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explains and failure
He explains that Feyd has to learn the price of failure.
Although analytically unproven, confinement is widely believed to be true because it explains the consistent failure of free quark searches, and it is easy to demonstrate in lattice QCD.
While not explicitly in the context of pornography, Goodman explains his criteria for addiction as a " process whereby a behavior, that can function both to produce pain and to provide escape from internal discomfort, is employed in a pattern characterized by ( 1 ) failure to control the behavior ( powerlessness ) and ( 2 ) continuation of the behavior despite significant negative consequences ( unmanageability ).
Focal destruction of myocytes explains the myocardial pump failure.
... neatly explains why socialist central planning must inevitably result in failure because the abolition of private property, market competition, and money prices eliminates the institutional prerequisites for economic calculation, without which the central planner is left with no rational method to determine whether or not the resources under his control are being applied in an efficient manner.
This explains why many childhood diseases never recur in adulthood ( and when they do, it generally indicates immunosuppression or failure of a vaccine ).
He explains that he is also ill, battling a third cancer, and suffering heart disease, kidney failure, and severe arthritis in his hands.
The Deuteronomistic history explains Israel's successes and failures as the result of faithfulness, which brings success, or disobedience, which brings failure ; the destruction of Israel by the Assyrians ( 721 BCE ) and Judah by the Babylonians ( 586 ) are Yahweh's punishment for continued sinfulness.
He explains that painting " teaches you that taking risks rarely leads to failure.
This fact, coupled with inter-marriage with the Stirlings of Keir and the failure of the Stuart male line in 1797 explains the present family name of Crawfurd Stirling Stuart.
He explains that Feyd has to learn the price of failure.
Kirk explains that instrument failure caused the ship to stray off course, but Spock claims the captain ordered entry into Romulan space as an initiative born of insanity.
This lack of purity explains the 30 % chance of gender selection failure of the Ericsson method.
In his paper Electromagnetic phenomena in a system moving with any velocity smaller than that of light, Lorentz ( 1904 ) was following the suggestion of Poincaré and attempted to create a formulation of Electrodynamics, which explains the failure of all known aether drift experiments, i. e. the validity of the relativity principle.
One of the core texts of Critical Theory, it explains the socio-psychological status quo that had been responsible for what the Frankfurt School considered the failure of the Age of Enlightenment.
" He explains that the main reason for failure is
When Palfrey explains that he is a failure, Potter surmises that a woman is involved.
Visibly moved at Data's determination to save his child, Haftel explains the failure was irreparable and that Lal will not survive for long.

