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event and directly
Pressure from the U. S. government and critical sectors of Colombian society was met with further violence, as the Medellín Cartel and its hitmen, bribed or murdered numerous public officials, politicians and others who stood in its way by supporting the implementation of extradition of Colombian nationals to the U. S. Victims of cartel violence included Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara, assassinated in 1984, an event which made the Betancur administration begin to directly oppose the drug lords.
All chloroplasts are thought to derive directly or indirectly from a single endosymbiotic event ( in the Archaeplastida ), except for Paulinella chromatophora, which has recently acquired a photosynthetic cyanobacterial endosymbiont which is not closely related to chloroplasts of other eukaryotes.
The ' Dartmoor Jailbreak ' is a yearly charity event, where members of the public ( not prisoners ) ' escape ' from the prison and must travel as far as possible in 4 days, whilst in convict clothing and without directly paying for transport.
In the event, only a London Assembly ( and directly elected Mayor ) was established.
He concluded that the black hole entropy is directly proportional to the area of the event horizon.
An often cited example is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria at Sarajevo, the event which directly set off World War I.
Attribution can be external ( assigning causality to an outside agent or force-claiming that some outside thing motivated the event ) or internal ( assigning causality to factors within the person-taking personal responsibility or accountability for one's actions and claiming that the person was directly responsible for the event ).
It was this escalation that would led directly to the mutiny of members of the FAP in the Carnation Revolution in 1974-an event that would led to the independence of the former Portuguese colonies in Africa.
Through small group discussions, the event gives participants the opportunity to hear directly about the experiences of former incarcerees first-hand, to share their experiences and feelings about what they learned, and talk about the relevance of what happened at Manzanar to their own lives.
Another major conspiracy was the Babington Plot-the event which most directly led to Mary's execution, the discovery of which involved a double agent Gilbert Gifford acting under the direction of Francis Walsingham, the Queen's highly effective spy master.
It has been hypothesized that a gamma-ray burst in the Milky Way, pointing directly towards the Earth, could cause a mass extinction event.
This event led directly to a period of city-to-city road races in France and other European countries, which introduced many of the features found in later rallies: individual start times with cars running against the clock rather than head to head ; time controls at the entry and exit points of towns along the way ; road books and route notes ; and driving over long distances on ordinary, mainly gravel, roads, facing hazards such as dust, traffic, pedestrians and farm animals.
For instance, a mouse click would generate an event that would be passed to the object directly under the mouse pointer, say a button.
In the event that more than one individual has been directly and importantly involved in creative decisions, a second statuette may be awarded.
And in the event that aspects of crisis management depended on contact with the critical man-on-the-spot, as it did in 1958 when Deputy Under Secretary of State Robert Murphy was dispatched to Lebanon to attempt to defuse the crisis, his instructions came from the Department of State and he reported to the Secretary of State rather than directly to the White House, as became the practice during the height of the Vietnam War.
A high flow event ; such as a fresh or flood can breach the barrier directly opposite the main river channel.
Women's professional golf had no event directly comparable to the Accenture Championship until the HSBC Women's World Match Play Championship was introduced in 2005.
The incorporation was directly related to state law that prohibited clubs in unincorporated areas from staying open from midnight Saturday until Monday morning, which would negatively impact the gambling operations at the casino of the Shalimar Club, the opening of which " was the social event of 1947.
On July 14, 2000, an X5 class flare erupted on the Sun ( known as the Bastille Day event ) and a coronal mass ejection was launched directly at the Earth.
Human interference can also increase coastal erosion: Hallsands in Devon, England, was a coastal village that washed away over the course of a year, an event directly caused by dredging of shingle in the bay in front of it.
Neologisms are often directly attributable to a specific person, publication, period, or event.
A numerical value for a perception is, directly or indirectly, the expected response of a group of observers when perceiving the specified physical event.
Relay races are the only track and field event in which a team of runners directly compete against other teams.
