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has and added
`` Unless the oyabun has been working on it '', he said, then checked himself and added: `` You can tell Kayabashi-san that the back road is in very good condition and will be quite safe for his party to use ''.
In addition to these rules, Carleton has added the following: 1.
High Standard has also added two models to its line.
When the resin has hardened, mix up another batch with a pigment added if you wish.
Equivalents could be assigned to the paradigm either at the time it is added to the dictionary or after the word has been studied in context.
When ity is added, real clearly has two syllables.
( `` In the late forties and fifties '', Coombs has declared in defining his role, `` two strong new arms were added to reinforce United States foreign policy economic assistance and military assistance.
He cited East Germany where after 15 years of Soviet rule it has become necessary to build a wall to keep the people in, and added, `` so long as people rebel, we must not give up ''.
Al has added some sidemen to the act which makes for a smoother operation but it's substantially the same format heard last spring.
Mr. Nagrin has described four `` places '', each with its scenery and people, added two `` diversions '', and concluded with `` A Toccata for the Young '', a refreshingly underplayed interpretation of rock'n'roll dancing.
Since 30 June 2012 when the last leap second was added, TAI has been exactly 35 seconds ahead of UTC.
The Hindi alphabet must represent both Sanskrit and modern vocabulary, and so has been expanded to 58 with the khutma letters ( letters with a dot added ) to represent sounds from Persian and English.
Experience has shown straw, cement, or manure added to a standard adobe mixture can all produce a stronger, more crack-resistant brick.
* A landscape pen-and-ink drawing by Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi, c 1650, to which Algardi has added figures of the Holy Family ( Getty Museum )
However, the Church declared that "' Extreme unction ' ... may also and more fittingly be called ' anointing of the sick '" ( emphasis added ), and has itself adopted the latter term, while not outlawing the former.
In Sir Walter Scott's The Heart of Midlothian, for example, the heroine, Jeanie Deans, a Scottish Presbyterian, writes to her father about the church situation she has found in England ( bold added ):
In the end firing data has two components: quadrant elevation and azimuth, to these may be added the size of propelling charge and the fuze setting.
Calcium has been added to over-the-counter products, which contributes to inadvertent excessive intake.
Prussian blue has been recently added to the acrylic colors.
Euan MacKie has supported Thom's analysis, to which he added an archaeological context by comparing Neolithic Britain to the Mayan civilization to argue for a stratified society in this period.
The file extensions are successively added at each step of this process such that a collection of files that has been tarred and then gzipped will have a extension.
A new feature has been added to AIM.
The categorization of dances as " ballroom dances " has always been fluid, with new dances or folk dances being added to or removed from the ballroom repertoire from time to time, so no list of subcategories or dances is any more than a description of current practices.
" Judge added that he wouldn't completely ignore the time that has passed in between.
Additionally, Burundi has been added to a planned railway project to connect Tanzania and Rwanda.

has and excitement
While recent evidence suggesting that American Ivory-billed Woodpeckers may still exist in the wild has caused excitement in the Ornithology community, no similar evidence exists for the Cuban Ivory-billed bird, believed to be extinct since the last sighting in the late 1980s.
More recently, the use of a " rescue instillation " composed of pentosan polysulfate or heparin, sodium hyaluronate, lidocaine and sodium bicarbonate, has generated considerable excitement in the IC / BPS community because it is the first therapeutic intervention that can be used to reduce a flare of symptoms.
It has small, dark " rose " ears which are soft and folded back against the head unless held semi-erect in excitement.
Due to the prospect of size reduction in electronics offered by molecular-level control of properties, molecular electronics has generated much excitement both in science fiction and among scientists.
Green wrote to Freeman on 11 November 1875 :" I am very sorry to have missed you, dear Freeman ... Little Evans — son of John Evans the great — has just come back from the Herzegovina which he reached by way of Lapland, having started from the Schools in excitement at the ' first ' I wrung for him out of the obdurate Stubbs ..."
The possibility of switching roles is often a source of playful teasing and sexual excitement for the characters, which has been said to show that the genre is aware of the " performative nature " of the roles.
The Solano Thunderbirds, a college league team succeeded the Steelheads as Travis Credit Union Park's primary tenant but has never shared in the excitement or crowds enjoyed by Portner's Steelheads drawing less than 100 people to most of its games.