explains and classical
This differs from the aggregate decision making of classical political economy in that it explains how vital goods such as water can be cheap, while luxuries can be expensive.
One of his handlers at Tarnover explains that this is like a classical pianist being able to play entire sonatas and concertos from memory.
As art historian Erwin Panofsky explains: There had been, from the beginning of classical speculation, two contrasting opinions about the natural state of man, each of them, of course, a " Gegen-Konstruktion " to the conditions under which it was formed.
He glosses it as meaning servos militum and explains it as meaning " stupid ", by reference to classical Latin bāro " simpleton, dunce "; because of this early reference, the word has also been suggested to derive from an otherwise unknown Celtic * bar, but OED takes this to be " a figment ".
" One modern translator explains the wording problem that arises here: " this translation from Italian, we retain the Italian proscenio in the text ; it cannot be rendered proscenium for obvious reasons ; and there is no English equivalent .... It would also be possible to retain the classical frons scaenae.
It also explains why we do see classical fields emerge from the properties of the interaction between matter and radiation for large amounts of matter.
The theory of relativity also explains why classical ( Newtonian ) mechanics makes accurate predictions: Newton's laws are a very good approximation in almost all circumstances.
The accretion explains all peculiar properties of classical T Tauri stars: strong flux in the emission lines ( up to 100 % of the intrinsic luminosity of the star ), magnetic activity, photometric variability and jets.
A significant part of this larger enterprise is the quest for a theory of quantum gravity, which would unify the classical theory of general relativity and the Standard Model, which explains the other three basic forces in physics ( electromagnetism, the strong interaction, and the weak interaction ), and provides a palette of fundamental particles upon which all four forces act.
In an example of the classical approach, Pirsig explains to the reader that one must pay continual attention: when the Narrator and his friends came into Miles City, Montana he notices that the " engine idle is loping a little ," a possible indication that the fuel / air mixture is too rich.
The core citations from classical Judaic sources cited by Teitelbaum in his arguments against modern Zionism are based on a passage in the Talmud, Rabbi Yosi b ' Rebbi Hanina explains ( Kesubos 111a ) that the Lord imposed " Three Oaths " on the nation of Israel: a ) Israel should not return to the Land together, by force ; b ) Israel should not rebel against the other nations ; and c ) The nations should not subjugate Israel too harshly.
Thern 1966: 17 ) explains: " Now the written language is the foundation of classical learning, the source of kingly government.
A textbook explains in detail the description of quantum correlation functions of Tonks – Girardeau gas by means of classical completely integrable differential equations.
Quantum decoherence does not describe the actual process of the wavefunction collapse, but it explains the conversion of the quantum probabilities ( that exhibit interference effects ) to the ordinary classical probabilities.
Pankaj Charan Das, the oldest Guru of Odissi classical dance, who comes from a Mahari family, explains Mahari as Maha Ripu-Ari ( one who conquers the five main ripus-enemies ).
* ( explains classical approach using the Alexander invariant ; knot and link table with Alexander polynomials )
Here at least explains, from the Classical viewpoint, its approximate method with a large amount of traditional rationality for its oeuvre heavily reliant on tradition to make conclusions ' as final decisions ' towards conclusions. Foucault uses a rather unusual method involving oeuvre de la obscure meaning the ' obscure ' is seen as the building block for human rationality functioning as norms which become familiar to people, giving the uninformed their ' view ' and ' truth ' of the world. The uninformed means the uninformed who have no direct access to policy decision making therefore condemning those who work into a continuous comatose ignorance producing this network of power systems creating what Marx called ' labour power ' which recreate and recycle a functioning society ( comparable to a living breathing organism ) and the population of producers who have no monetary resources and ownership of capital wealth ; ownership of mines, banks, transportation equipment and machinery, such as aeroplanes car manufacturers and industry and therefore are confined to the bottom of the hiercharchical pyramid, producing the problematization of a society comparable to Ants or Bees which inform evolutionary biology, for example of human nature. While inaccurate and now known to be scientifically flawed, nevertheless it remains ' true ' from the classical perspective as opposed to the working population who are not uneducated or illiterate a wall which can be pieced.
Along with Zurek ’ s related theory of envariance, quantum Darwinism explains how the classical world emerges from the quantum world and proposes to answer the quantum measurement problem, the main interpretational challenge for quantum theory.
The dominant ( and classical ) contribution to Γ < sup > μ </ sup > is the gamma matrix γ < sup > μ </ sup >, which explains the choice of the letter.
The similarity of the effective potential ‘ seen ’ by the outer electron to the hydrogen potential is a defining characteristic of Rydberg states and explains why the electron wavefunctions approximate to classical orbits in the limit of the correspondence principle .< ref name =" Classical "> In other words, the electron's orbit resembles the orbit of planets inside a solar system, much like the obsolete but visually useful Bohr and Rutherford models of the atom used to show.
The criteria for being considered as classical is the style's adherence to the guidelines laid down in Natyashastra, which explains the Indian art of acting.

explains and theorem
For compact groups, the Peter – Weyl theorem explains how one may get harmonics by choosing one irreducible representation out of each equivalence class of representations.
Such arguments are typically easier to check than purely symbolic ones — indeed, many mathematicians would express a preference for a proof that not only demonstrates the validity of a theorem, but also explains in some way why it is obviously true.
( Note that the conditions under which the cancellation law holds are quite strict, and this explains why Fermat's little theorem demands that p be a prime in order to make a general case for all n. For example, 2 × 2 ≡ 2 × 5 ( mod 6 ), but we cannot conclude that 2 ≡ 5 ( mod 6 ), since 6 is not prime.
In probability theory, de Finetti's theorem explains why exchangeable observations are conditionally independent given some latent variable to which an epistemic probability distribution would then be assigned.
De Finetti's theorem explains a mathematical relationship between independence and exchangeability.
The deduction theorem explains why proofs of conditional sentences in mathematics are logically correct.
The preface of Book VII explains the terms analysis and synthesis, and the distinction between theorem and problem.
Earnshaw's theorem explains why a system of electrons is not stable and was invoked by Niels Bohr in his atom model of 1913 when criticizing J. J. Thomson's atom.
Oriani's theorem explains why Cassini's uniform-density model works well except near the horizon — the atmospheric refraction from the zenith to a zenith distance of 70 ° is not dependent on the details of the distribution of the gas.
Pressley ( p. 185 ) explains this theorem as an expression of conservation of angular momentum about the axis of revolution when a particle slides along a geodesic under no forces other than those that keep it on the surface.

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