriage gave a couple rights over each other which conflicted with the slave-owners ’ claims.
Soon after their marriage on June 15, 1862, the couple moved to San Francisco, California, where Phoebe gave birth to their only child, William Randolph Hearst, on April 29, 1863.
As a wedding present, Mudd's father gave the couple of his best farmland, known as St. Catherine ’ s, and a new house.
Interplay # 8 gave a couple of details, stating that " it deals with Adventurers entering a Goblin fortress and encountering organized military units, and as such often involves 10-20 or more fighters in a battle.
Nina, trying to join in the spirit of defying convention, confesses that she and Bram hated the lamp that the other couple once gave them ; this is too much, and the party is ruined.
In 1951, he gave a strong performance in Close to My Heart, starring with Gene Tierney as a couple trying to adopt a child.
He completely gave up smoking as a result, with only a couple of exceptions, and did not resume the habit until he left the White House on January 20, 1969.
Seemingly as a testament to his career in higher education, Barrett and his wife Barbara gave a $ 10 million endowment to Arizona State University in 2000, resulting in the institution naming their Honors College after the couple.
The groom's maternal grandfather, William Patterson, one of the wealthiest men in Maryland, gave the couple a mansion ( now Montrose Mansion ) as a wedding gift in an attempt to match the bride's dowery.
In 1989, Abbott and Hamilton separated while she was pregnant with their first child Hamilton gave birth to thier son Dalton on October 4, 1989, and the couple divorced before the year's end.
The couple gave no public reason for their breakup.
On February 27, 1888, a couple of days after photographic pioneer Eadweard Muybridge gave a lecture not far from the laboratory of Thomas Edison, the two inventors privately met.
The couple gave the name Maiorianus to their child in honour of his influential grandfather.
As a wedding gift, her father gave the couple six slaves and the Pine Slash Farm near Mechanicsville.
The couple married, and Oenone gave birth to a son, Corythus.
The young couple, mismatched from the start, never grew to like each other, and soon the young Philippe gave his wife the nickname of Madame Lucifer.
The bride-wain, the wagon in which the bride was driven to her new home, gave its name to the weddings of any poor deserving couple, who drove a " wain " round the village, collecting small sums of money or articles of furniture towards their housekeeping.
Dr. Gilbert gave the couple a small house as a wedding gift.
A couple of years later, Harriet gave birth to their first child, Eliza.
After five years, in 1938, Hitler gave her a choice of four apartments in Munich, one flat lived in by a Jewish couple.
Gaye's first recordings involving social commentary occurred a couple years before working on What's Going On, including " Abraham, Martin & John " and " The Onion Song ", two songs of which gave Gaye hit success in Europe where it charted mainly in the United Kingdom pop chart.
For the remaining nine years of Philip's life, Farinelli gave nightly private concerts to the royal couple.

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