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force and captured
For the first of these, he raised a large sum and a substantial force, arriving in Damietta on 24 October 1249, after the town had already been captured.
Marching along the coast, the French army stormed Alexandria and captured the city, before Bonaparte led the main force of his army inland.
Allenby's force, now including Indian Army units which replaced a number of British units sent to the Western Front, captured the southern Jordan Valley in 1918 and carried out two major, but unsuccessful attacks to Amman and Es Salt and occupied part of the Jordan Valley, during preparations for his final successful assault in September at the Battle of Megiddo.
However, the Dalek force is destroyed by the Doctor, and Davros is captured and imprisoned by the humans in suspended animation, before being taken to Earth to face trial.
General Carleton, alerted to Allen's presence, mustered every man he could, and, in the Battle of Longue-Pointe, scattered most of Allen's force, and captured him and about 30 men.
Chosen by the Second Continental Congress in 1775 to be commander-in-chief of the Continental Army in the American Revolution, Washington managed to force the British out of Boston in 1776, but was defeated and almost captured later that year when he lost New York City.
D ' Iberville's depleted French force captured York Factory by a ruse ; they laid siege to the fort while pretending to be a much larger army, the French held all of the outposts except Fort Albany until 1713.
However, Las Casas was kept a prisoner, soon to be joined by González, who had been captured by Olid's inland force.
Mar captured Perth, but let a smaller government force under the Duke of Argyll hold the Stirling plain.
In 1751, Robert Clive led a British armed force and captured Arcot to reinstate the incumbent Nawab.
" No free man shall be captured, and or imprisoned, or disseised of his freehold, and or of his liberties, or of his free customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or in any way destroyed, nor will we proceed against him by force or proceed against him by arms, but by the lawful judgment of his peers, and or by the law of the land.
By July, more than half of Paraguay's 30, 000-man invasion force had been killed or captured along with the army's best small arms and artillery.
In 1860, during the Second Opium War, the capital Beijing was captured and the Summer Palace sacked by a relatively small Anglo-French coalition force numbering 25, 000.
The Crusader force enjoyed early success against Shirkuh's troops, but the terrain was too steep and sandy for their horses, and commander Hugh of Caesarea was captured while attacking Saladin's unit.
Here he received an ambassador from the Emperor beseeching him to send help against the Muslims, and in July following a force of 400 musketeers, under the command of Christovão da Gama, younger brother of Estêvão, marched into the interior, and being joined by Ethiopian troops they were at first successful against the Muslims but they were subsequently defeated at the Battle of Wofla ( 28 August 1542 ), and their commander captured and executed.
* 1655 – Warsaw falls without resistance to a small force under the command of Charles X Gustav of Sweden during The Deluge, making it the first time the city is captured by a foreign army.
The force which evacuated the Colony in December 1917, was estimated at the time at 320 white and 2, 500 black troops ; 1, 618 Germans were killed or captured in the last six months of 1917, 155 whites and 1, 168 Askaris surrendered at the close of hostilities.
Pitt's plan for an expedition to capture Belle Île was put into force in April 1761 and it was captured after a siege.
With the help of a French expeditionary force, the Greeks drove the Turks out of the Peloponnese and proceeded to the captured part of Central Greece by 1828.
* July 20 – Battle of Ankara: An invading Timurid Dynasty force defeats the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I, who is captured.
* April 22 – Hormuz is captured from the Portuguese by an Anglo-Persian force.

force and Sinai
In 1987, Sinai wrote that the major development in force organisation was the establishment of an additional divisional framework based on the special forces and the organisation of ground formations into two corps.
To save the British from what he thought was a disastrous action, and to stop the war from a possible escalation, Canadian Secretary of State for External Affairs, Lester B. Pearson, proposed the creation of the first United Nations peacekeeping force to ensure access to the canal for all, and an Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai.
A UN force ( UNEF ) was established to maintain the free navigability of the canal, and peace in the Sinai Peninsula.
Accordingly, negotiations for a new observer force in the Sinai produced the Multinational Force and Observers ( MFO ), stationed in Sinai in 1981 in coordination with a phased Israeli withdrawal.
* December 12 – Arrow Air Flight 1285, a Douglas DC-8, crashes after takeoff in Gander, Newfoundland, killing 256, 248 of whom were U. S. servicemen returning to Fort Campbell, Kentucky from overseeing a peacekeeping force in Sinai.
Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser believed only military initiative would compel Israel or the international community to force a full Israeli withdrawal from Sinai, and hostilities soon resumed along the Suez Canal.
On 19 July, the advance of a large German, Austrian and Ottoman force across the northern Sinai was reported.
The attacking force assembled in the southern Ottoman Empire at Shellal, north-west of Beersheba, and departed for the Sinai on 9 July 1916 ; they reached Bir el Abd and Ogratina ten days later.
The Maghara Hills, in the interior of the Sinai Desert, were also attacked in mid-October by a British force based on the Suez Canal.
British air patrols on 7 January found Ottoman garrisons in strength at El Kossaima and Hafir el Auja in the central, northern Sinai which could threaten the right flank of the advancing British Empire force and / or quickly reinforce Rafa.
British intelligence had assessed that they would not fight hard for Gaza because Kress von Kressenstein's plan was to use the 3rd and 16th Infantry Divisions and the 3rd Cavalry Division to encircle the attacking force and cut the Sinai railway and water pipeline in the rear of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force.
In addition, Company C was detached to the 1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry, in September to " round out " that unit when it deployed to the Sinai for peacekeeping duties -- the first U. S. military force to be deployed to the Middle East since the end of World War II.
Ten years after beginning his foreign affairs career, he left Washington, D. C., to serve as the Deputy Director General of the Multinational Force and Observers, the Sinai peacekeeping force headquartered in Rome.
# Rotations to the Sinai for multinational force and observers duty,
In 1981, following the decision by the UN not to send a peacekeeping force to the Sinai Peninsula, the Multinational Force and Observers organisation was established to serve as an independent multinational peacekeeping force in the region.
Initially, the peacekeeping force was provided by the US Sinai Field Mission, while efforts were made to create a UN force.
A United Nations force ( UNEF ) was established to maintain the neutrality of the canal and the Sinai Peninsula.
The force was fully deployed in designated areas around the canal, in the Sinai and Gaza when Israel withdrew its last forces from Rafah on March 8, 1957.
The 1st battalion ,(" Taskforce Strike ") deployed to the Sinai as a peacekeeping force in September of 1980.

