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divergence and between
A discussion about the methods of the political use of technology in the creation of a super-bomb began the ideological divergence between Andrei Sakharov and Nikita Khrushchev.
However, studies of mitochondrial DNA show that the divergence between each of the three chipmunk groups is comparable to the genetic dissimilarity between Marmota and Spermophilus.
In addition, without changes to either calendar, the frequency of monthly divergence between the two festivals will increase over time as a result of the differences in the implicit solar years: the implicit mean solar year of the Hebrew calendar is 365. 2468 days while that of the Gregorian calendar is 365. 2425 days.
The same divergence also presented a problem for the International Organization for Standardization ( Organisation internationale de normalisation ) at its founding in 1947 ; it settled on the short name ISO as a compromise between IOS and OIN.
Indeed, researchers found significant genetic divergence between the two groups, as well as between them and another isolated population of C. a. alleganiensis.
In evolution, the most important role of such chromosomal rearrangements may be to accelerate the divergence of a population into new species by making populations less likely to interbreed, and thereby preserving genetic differences between these populations.
The divergence between the modernized classical views, on the one hand, and the historical and Marxist schools, on the other hand, is wider, so much so, indeed, as to bar out a consideration of the postulates of the latter under the same head of inquiry with the former.
However, evidence of hybrids between polar bears and brown bears, and of the recent evolutionary divergence of the two species, does not support the establishment of this separate genus, and the accepted scientific name is now therefore Ursus maritimus, as Phipps originally proposed.
The Revised Julian calendar, also known as the Rectified Julian calendar, or, less formally, New calendar, is a calendar, originated in 1923, which effectively discontinued the 340 years of divergence between the naming of dates sanctioned by those Eastern Orthodox churches adopting it and the Gregorian calendar that has come to predominate worldwide.
The language's diverse appeal is seen as a strong point, though the consequently wide divergence between implementations is seen as one of the language's weak points.
He remarks that the artificial selection practised by animal breeders frequently produced sharp divergence in character between breeds, and suggests that natural selection might do the same, saying:
Because tools are used extensively by both humans and wild chimpanzees, it is widely assumed that the first routine use of tools took place prior to the divergence between the two species.
This tax dispute was part of a larger divergence between British and American interpretations of the British Constitution and the extent of Parliament's authority in the colonies.
The area has borne the brunt of the tectonic divergence between the African and Arabian plates and the converging Arabian and Eurasian plates, which has made the region a very diverse zone of high snow-covered mountains, fertile broad alluvial basins and desert plateau, which has also increased its biodiversity further and enabled the survival into historic times of species not found elsewhere.
The divergence of a beam can be calculated if one knows the beam diameter at two separate points ( D < sub > i </ sub >, D < sub > f </ sub >), and the distance ( l ) between these points.
The angle between the straight line and the central axis of the beam () is called the divergence of the beam.
This relationship between beam width and divergence is due to diffraction.
Laser physicists typically choose to make θ the divergence of the beam: the far-field angle between the propagation direction and the distance from the beam axis for which the irradiance drops to 1 / e < sup > 2 </ sup > times the wavefront total irradiance.
It is usually used to describe connections between upper, middle or lower levels ( such as upper-level divergence causing lower level convergence in cyclone formation ), but can sometimes also be used to describe such connections over distance rather than height alone.
In 1912 Jung published Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido ( known in English as Psychology of the Unconscious ) resulting in a theoretical divergence between him and Freud and consequently a break in their friendship, each stating that the other was unable to admit he could possibly be wrong.
The renewal of the German alliance remained the principal orientation of Manuel's foreign policy for the rest of his reign, despite the gradual divergence of interests between the two empires after Conrad's death.
The divergence of the pantherine cats ( including the living genera Panthera, Uncia, and Neofelis ) from the subfamily Felinae ( including all other living cat species ) has been ranked between six and ten million years ago.

divergence and American
Recently, Shana Poplack has provided corpus-based evidence from isolated enclaves in Samaná and Nova Scotia peopled by descendants of migrations of early AAVE-speaking groups ( see Samaná English ), that suggests that the grammar of early AAVE was closer to that of contemporary British dialects than modern urban AAVE is to current American dialects, suggesting that the modern language is a result of divergence from mainstream varieties, rather than the result of decreolization from a widespread American creole.
The study revealed no unique mitochondrial DNA haplotypes for subspecific status but did indicate the deep lineage divergence between Central and South American populations.
British and American English ), since it does not have the Mindestabstand, or ' minimum divergence ' necessary to achieve language status through standardisation and codification.
* A paper presented at the American Anthropological Association's Annual Meeting ( Nov 1996 ) about Five Percenters and its influence on hip hop music, as well as its divergence from traditional Islam
The United States has become replaced by a minarchist / libertarian society, the North American Confederacy, in this parallel universe, also known to science fiction fans as the Gallatin Universe because of the pivotal role of Albert Gallatin in the point of divergence.
Studies based on mitochondrial sequence divergence and models of paleoclimatic changes during the glacial cycles suggest that canutus is the most basal population, separating about 20, 000 years ago ( 95 % confidence interval: 60, 000 – 4, 000 years ago ) with two distinct lineages of the American and Siberian breeders emerging about 12, 000 years ago ( with a 95 % confidence interval: 45, 000 – 3, 500 years ago ).
The point of divergence is September 10, 1862, during the American Civil War.
Frank's divergence from contemporary photographic standards gave Frank difficulty at first in securing an American publisher.
The first divergence was in 2003, when the rear of the Latin American made Ka was significantly re-designed.
This was followed by a more complete divergence from the European Ka in 2007, when the Latin American made Ka was relaunched with a completely new body over the original platform.
Architecturally, pew rents lead to a divergence between American and European church furnishing persisting to this day.
A recent decision by the American Ornithologists ' Union Check-list Committee elevated some populations of the Mexican Jay to a separate species, called the Transvolcanic Jay ( A. ultramarina ), based on diagnosable phenotypic differences in plumage and morphology, millions of years of genetic divergence, and no evidence for interbreeding with Mexican Jays.
High genetic diversity in North America and the absence of genotypes which are characteristic of the North American clade in the rest of Europe implies that southern Europe was colonized by immigration from North America ; however, sequence divergence suggests that this colonization substantially pre-dated human movements of fish.
The point of divergence involves Confederate States of America winning the American Civil War and becoming an independent nation.

divergence and English
Indians ' tendency to pronounce English phonetically as well can cause divergence from Western English.
Owing to the enduring potential for confusion and misunderstanding because of the divergence of English usage from the original Latin meaning, Pope John XXIII ordered that the Latin adjective " perfidis " be dropped from the Good Friday Prayer for the Jews ; in 1960 he ordered it removed from all rituals for the reception of converts.
In case of a " divergence of interpretation ," the English language version shall be deemed authoritative and prevailing.
A few standards also have English versions, but in case of any divergence of interpretation, the Chinese text shall prevail.
A final point of divergence, however, between the conventional interpretation and variants proceeds from the similarity of the poem in some respects to elegiac poems in the Old English corpus that feature male protagonists.
Official Québécois also makes a conscious effort not to borrow foreign vocabulary ( creating such words as " stationnement " for " parking ", the English word used in French from France ), making it prone to continued divergence from European.
In English Canada, there is some regional variation in attitudes towards federal bilingualism policy, but it is relatively modest when compared to the divergence between the views expressed by Quebecers and those expressed in the rest of the country.
Legislative independence has been paralleled by a growing divergence between Australian and English common law in the last quarter of the 20th century.
Unlike the English Springer Spaniel and English Cocker Spaniel, there is no divergence into show and field types of the breed.

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