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had and marked
The bars were marked as Walter had marked them in a small black book kept in a nearly secret drawer.
( Would she have been able to had she known that the blanket belonged to a young ballet dancer Nicolas had found his first night in one of Walter's marked bars??
This was historic in its way, for it marked the first time an American Presidential aspirant had advertised his own virtues in his own string of newspapers spanning the land.
He assumed his academic career with the same intensity and thoroughness that had marked every step in his rise from boyhood.
This dinner was the start of a new blatancy in the relationship between the gangs and the politicians, which, prior to 1924, says Pasley, `` had been maintained with more or less stealth '', but which henceforth was marked by these ostentatious gatherings, denounced by a clergyman as `` Belshazzar feasts '', at which `` politicians fraternized cheek by jowl with gangsters, openly, in the big downtown hotels ''.
However, his term was marked by economic depression that had grown out of the Panic of 1873, which Mackenzie's government was unable to alleviate.
The reign of Ahmed III, which had lasted for twenty-seven years, although marked by the disasters of the Great Turkish War, was not unsuccessful.
He had a lasting effect on Italy and the Pannonian Basin ; in the former his invasion marked the beginning of centuries of Lombard rule, and in the latter his defeat of the Gepids and his departure from Pannonia ended the dominance there of the Germanic peoples.
The years were marked by persecution of the followers of the Paulician and Bogomil heresies — one of his last acts was to publicly burn at the stake Basil, a Bogomil leader, with whom he had engaged in a theological dispute.
Alfonso was the eldest son of Prince Francisco de Asis de Borbón-Dos Sicilias and Queen Isabel II, whose reign was marked by a constant political crisis which had several causes.
The party's ascent to power in 1944 had marked the beginning of economic change towards planned economy in Bulgaria.
J. P. Harris and Robert M. Citino point out that the Germans had always had a marked preference for short, decisive campaigns – but were unable to achieve short-order victories in First World War conditions.
Whereas up until this point the Dutch presence had been simply as traders, that was sometimes treaty-based, the Banda conquest marked the start of the first overt colonial rule in Indonesia albeit under the auspices of the VOC.
Since its original introduction, the cane toad has had a particularly marked effect on Australian biodiversity.
From the earliest times knights and mounted men-at-arms had frequently dismounted to handle enemies they could not overcome on horseback, such as in the Battle of the Dyle ( 891 ) and the Battle of Bremule ( 1119 ), but after 1350s this trend became more marked with the dismounted men-at-arms fighting as super-heavy infantry with two-handed swords and poleaxes.
Producer Phil Collinson marked the event with a sensational storyline in which the residents had to deal with a tragic accident and its aftermath.
Tin Machine IIs arrival was marked by a widely publicised and ill-timed conflict over the cover art: after production had begun, the new record label, Victory, deemed the depiction of four ancient nude Kouroi statues, judged by Bowie to be " in exquisite taste ", " a show of wrong, obscene images ", requiring air-brushing and patching to render the figures sexless.
This battle marked the effective end of resistance to the expeditionary force, but the gunboats were called into service to transport troops to Fashoda, south along the White Nile, where a small force of French troops had made a difficult land crossing and staked a claim to the area.
However, Lateran I marked the first time a general and large Council had been held in the West.
The film also marked the debut of Leslie Caron, who Kelly had spotted in Paris and brought to Hollywood.
This set marked the first time in history that a musician had signed an exclusive music distribution deal with a single retailer .< ref name =" newman "> The set sold more than 500, 000 physical copies on its issue date, proving that Brooks still had a large fan base.

had and introduction
Whereas the maintenance rotary fund had in the past sustained losses considerably beyond expectations, the introduction of the cost-billing system plus other control refinements has resulted in keeping the fund on a proper working basis.
They were concept albums, and typically began with an instrumental introduction which faded into the first song, often had an instrumental piece in the middle of the second LP side, and concluded with a quiet, melancholic, or powerful song.
Until the introduction of ampicillin by the British company Beecham, penicillin therapies had only been effective against Gram-positive organisms such as staphylococci and streptococci.
Canova had obtained letters of introduction to the Venetian ambassador, the Cavaliere Zulian, and enlightened and generous protector of the arts, and was received in the most hospitable manner.
From their introduction, muskets could pierce plate armour, so cavalry had to be far more mindful of the fire.
The introduction to Deuteronomy recalled how Yahweh had given the land to the Israelites but then withdrew the gift when Israel showed fear and only Joshua and Caleb had trusted in God.
Whereas in the past, the National and American leagues had separate administrative organizations ( which, for example, allowed for the introduction of different rules such as the designated hitter ), under Selig, Major League Baseball consolidated the administrative functions of both leagues into the Commissioner's Office in 2000.
By the time The Circus was released, Hollywood had witnessed the introduction of sound films.
Many of these maxims had originated in Roman Law, migrated to England before the introduction of Christianity to the British Isles, and were typically stated in Latin even in English decisions.
Within a few years of nationalisation, a number of progressive measures had been carried out which did much to improve conditions in the mines, including better pay, a five-day workweek, a national safety scheme ( with proper standards at all the collieries ), a ban on boys under the age of 16 going underground, the introduction of training for newcomers before going down to the coalface, and the making of pithead baths into a standard facility.
Park quit in 1998, after deciding that he had done what he intended to do ; he maintained that his biggest achievement was the introduction of Hayley Patterson ( Julie Hesmondhalgh ), the first transsexual character in a British soap.
From its introduction, Coleco had touted a hardware add-on called the Expansion Module # 1 which made the ColecoVision compatible with the industry-leading Atari 2600.
:" If I had stated ... the possibility of the introduction or origination of fresh species being a natural, in contradistinction to a miraculous process, I should have raised a host of prejudices against me, which are unfortunately opposed at every step to any philosopher who attempts to address the public on these mysterious subjects ".
In 1930, Ronald Syme argued a complete reassessment of Domitian's financial policy, which had until then been largely viewed as a disaster, opening his paper with the following introduction:
Starting in the mid-1980s, the wedding and banquet business changed dramatically with the introduction of DJ music, replacing the bands that had been the norm.
Ironically, the introduction of the Davy lamp led to an increase in mine accidents, as the lamp encouraged the working of mines and parts of mines that had previously been closed for safety reasons.
During his time in Canada, Sapir also acted as an advocate for Indigenous rights, arguing publicly for introduction of better medical care for Indigenous communities, and assisting the Six Nation Iroquois in trying to recover eleven wampum belts that had been stolen from the reservation and were on display in the museum of the University of Pennsylvania, the belts were only returned to the Iroquois in 1988.
However, " his plays continued to be applauded even after those of Aeschylus and Sophocles had come to seem remote and irrelevant ", they became school classics in the Hellenistic period ( as mentioned in the introduction ) and, due to Seneca's adaptation of his work for Roman audiences, " it was Euripides, not Aeschylus or Sophocles, whose tragic muse presided over the rebirth of tragedy in Renaissance Europe.
Many countries initially welcomed the introduction of the Taliban regime, who they saw as a stabilizing, law-enforcing alternative to the warlords who had ruled the country since the fall of Najibullah's government in 1992.
For 1991, Holden updated the Statesman and Caprice with a range of improvements, including the introduction of four-wheel anti-lock brakes ( ABS ), although a rear-wheel system had been standard on the Statesman Caprice from March 1976.
In the introduction of the 1892 edition of Engels ( 1844 ) he notes that most of the conditions he wrote about in 1844 had been greatly improved.
Although the step pyramid for King Zoser of the 3rd Dynasty was important for the reason that it had exemplified unbelievable skill and the introduction of building with stone, it was also very symbolic.

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