He was chosen to preach to parliament on the day after the execution of King Charles I, and succeeded in fulfilling his task without directly mentioning that event.

event and led
The sequence of events leading to his important discovery still remains ambiguous but it seems that one of the advanced students at the university related that the first direct event that led to the publication of Oersted's discovery occurred during a private lecture made before a group of other advanced students in the spring of 1820.
One event that affected ` Abdu ' l-Bahá greatly during his childhood was the imprisonment of his father when ` Abdu ' l-Bahá was eight years old ; the imprisonment led to his family being reduced to poverty and being attacked in the streets by other children.
In the courts of Versailles and Madrid, Vienna's fall was confidently anticipated, an event which would almost certainly have led to the collapse of the Grand Alliance.
This event led to democratic elections and U. S. diplomatic recognition.
The publicity that Cuero received following this event has led to some suggesting changing the town's mascot.
She referred to this event as her " Great Discovery ", the " falling apple " that led to her " discovery how to be well " herself ( ibid.
A major event that greatly influenced the development of fascism was the October Revolution of 1917 in which Bolshevik communists led by Vladimir Lenin seized power in Russia.
This event marked the beginning of the browser's popularity decline, which led to its discontinuation in September 2008.
The destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple, and the Davidic dynasty by Babylon in 587 / 586 BCE was therefore a deeply traumatic event, and led to much theological reflection on the meaning of the national tragedy.
The main event in the First Republic in the sixties was the inclusion of the Socialist party in the government, after the reducing edge of the Christian Democracy ( DC ) had forced them to accept this alliance ; attempts to incorporate the Italian Social Movement ( MSI ) in the Tambroni government led to riots, and were short-lived.
This event marked the opening salvo of the rebellion which led to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979.
Two of these attacks led to a watershed event in Lebanon's inchoate civil war.
This event, along with another town fire in 1342, the Black Death in 1349, 1356 and 1365, but above all the rise of the Territorial Princes, led to a gradual decline.
However, John A. T. Robinson and other scholars argued for a much earlier dating, based on the fact that the New Testament writings make no mention of ( 1 ) the Great Fire of Rome ( A. D. 64 ), one of the most destructive fires in Roman history, which Emperor Nero blamed on the Christians, and led to the first major persecution of believers ; ( 2 ) the final years and deaths of Paul, who wrote most of the epistles, Peter, whom Catholics recognize as the first pope, and the other apostles ; ( 3 ) Nero's suicide ( A. D. 68 ); or ( 4 ) the total destruction of the temple in Jerusalem ( A. D. 70 ), which Robinson thought should certainly have appeared, considering the importance of that event for Jews and Christians of that time.
This key event led to the eventual reunification of East and West Germany, and fall of communism in eastern Europe including Russia.
This event is believed to have led to Saint Urban being beaten and tortured before being sentenced to death by beheading.
Historians have identified that event as being a key motivation that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall which ultimately precipitated the nonviolent fall of Communism.
A major event of the final days of the council was the act of Pope Paul and Orthodox Patriarch Athenagoras of a joint expression of regret for many of the past actions that had led up to the Great Schism between the western and eastern churches.
Most historians treat it as a singular event with few long-term consequences, but Pugh says it accelerated the movement of working-class voters to the Labour Party, which led to future gains.
In the early 1960s, oil was discovered in Abu Dhabi, an event that led to quick unification calls made by UAE sheikdoms.
The event created great excitement and led many to believe that not just the local lodge but all Freemasonry was in conflict with good citizenship.
This and the risks posed by liquid sodium in the event of an accident at sea led Admiral Rickover to select the PWR ( pressurized water reactor ) as the standard US naval reactor type.
Various events led up to the main event, which was held from July 28 until August 10.
In the Pacific, on December 28 – " Black Saturday " in Samoa – New Zealand colonial police killed 11 unarmed demonstrators, an event which led the Mau movement to demand independence for Samoa.
In revenge, the Conqueror led his army in a bloody raid into Northumbria, an event that became known as the harrying of the North.

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