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Page "adventure" ¶ 244
from Brown Corpus
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impressed and me
The clerk impressed this upon me: that I should not arrive in the hall before ten o'clock.
That she impressed me instantly was obvious ; ;
I realized, now, that she had been showing me, in what impressed me as being a very accurate way, something her mother had once said to her ; ;
It really impressed me, the power of the music.
Douglass was inspired by Garrison and later stated that " no face and form ever impressed me with such sentiments the hatred of slavery as did those of William Lloyd Garrison.
Mao later noted that Chen's adoption of Marxism " deeply impressed me at what was probably a critical period in my life.
He had, in fact, made a point of giving prominence to the lighter phases of the romance, whereas it was its all-pervading tragedy that impressed me so deeply that I felt convinced it should stand out in bold relief, regardless of minor details.
He was so impressed by her and her friend Elizabeth Philpot that he wrote in his journal: " Miss Philpot and Mary Anning have been able to show me with utter certainty which are the icthyodorulites dorsal fins of sharks that correspond to different types.
The Cooperative Commonwealth of Gronlund also impressed me, but the writings of Kautsky were so clear and conclusive that I readily grasped, not merely his argument, but also caught the spirit of his socialist utterance – and I thank him and all who helped me out of darkness into light.
Empty spaces, empty horizons, empty plains-everything which is bare has always greatly impressed me.
impressed me deeply.
Davis appointed Benjamin to be the first Attorney General of the Confederacy on February 25, 1861, remarking later that he chose him because he " had a very high reputation as a lawyer, and my acquaintance with him in the Senate had impressed me with the lucidity of his intellect, his systematic habits, and capacity for labor ".
" They looked at Louis ' tux and all the other things I had made and they were very impressed ", she recalled, " but then someone asked me to play the piano.
The Prince was so impressed with my work that he brought me on to his staff fulltime in 1989.
: When I related my adventure to my Uncle, the Cardinal-Duke, He told me that He had no doubt of this singular Man ’ s being the celebrated Character known universally by the name of ‘ the wandering Jew .’ His not being permitted to pass more than fourteen days on the same spot, the burning Cross impressed upon his fore-head, the effect which it produced upon the Beholders, and many other circumstances give this supposition the colour of truth.
Formerly Louise had regularly referred to him as " the Monster ", but nevertheless made a request for a private interview with the emperor, whereon she threw herself at his feet ; though he was impressed by her grace and determination, Napoleon refused to make any concessions, writing back to his wife Empress Joséphine that Louise " is really charming and full of coquettishness toward me.
The other guests, disciples of Rikyū, snickered at the tea growers manner of making tea, but Rikyū was moved to say, “ It is the finest .” On the way home, one of the disciples asked Rikyū, “ Why were you so impressed by such a shameful performance ?” Rikyū answered,This man did not invite me with the idea of showing off his skill.
The first thing that impressed me was his speed.
James J. Corbett said of Jeffries, " The thing the always impressed me was the speed the youngster had, and he weighed two-hundred-twenty-five pounds.
Nash said that " the things that impressed me most about him were his character, his intelligence and his insight.
But what impressed me most was that early in the game Kenny got a major hip pointer and could barely walk.
Some critics were not impressed ; Robert Christgau wrote: " Although the candid propaganda and wily musicality of " Hurricane " delighted me for a long time, the deceitful bathos of its companion piece " Joey " tempts me to question the unsullied innocence of Rubin Carter himself ".

impressed and until
He impressed Debye so much that he was invited to become Debye's assistant at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule ( ETH ), where he remained until 1928.
In 1512 he became prochancellor at the university and from that time until his death he was in complete control of the destinies of Ingolstadt, on which he impressed the character of ultracatholicism, which made it a bulwark of Roman Catholicism in Germany at that time.
He was kept as a slave until the age of 24, and by then had so impressed the Bey of Tunis and corsair John Ward, with his skills in gunnery and navigation that the latter offered him a position in his fleet.
He auditioned for Phillips in 1954, but it was not until he sang " That's Alright ( Mama )" that Phillips was impressed.
From 1921 until 1930 he was the ambassador to Rome ; he was not overly impressed with Italian Fascism.
The captured soldiers were divided, where the officers were sent to separate facilities, and many of the enlisted soldiers were impressed into hard labour until the surrender of the Ottoman Empire ; more than half of them died.
Frere impressed upon the Colonial Office his belief that Cetshwayo's army had to be eliminated, an idea that was generally accepted until Frere sent Cetshwayo a provocative and impossible ultimatum in December 1878 and the home government began to realize the problems inherent in a native war.
In 1954 he returned to France and remained in military education until 1958, when someone who was impressed by his abilities suggested that he join the Paris fire-fighters.
Reid impressed on the cabinet the need for drastic economy in all departments and, by 1925 ( the last year of Greenfield's Premiership ), the government at last showed a surplus, a state that would persist until the beginning of the Great Depression, with the exception of a small deficit in 1927.
Steven Spielberg was also impressed by his performance, but thought he was too skinny and discounted him from casting considerations for Saving Private Ryan until he met Damon during the filming of Good Will Hunting when he was back at his normal weight.
Tchaikovsky had a rather negative opinion of the " specialist " ballet music until he studied it in detail, being impressed by the nearly limitless variety of infectious melodies their scores contained.
When Lima first received the Shay idea it was not impressed, until John Carnes influenced the company to use the idea, resulting in the classic Shay design.
The New York Times Book Review of June 11, 1922 was also impressed, stating, " It is safe to assert that unless the reader peers into the last chapter or so of the tale, he will not know who this secret adversary is until the author chooses to reveal him.
Altman did not find out until he saw a preview of the film, and was not impressed.
Team Sleep's record was originally scheduled for a November, 2004 release, but Maverick Records were reportedly so impressed by the album they postponed the release until mid-2005 to allow for promotion.
After 7 races he replaced the injured Olivier Panis at Prost and impressed immediately, finishing fourth in Germany and even leading in Austria, looking set to finish second until his engine blew.
The Grey Lady, impressed with her spirit allows her to return, with the warning that her father will not stop until he has his revenge.
He also impressed at the Monaco Grand Prix, entering as Jackie Stewart's stand-in, starting from the front row of the grid, and leading from Graham Hill at the start, until his race ended early after clipping a barrier and breaking a driveshaft in a similar incident to the one that resulted in the death of Lorenzo Bandini in the Monaco Grand Prix the previous year.
Jarlaxle and Vierna are impressed with the battle, allowing it to continue until Wulfgar and company arrive.
Sultan Abdülaziz was impressed by the French educational system during his visit, and on his return to Istanbul he announced the Edict of Public Education which established a free compulsory education system for all children until they became twelve.
Though the unfinished novel deeply impressed Carlyle's wife Jane, Carlyle never published it and its existence was forgotten until long after Carlyle's death.
The eldest son of John Quilliam and Christian Clucas of Ballakelly, he was apprenticed to a stonemason, and then worked as a labourer until he was impressed into the Royal Navy in 1794.
At one point in her early training her dance instructor stated that ‘ In her, was the true spirit of dance .’ She was not impressed with the structure and performance of ballet, and was not drawn into dance as a passion until she became enthralled by Isadora Duncan when she attended one of Duncan's performances, and was ‘ profoundly moved by the beauty of Duncan ’ s dance .’ After becoming active in political riots, and the tragic day of May Day, Rambert ’ s parents urged her at one point to move to Paris and take up medicine while safely living with her aunt and uncle who were also doctors.
Elizabeth David read the book and was impressed by it, and recommended Grigson as a food columnist for The Observer, for whom she wrote a column from 1968 until her death in 1990.

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