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Page "lore" ¶ 760
from Brown Corpus
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does and mean
Which does not mean that it is ugly.
`` What I am saying does not mean that there will henceforth be no form in art.
This does not mean that the decision to run for office should inevitably have been revoked.
Others call it `` alienation '', and mean by that no simple economic experience ( as Marx does ) but a deep spiritual sense of dislocation.
This does not mean in a purely bureaucratic sense but in an active, operational, interested, responsible fashion.
The above discussion does not mean to imply that control factors were completely in abeyance in the Kohnstamm-positive subjects ; ;
This does not necessarily mean that such teachers will favor vocational education, as contrasted with liberal education, but they are likely to favor an approach to liberal education which has a maximal vocational-advancement value, as against a kind of `` pure '' liberal education that is not designed to help people get better jobs.
This does not mean that philosophy resolves the problems it generates, any more so than Riemann's geometry settled the physical status of the space-time continuum.
Its scope is as broad as the question: What does it mean to live in modern society??
What does it mean to be creative, a term we hear with increasing frequency these days??
However, this does not mean that a child's teeth or jaws must necessarily resemble those of someone in his family.
This does not mean that mythological language as such can no longer be used in theology and preaching.
He does not mean to say that Adam lost the similitude of God and his immortality through the fall ; ;
They speak of the work of Christ as the bestowal of incorruptibility, which can mean ( though it does not have to mean ) deliverance from time and history.
He does not mean, in fact he addresses himself specifically to reject the proposition, that `` if we took the risk of surrendering, a new generation in Britain would soon begin to amass its strength in secret in order to reverse the consequences of that surrender ''.
`` Though that does not mean that there may not be such records there.
* If it is required to use a single number X as an estimate for the value of numbers, then the arithmetic mean does this best, in the sense of minimizing the sum of squares ( x < sub > i </ sub > − X )< sup > 2 </ sup > of the residuals.
a program is ' elegant ,' by which I mean that it's the smallest possible program for producing the output that it does "
This does not mean that it is claimed that they are true in some absolute sense.
It also does not mean we no longer violate the will of God, for involuntary transgressions remain.
This does not mean that he was a weak or somehow cowardly man.
However, for many acts the " off season " does not mean a period of inactivity, they use time for maintenance and practice.
" The term was introduced by Apollonius of Perga in his work on conic sections, but in contrast to its modern meaning, he used it to mean any line that does not intersect the given curve.

does and though
As his disciples boast, even though his emphasis is elsewhere, Faulkner does show his awareness of the changing order of the South quite keenly, as can be proven by a quick recalling of his Sartoris and Snopes families.
Note that though the ideal gas itself contains no additional energy, the compressed gas does exert an increased pressure.
Not always, though, does the development of a bumblebee colony take place in the smooth fashion we have just described.
Nevertheless, for most of the population of heterogeneous advanced societies, though less for the less religious portion, religion does perform certain modal individual and social functions.
If Af leads to an address Af that is equal to the address computed from Af, even though Af does not match Af, the chain of information cells is extended from Af by storing the address of the next available cell in the Y-region, Af, in Af.
It is now harder to assume telepathy as a basis for the statements -- though research still does not know how far afield ESP can range.
One might say, " Even though the usual ordering of the real numbers does not work, it may be possible to find a different ordering of the real numbers which is a well-ordering.
What interests him, he tells Rieux, is how to become a saint, even though he does not believe in God .</ br > Later in the novel, Tarrou tells Rieux, with whom he has become friends, the story of his life.
At twelve, he was accepted into Mikhail Botvinnik's prestigious chess school, though Botvinnik made the following remark about the young Karpov: " The boy does not have a clue about chess, and there's no future at all for him in this profession.
The abbess also traditionally adds a pectoral cross to the outside of her habit as a symbol of office, though she continues to wear a modified form of her religious habit or dress, as she is unordained-not a male religious-and so does not vest or use choir dress in the liturgy.
Lawhead alters the standard Arthurian story somewhat, in that he has Aurelius marry Igraine and become the true father of King Arthur ( Uther does marry his brother's widow, though ).
True to his empirical thesis, Hume tells the reader that, though testimony does have some force, it is never quite as powerful as the direct evidence of the senses.
Even though alcoholism can increase the risk of liver cancer, studies have shown that a moderate consumption of alcohol ( 1 serving / day for women and 2 servings / day for men ) does not affect diabetes Type II greatly.
It is not known whether a pair of coprime amicable numbers exists, though if any does, the product of the two must be greater than 10 < sup > 67 </ sup >.
" Calmer, though cockier and marginally more intelligent than Beavis, Butt-Head is oblivious to subtlety of any sort and is usually completely confident in everything he says and does, no matter how ridiculous or frivolous it is -- unless it has to do with females, in which case he either wavers or comes on too strongly.
This constraint is not a problem even for older desktop and laptop computers, though it does prevent use in the smallest embedded systems such as early smartcards.
He says relatively little about the achievements of Mercia and Wessex, omitting, for example, any mention of Boniface, a West Saxon missionary to the continent of some renown and of whom Bede had almost certainly heard, though Bede does discuss Northumbrian missionaries to the continent.
Later in the work, when Snorri describes Baldr, he gives a longer description, citing Grímnismál, though he does not name the poem:
The Catholic Church does recognise as valid ( though illicit ) ordinations done by breakaway Catholic, Old Catholic or Oriental bishops, and groups descended from them ; it also regards as both valid and licit those ordinations done by bishops of the Eastern churches, so long as those receiving the ordination conform to other canonical requirements ( for example, is an adult male ) and an orthodox rite of episcopal ordination, expressing the proper functions and sacramental status of a bishop, is used ; this has given rise to the phenomenon of episcopi vagantes ( for example, clergy of the Independent Catholic groups which claim apostolic succession, though this claim is rejected by both Orthodoxy and Catholicism ).
The Holy See accepts as valid the ordinations of the Old Catholics in communion with Utrecht, as well as the Polish National Catholic Church ( which received its orders directly from Utrecht, and was — until recently — part of that communion ); but Roman Catholicism does not recognise the orders of any group whose teaching is at variance with what they consider the core tenets of Christianity ; this is the case even though the clergy of the Independent Catholic groups may use the proper ordination ritual.
Other countries though do not have the reporting requirement that the U. S. does concerning proceeds from barter transactions, but taxation is handled the same way as a cash transaction.
India does not have a clear law on corporate bankruptcy even though individual bankruptcy laws have been in existence since 1874.

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