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flat and may
Only red abalone may be taken ; black, white, pink, and flat abalone are protected by law.
152-153 .</ ref > The moon and sun are likewise considered to be flat and floating on streams of air, and when the sun sets it does not pass under the earth but is merely obscured by higher parts of the earth as it circles around and becomes more distant ; the motion of the sun and the other celestial bodies around the earth is likened by Anaximenes to the way that a cap may be turned around the head .< ref > Fairbanks, Arthur.
The vertebra of the neck unite on nearly flat surfaces, the humerus had lost the foramen, or perforation, at the lower end, and the third trochanter to the femur may have also been wanting.
It is played on a pitch which may be flat ( for " flat-green bowls ") or convex or uneven ( for " crown-green bowls ").
His equations describe the Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker universe, which may expand or contract, and whose geometry may be open, flat, or closed.
In simple craters, the original excavation cavity is overlain by a lens of collapse breccia, ejecta and melt rock, and a portion of the central crater floor may sometimes be flat.
Panels may be flat, or in raised panel designs.
Taken as a physical description of space, postulate 2 ( extending a line ) asserts that space does not have holes or boundaries ( in other words, space is homogeneous and unbounded ); postulate 4 ( equality of right angles ) says that space is isotropic and figures may be moved to any location while maintaining congruence ; and postulate 5 ( the parallel postulate ) that space is flat ( has no intrinsic curvature ).
Players are permitted to play the ball with the flat of the ' face side ' and with the edges of the head and handle of the field hockey stick with the exception that, for reasons of safety, the ball may not be struck ' hard ' with a forehand edge stroke, because of the difficulty of controlling the height and direction of the ball from that stroke.
Diodorus of Tarsus ( d. 394 ) may have argued for a flat Earth based on scriptures ; however, Diodorus ' opinion on the matter is known to us only by a criticism of it by Photius.
Similar to the flat top guitar in appearance, but with a body that may be made of brass, nickel-silver, or steel as well as wood, the sound of the resonator guitar is produced by one or more aluminum resonator cones mounted in the middle of the top.
The main ingredients are rabbit and flat bread, and may also include mushrooms.
A string tuned to natural may be played in sharp, but not flat.
A string tuned to flat may be played in natural, but not sharp.
Although the described person may reside on completely flat terrain, hillbilly is substituted in place of more disparaging terms, such as white trash.
They are allowed in many types of competition, especially those where speed or jumping may be required, but are not allowed in most " flat " classes at horse shows, though an exception is made in a few classes limited exclusively to young or " green " horses who may not yet be fully trained.
In some modern jazz styles, dominant 7th chords in a tune may contain altered 9ths ( either flattened by a semitone, which is called a " flat 9th ", or sharpened by a semitone, which is called a " sharp 9th "); 11ths ( sharpened by a semitone, which is called a " sharp 11th "); 13ths ( typically flattened by a semitone, which is called a " flat 13th ").
Circular needles may be used for flat or circular knitting.
The resulting blade has a thinner edge, so it may have better cutting ability for shallow cuts, but it is lighter and less durable than flat ground blades and will tend to bind in deep cuts.
Depending on the design of the cavity ( whether the mirrors are flat or curved ), the light coming out of the laser may spread out or form a narrow beam.
Non-streamlined objects such as bluff bodies and flat plates may also generate lift when moving relative to the fluid, but will have a higher drag coefficient dominated by pressure drag.
Overall the western market may be considered mature with a flat to declining overall volumes while there is strong growth in the emerging economies.

flat and be
The herd was watered and then thrown onto a broad grass flat which was to be the first night's bedground.
More unitized lumber is being shipped on flat cars, and NLRDA studies show that flat cars loaded with the new Type 6-B floating-load method can be unloaded for as little as $.054/mbf.
In their very first collages, Braque and Picasso draw or paint over and on the affixed paper or cloth, so that certain of the principal features of their subjects as depicted seem to thrust out into real, bas-relief space -- or to be about to do so -- while the rest of the subject remains imbedded in, or flat upon, the surface.
It was the collage that made the terms of this dilemma clear: the representational could be restored and preserved only on the flat and literal surface now that illusion and representation had become, for the first time, mutually exclusive alternatives.
The field-flattening property of the biconcave fiber coupler can be utilized to alleviate the peripheral resolution losses resulting with a flat phosphor-screen or coupling member.
Three seconds flat is the usual time, and the space is crossed by moderate mileage, while the overwhelming immensity of such journeys must be conceived as a static pulsation through an enormous number of coexistent frequencies which perpetuate all events.
The deep ocean floor is thought to be fairly flat with occasional deeps, abyssal plains, trenches, seamounts, basins, plateaus, canyons, and some guyots.
1st century BCE ), shows how the distance to the Sun can be computed geometrically, using the different lengths of the noontime shadows observed at three places 1000 li apart and the assumption that the Earth is flat.
The Alexander technique has been shown to be helpful for people suffering from tension headaches, back pain, frozen shoulders, housemaid's knee, flat feet, tennis elbow, minor digestive problems, asthma, difficulties sleeping, clumsiness, irritability and lethargy.
Schanze and a friend discovered a " stamp " on the flat metal sheet, which upon further inspection turned out to be a faded copy of the Apollo 16 mission insignia.
The first generation of cartridges were flat, and were designed to be stackable for ease of storage.
The original flat style cartridges could be stacked on top of the newer cartridges, but the newer cartridges could not be easily stacked on each other, nor were they stored easily.
The gain of a good quality full-range audio amplifier will be essentially flat between 20 Hz to about 20 kHz ( the range of normal human hearing ).
The backplane would be mounted vertically in a chassis oriented front to back and the plug-in SBC and cards would lay flat, protruding out both sides of the backplane.
It is a large flat muscle which can be employed without significant loss of function.
Terrain would ideally be flat, firm, unobstructed by natural barriers or fortifications, and interspersed with roads and railways.
The internal rendering of all Bézier curves in font or vector graphics renderers will split them recursively up to the point where the curve is flat enough to be drawn as a series of linear or circular segments.
If rotation is arrested, the energy stored in fashioning the concave surface must be dissipated, for example through friction, before an equilibrium flat surface is restored.
The parameters of each show must be tailored in accordance with local weather conditions at showtime: in clear weather the high show is performed ; in overcast conditions a low show is performed, and in limited visibility ( weather permitting ) the flat show is presented. The high show requires at least an ceiling and visibility of at least from the show's centerpoint.

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