force and garrisoned
When the Vikings returned in force in 892 they found a kingdom defended by a standing, mobile field army and a network of garrisoned fortresses that commanded its navigable rivers and Roman roads.
Alfred's military reorganisation of Wessex consisted of three elements: the building of thirty fortified and garrisoned towns ( burhs ) along the rivers and Roman roads of Wessex ; the creation of a mobile ( horsed ) field force, consisting of his nobles and their warrior retainers, which was divided into two contingents, one of which was always in the field ; and the enhancement of Wessex's seapower through the addition of larger ships to the existing royal fleet.
Currently, Camp Maxey is maintained by a Texas Army National Guard unit, who regularly conduct training exercises, although the Camp itself is garrisoned normally by a force of only 10 men.
Kumamoto castle was the site of the first major engagement when garrisoned forces fired on Saigō's army as they attempted to force their way into the castle.
It relates “ I repossessed the cities of Sinabu ( and ) Tidu — fortresses which Salmānu-ašarēd, king of Assyria, a prince who preceded me, had garrisoned against the land of Nairi ( and ) which the Arameans had captured by force .”
In 1774, a force from the Colony of Virginia garrisoned and occupied the stockade during Lord Dunmore's War against the Mingo and Shawnee peoples.
It was heavily garrisoned by a Seleucid force and offered asylum to Jewish Hellenists.
Kingite warriors continued to travel between Taranaki and Waikato, providing a peak force of about 800 in January 1861, with weapons and ammunition being bought on the black market in Auckland, Waiuku and Kawhia, while in Taranaki posts at Omata, the Bell Block, Waireka and Tataramakia were garrisoned – with each of those often surrounded by a cordon of.
Four days later, Pratt and a force of 1, 000 moved out another 400m to build Redoubt No. 3, which was garrisoned with 300 men and made the headquarters of the 40th Regiment.
** Wu Ban, defeated Li Yi and Liu E in Wu ( 巫 ) when the two Wu generals directly faced the Shu army at Nanshan ( 南山 ), garrisoned a naval force at Yiling ( 彝陵 ) on the western bank of the Yangtze River to secure the retreat route
** Chen Shi, garrisoned a naval force at Yidao ( 彝道 ) on the western bank of the Yangtze River, guarding the supply route
Encamping in the region was also precarious as a strong Byzantine force was garrisoned in Caeseara and could attack the Muslim rear while they were held in front by the Byzantine army.
Subsequently the defeated force retired further eastwards to El Arish, while the captured territory stretching from the Suez Canal, was consolidated and garrisoned by the Egyptian Expeditionary Force ( EEF ).
Originally a ground force of two battalions had been allocated to the landings, but this was reduced to one on confirmation that the Germans had not yet garrisoned the area.
Santa Anna and his advance force arrived in San Antonio de Bexar on February 23 and immediately initiated a siege of the Texas forces garrisoned at the Alamo.
The main force ( 50, 000 personnel ) garrisoned the west bank, facing the Russian forces.
On August 22, his force prepared to face the remaining British forces garrisoned in Charleston.
By 1405 King Henry IV of England had regained the castle and garrisoned it with a new force of thirty men-at-arms and one hundred and fifty archers under the command of Richard, Lord Grey.
Later on a British force of 800 men were moving towards Fort Griswold which was garrisoned by 164 militia and local men.
Conquests of foreign territories, like Nubia, required a permanent force to be garrisoned abroad.
Wokou raiders had established fortified bases in various towns and forts on the coast of Zhejiang and garrisoned them with a combined force of 20, 000 men.
He joined Santa Anna on the 1836 invasion of Texas, which first journeyed to San Antonio de Bexar, and besieged the small Texan force garrisoned at the Alamo.
The Confederate advance followed the west bank of the river via Fort Craig, which was garrisoned by a 3, 800-man Union force under Canby.

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