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dates and back
The practice of state-owned vehicles for use of employees on business dates back over forty years.
( The association of Wiley & Sons with the Dana Mineralogies dates back to 1844 when they published the second edition of the system.
Latter-day interest in Elizabethan singing dates well back into the nineteenth century in England, much ahead of similar revivals in other countries.
He dates back to the days before the first sailing ship pulled into New Orleans.
A tablet found on the Greek island Salamis in 1846 AD dates back to 300 BC, making it the oldest counting board discovered so far.
The current coastline dates back to about 4000 BC.
The first division into major and minor arts dates back to Leon Battista Alberti's works ( De re aedificatoria, De statua, De pictura ), focusing the importance of intellectual skills of the artist rather than the manual skills ( even if in other forms of art there was a project behind ).
The river's name may be attested to in the Gaulish ( Helvetic ) Berne zinc tablet which dates back to Roman Gaul.
The use of compound glues to haft stone spears into wood dates back to approximately 70, 000 BC.
Its early history reveals that the maritime importance of the island dates back to pre-Dorian times.
It dates back at least as far as recorded history.
The city dates back at least to the 10th century when it was known by its first Latin name of Alavarium, literally, " a gathering place or preserve of birds.
The history of the city dates back to Roman times.
The Gendarmenmarkt, a neoclassical square in Berlin whose name dates back to the quarters of the famous Gens d ' armes regiment located here in the 18th century, is bordered by two similarly designed cathedrals, the Französischer Dom with its observation platform and the Deutscher Dom.
Going further back, an earlier version of the Choral Fantasy theme is found in the song " Gegenliebe " (" Returned Love "), for piano and high voice, which dates from before 1795.
The modern Bulgarian military dates back to 1878.
It is unclear whether the word dates back to the 5th century and was used by the kings themselves, or whether it is a later, 9th-century, invention.
Brown's mascot is the bear, which dates back to 1904.
Finding that Baldrick has forgotten to write dates on the machine's dials, the rest of the film follows their attempts to find their way back to 1999, often creating huge historical anomalies in the process which must be corrected before the end.
" The earliest known use of the Greek word symphonia, dates back to Pythagoras, born in the 6th century BCE, who has used the term.
" The earliest known use of the Greek word symphonia, dates back to Pythagoras, born in the 6th century BCE, who has used the term.
Biological terrorism dates as far back as Ancient Rome, when feces were thrown into faces of enemies.
* The modern Nikon F Mount SLR camera lenses from the late 1970s-present ( its design dates back to 1959 ) can function on the newer Nikon DSLR cameras with some limitations.
The earliest mention of the term balalaika dates back to an AD 1688 Russian document.
Nearby is the Château Vieux, some of which dates back to the 12th century, where the governors of the city were based, including the English Black Prince.

dates and time
The mutual relationship between the Argeadae and the Aleuadae dates to the time of Archelaus.
At the time Bede wrote the Historia Ecclesiastica, there were two common ways of referring to dates.
From this time dates his contact with Caspar Schwenckfeld.
The various dates given in the book suggest that Ezekiel was 25 when he went into exile, 30 when he received his prophetic " call ", and 52 at the time of the last vision c. 571.
Later, the Antikythera mechanism, invented some time around 100 AD in ancient Greece, was the first mechanical calculator utilizing gears of various sizes and configuration to perform calculations, which tracked the metonic cycle still used in lunar-to-solar calendars, and which is consistent for calculating the dates of the Olympiads.
The Book of the Eparch, which dates to the 10th century, gives a detailed picture of the city's commercial life and its organization at that time.
The concept of community college dates back to the time of the former Minister of Education, Culture and Sports ( MECS ) that had under its wings the Bureaus of Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education and Vocational-Technical Education.
ISO 8601 is used widely where concise, human readable yet easily computable and unambiguous dates are required, although many applications store dates internally as UNIX time and only convert to ISO 8601 for display.
Typically a cross-examiner must not only be effective at getting the witness to reveal the truth, but in most cases to reveal confusion as to the facts such as time, dates, people, places, wording etc.
The verb dates from 1689, at a time when dragoons were being used by the French monarchy to persecute Protestants.
The author dates ages, prophecies and visions by making references to the lengths of time King Jehoiachin of Judah was in exile.
Some legal texts that were adopted when the Republican Calendar was official are still in force in France and even Belgium ( which was at the time incorporated into France ), and have kept their original dates for citation purposes.
The origins of the story have been obscured by attempts to exaggerate its age and to pretend that it dates from the time of the Maharal.
It has been said that Rabbi Yudel Rosenberg ( 1859 – 1935 ) originated the idea that the narrative dates from the time of the Maharal.
While there is no universally agreed upon time frame, demographers, historians and commentators use beginning birth dates from the early 1960s to the early 1980s ; typically no later than 1982.
" The Telegraph cited Generation X birth dates as falling into a longer time span ( 1965 – 1985 ), whilst the The Independent estimated an earlier range of birth dates ( 1963 – 1978 ) compared to other writers or researchers.
The pastoral piece Ninfale fiesolano probably dates from this time also.
It is probable that the structures of many of the tales date from earlier in his career, but the choice of a hundred tales and the frame-story lieta brigata of three men and seven women dates from this time.
The table of geologic time spans presented here agrees with the dates and nomenclature set forth by the International Commission on Stratigraphy, and uses the standard color codes of the United States Geological Survey.
The use of these dates has been in use for a long time.
By the time of the redaction of the Mishnah, Rosh Hashanah 1: 1 ( c. 200 CE ), jurists had identified four new-year dates:
The emergence of English as a language of Wales results from the incorporation of Wales into England and also dates from approximately this time period.
A majority of Orthodox and Hasidic Jews believe that the Hebrew calendar dates back to the time of creation ; the year 2009-2010 ( the Hebrew New Year begins during September or October ) of the Gregorian calendar corresponds to the Hebrew year 5770.

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