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equipment and was
`` The equipment was fine '', Rob stated, standing up.
The CTCA program of activities was profuse: William Farnum and Mary Pickford on the screen, Elsie Janis and Harry Lauder on the stage, books provided by the American Library Association, full equipment for games and sports -- except that no `` bones '' were furnished for the all-time favorite pastime played on any floor and known as `` African golf ''.
The new work was a boon to the partnership, not only for its own value but particularly for the stimulation it provided to the imagination of J. R. Brown toward yet further developments for production equipment.
With U.S. Coast Guard cooperation, the American Boat and Yacht Council was formed to develop recommended practices and standards for boats and their equipment with reference to safety.
In 1959, the Yacht Safety Bureau was reorganized by the National Association of Engine and Boat Manufacturers and a group of insurance underwriters to provide a testing laboratory and labeling service for boats and their equipment.
After all, if you were going to set up a workshop you had to have the proper equipment and that was that.
Early equipment was very flimsy ; ;
More aerial and underground equipment was installed as well as office improvements to take care of the expanding business.
special equipment required for registering respiration and for recording the contraction of smooth muscles under various conditions was developed by the Instruments Section ( Victor Jackman, W. C. Barnes, J. F. Reiss ) ; ;
The equipment was solid and heavy and in good condition.
He was in his car with his camera and equipment bag in less than two minutes, and it took him only three more to reach the corner, a block from Columbus Avenue.
The spy ring also was particularly interested in ASDIC, the underwater equipment for detecting submarines, it was testified.
If A-Z could buy Ticonderoga cheaply and use their presses and dies and other equipment, if William could hit precisely the right promotion note, if the money hurdle was not insurmountable.
Upon reaching the desired speed, the automatic equipment would cut off the drive, and the silent but not empty vessel would hurl towards the star which was its journey's end.
Her own sound production equipment was essentially more instrumental than vocal.
Death was simply a temporary interruption, rather than complete cessation, of life, and that eternal life could be ensured by means like piety to the gods, preservation of the physical form through mummification, and the provision of statuary and other funerary equipment.
An operator was needed to operate the control switches to set up its functions, much like the electro-mechanical calculators and unit record equipment of the time.
Another challenge was a serious shortage of horses and equipment.
" The pair's first task of the moonwalk was to unload the Lunar Roving Vehicle ( LRV ), along with other equipment, from the Lunar Module.
The phaser effect was originally a simpler implementation of the flanger effect since delays were difficult to implement with analog equipment.
The first commercial equipment for HR-CS AAS was introduced by Analytik Jena ( Jena, Germany ) at the beginning of the 21st century, based on the design proposed by Becker-Ross and Florek.
Italy was providing $ 20 million of developmental funding as well as several millions worth material, equipment and related services.
Benjamin was the intellectual of the three and at a young age he conducted chemical experiments with his father's photographic equipment.
A rapid reduction in personnel and active equipment was to be carried out in parallel with a general re-alignment of strategic interests.

equipment and first
The firm is prominent in making equipment for cleaning seed cotton, driers, and heaters, and they lay claim to being the first maker ( 1910 ) of boil extraction equipment.
In 1824 to reduce the impact of this destructive electrolytic action on ships hulls, their fastenings and underwater equipment, the Victorian scientist-engineer Sir Humphry Davy, developed the first and still most widely used marine electrolysis protection system.
Per baseball official rule 6. 08 ( b ), a batter becomes a baserunner and is awarded first base when he or his equipment ( except for his bat ):
The first equipment supplied included three Douglas C-47's and seven MH. 1521 Broussard STOL utility aircraft in 1961.
While low-quality at first, consumer digital video increased rapidly in quality, first with the introduction of playback standards such as MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 ( adopted for use in television transmission and DVD media ), and then the introduction of the DV tape format allowing recording direct to digital data and simplifying the editing process, allowing non-linear editing systems ( NLE ) to be deployed cheaply and widely on desktop computers with no external playback / recording equipment needed.
However, with equipment flowing in and no mansion found yet, the first home for Zoetrope Studio became a warehouse in San Francisco on Folsom Street in 1969.
New techniques and equipment have helped make today ’ s first aid simple and effective.
Kildall was one of the first people to see microprocessors as fully capable computers rather than equipment controllers and to organize a company around this concept.
More significantly, the HR fitted standard front seat belts ; Holden thus became the first Australian automaker to provide the safety device as standard equipment across all models.
Operation Balak allowed arms and other equipment to be transported for the first time by the end of March.
Much of the equipment for the sport was first developed in Canada, such as sledge hockey sticks laminated with fiberglass, as well as aluminum shafts with hand carved insert blades and special aluminum sledges with regulation skate blades.
The first model, the HMMWV ( High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle ), was built in a variety of military-based equipment and versions.
Edgerton worked with the undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, by first providing him with custom designed underwater photographic equipment featuring electronic flash, and then by developing sonar techniques used to discover the Britannic.
The Harrison-Cotton machine represents the very first piece of equipment able to accurately quantify human power output ; power calculation within an accuracy range as achieved by his machine of less than 1 % remains an impressive result today.
Chinese automobile maker Geely Automobile received much press in 2003 for being the first to equip a car, their Beauty Leopard, with a karaoke machine as standard equipment.
* First aid kit, a collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid
The first commercial LEDs were commonly used as replacements for incandescent and neon indicator lamps, and in seven-segment displays, first in expensive equipment such as laboratory and electronics test equipment, then later in such appliances as TVs, radios, telephones, calculators, and even watches ( see list of signal uses ).
During the first three years of occupation of Germany the UK and US vigorously pursued an industrial disarmament program in Germany, partly by removal of equipment but mainly through an import embargo on raw materials and deliberate economic neglect.

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