There has even been a suggestion of a link between the name " Sheba " and that of Zanzibar, and a massive earthenware monument of the Yoruba people all the way in West Africa known as Sungbo's Eredo actually caused mild excitement when it was first studied by Western scholars due to the tribal folk tradition that the divine personage it was built in honour of was none other than the Queen of Sheba herself.
Duchamp added an inscription, which when read out loud in French sounds like " Elle a chaud au cul " literally translated: " she has a hot ass ", implying the woman in the painting is in a state of sexual excitement and intended as a Freudian joke ..
Growing up in modern China, China ’ s Gen Y has been characterised by its optimism for the future, newfound excitement for consumerism and entrepreneurship and acceptance of its historic role in transforming modern China into an economic superpower.
The hidden immunity idol has been a source of debate between fans, as some feel it adds a layer of excitement to the game and allows alliances to flip by taking out power players, while others feel it interferes with the game's core concept and allows for cheap eliminations, especially if the next highest vote-getter only received 1 or 2 votes.
The second movement has a mysterious sounding introduction that creates an atmosphere of impending excitement, followed by a passage dominated by two harps, then the flowing waltz theme appears, derived from the idée fixe at first, and then transforming it.
MEMS technology has generated a tremendous amount of excitement, due to the vast range of important applications where MEMS can offer previously unattainable performance and reliability standards.
I believe, because I have this strong persuasion of the earnestness and honesty of these men, that it is my duty to call your Lordships ' attention to the first number of this paper, called The United Irishman, which is intended to produce an excitement leading to rebellion, for the purpose of showing you the language held forth, and the object avowed by these men, to whom a large portion of the people of Ireland look up with confidence, and for the purpose of asking her Majesty's Government if this paper has come under their consideration, and if so, whether the Law Officers in Ireland have been consulted, and if it is the intention of the Government to take any notice of it.
It has connotations of decadence, which are seen as typical for the last years of a culturally vibrant period ( La Belle Époque at the turn of the 19th to 20th century and until World War I ), and of anticipative excitement about, or despair facing, impending change, or both, that is generally expected when a century or time period draws to a close.
He insisted that psychological techniques should always be tried first, for example " even where a violent and destructive maniac could be calmed by a single dose of an antispasmodic referred to opium, observation teaches that in a great number of cases, one can obtain a sure and permanent cure by the sole method of expectation, leaving the insane man to his tumultuous excitement ... ... and seeing, again and again, the unexpected resources of nature left to itself or wisely guided, has rendered me more and more cautious with regard to the use of medications, which I no longer employ — except when the insufficiencies of psychological means have been proven.
Born Irene Marie Dunn in Louisville, Kentucky, to Joseph Dunn, a steamboat inspector for the United States government, and Adelaide Henry, a concert pianist / music teacher from Newport, Kentucky, Irene Dunn would later write " No triumph of either my stage or screen career has ever rivalled the excitement of trips down the Mississippi on the river boats with my father.
While the early excitement passed, the Canterbury region has witnessed the development of Pinot noir as the dominant red variety.
He wrote then to his medical students as follows: " A considerable breakdown in my health has scared me from the anxieties, responsibilities and excitement of my profession ; whether temporarily or permanently cannot yet be determined but, whatever may be the issue, be assured that nothing was better calculated to soothe me than the kind interest manifested by the pupils of Guy's Hospital during the many trying years devoted to that institution.
Kipps explains that he has not ever seen a play after expressing his excitement at meeting an actor and Chitterlow, surprised, asks if he had ever seen The Second Mrs Tanqueray.
To the excitement of many addicts ( Literature junkies or otherwise ), a Commemorative 6th Edition has been published.
These relaxed restrictions in class design should prove to keep the innovation and the excitement on the water, rather than in the courtroom, which has been a major criticism of the America's Cup syndicates over the years.
She found the job, in her own words, " boring " and even tried shoplifting for the sake of excitement, but she has since expressed admiration for shop girls.
The pro-Government Mayor of Nablus complained to the High Commissioner that, " During the last searches effected in villages properties were destroyed, jewels stolen, and the Holy Qu ' ran torn, and this has increased the excitement of the fellahin.

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