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is and reference
it is a mystique, and their private language is rich in the multivalent ambiguities of sexual reference so that they dwell in a sexualized universe of discourse.
Within this frame of reference policies appropriate to claims advanced in the name of the Jews depend upon which Jewish identity is involved, as well as upon the nature of the claim, the characteristics of the claimant, the justifications proposed, and the predispositions of the community decision makers who are called upon to act.
Much of his earlier work was conceived in terms of a `` pseudo-anthropological '' myth reference, which is concerned with imaginary places and beings described in grandiloquent and travelogue-like language.
This is used as a reference for comparing the ohmic heating and the electrical energy obtained from the measured current through the element and the measured voltage across the element.
If Af is the change per unit volume in Gibbs function caused by the shear field at constant P and T, and **yr is the density of the fluid, then the total potential energy of the system above the reference height is Af.
Af is the work necessary to fill the manometer column from the reference height to H.
The total volume of the system above the reference height is Af, and H can be eliminated to obtain an equation for the total potential energy of the system in terms of H.
A drawing of the structure is to be found in reference 6.
The international unit is equipotent with the USP unit adopted in 1952, which was defined as the amount of activity present in 20 mg of the USP reference substance.
Another great danger is that the emerging middle class will feel itself increasingly alienated from the political leaders who still justify their dominance by reference to the struggle for independence or the early phase of nationalism.
We have been using the word `` public '' in quotation marks, that is, in its vernacular connotation with reference to the odd-lot index theory.
There is also the problem of the respondent's frame of reference.
That reference in the Report is `` continuation of the trend toward an all-Negro school system '', a remark apparently occasioned by the increase of Negro school population from 74.1 per cent to 76.7 per cent.
Since I have already discussed his moral position, that discussion is incorporated by reference into the following pages, which will focus on the empirical and analytic side of Fromm's treatment.
During the assignment pass, each instruction is examined for reference to the symbolic name of an index word or electronic switch.
When such a reference is found, an actual address is assigned and the availability table is changed so that the assigned index word or switch is no longer available for later assignment.
Essentially, the stator or reference portion of the pickoff is established with respect to the true heading direction, and the platform is turned either manually or automatically until the angular electrical pickoff signal is reduced to zero.

is and Seduction
Given the subsequent emergence of organized fandom for comic books among adults who grew up reading them during Comics ' Golden Age, it is ironic Wertham at one point in Seduction ( pp. 89 – 90 ) asserts " I have known many adults who have treasured throughout their lives some of the books they read as children.
What is often overlooked in discussions of Seduction of the Innocent is Wertham's analysis of the advertisements that appeared in 1950s comic books and the commercial context in which these publications existed.
Nye asserts that,Seduction is always more effective than coercion, and many values like democracy, human rights, and individual opportunities are deeply seductive .” Angelo Codevilla observed that an often overlooked essential aspect of soft power is that different parts of populations are attracted or repelled by different things, ideas, images, or prospects.
Seduction is a popular motif in history and fiction, both as a warning of the social consequences of engaging in the behaviour or becoming its victim, and as a salute to a powerful skill.
* Seduction lair or mens lair is a mens social club and study group centered around courtship initiation and development
Picture Frame Seduction ( PFS ) is a hardcore punk band from Haverfordwest, Wales.
The status of the San Diego Seduction is unknown ; they are no longer included on the LFL's list of teams and were not included in the 2011 – 2012 schedule, but no suspension of operations has been publicly indicated, whilst the Miami Caliente folded.
She is best known for her roles in the films Dogma, Vision Quest, Men in Black, After Hours and The Last Seduction.
The Last Seduction is a neo-noir 1994 film directed by John Dahl.
The Last Seduction is a story about a sociopathic femme fatale, Bridget Gregory, who steals a bag of money ($ 700, 000 ) from her drug-dealing husband Clay.
Another instance is in early 2008 with Snoop Dogg's music video for his single " Sensual Seduction ," in which he uses a keytar as a throwback to old school bands.
Seduction: The Cruel Woman ( Verführung: Die grausame Frau ) is a 1985 German film.
* Seduction, the enticement of one person by another, called a seductress or enchantress when it is a beautiful and charismatic woman
Amongst the filmmakers cited as undertaking " The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman " with the Mael Brothers is Canadian avant-garde director Guy Maddin.
Both of the album's video clips were directed by his friend Heath Ledger, the title track Cause An Effect and Seduction is Evil ( She's Hot ).
Seduction of the Innocent is a book by German-American psychiatrist Fredric Wertham, published in 1954, that warned that comic books were a negative form of popular literature and a serious cause of juvenile delinquency.
Among comic-book collectors any comic book with a story or panel referred to in Seduction of the Innocent is known as a " Seduction issue ", and is usually more valued than other issues in the same run of a title.
Seduction of the Innocent is one of the few non-illustrative works to be listed in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide as a collectible in its own right.
His song " Music from Across the Way " ( recorded by Andy Williams in 1972 ) is a melody with a classical feeling and was a worldwide hit ; it is the only other Last single apart from " The Seduction " to reach the U. S. Hot 100, where it peaked at No. 84 ( and No. 18 on the Adult Contemporary chart ) in late 1971.

is and Innocent
A large hieratic bronze of Innocent X by Algardi is now to be found in the Capitoline Museums.
Young and Innocent ( U. S. title: The Girl Was Young ) is a 1937 British film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Nova Pilbeam, Derrick De Marney and John Longden.
In 1359 following a meeting with Pope Innocent VI and further meetings with Petrarch it is probable that Boccaccio took some kind of religious mantle.
The interference of Innocent is courted, a certain primacy is accorded him, but at the same time he is not addressed as a supreme arbitrator ; assistance and sympathy are solicited from him as from an elder brother, and two other prelates of Italy are joint recipients with him of the appeal .”
* 1965 – Nostra Aetate, the " Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions " of the Second Vatican Council, is promulgated by Pope Paul VI ; it absolves the Jews of responsibility for the death of Jesus, reversing Innocent III's 760 year-old declaration.
The first known record of him is in a document of Pope Innocent I from the year 416, where he is spoken of as " Celestine the Deacon ".
Among Innocent I's letters is one to Jerome and another to John II, Bishop of Jerusalem, regarding annoyances to which the former had been subjected by the Pelagians at Bethlehem.
Pope Innocent is notable for using interdict and other censures to compel princes to obey his decisions, although these measures were not uniformly successful.
Innocent VI was a liberal patron of letters, and, if the extreme severity of his measures against the Fraticelli is ignored, he retains a high reputation for justice and mercy.
It is said that Innocent VII planned the restoration of the Roman University, but his death brought an end to such talk.
During what is known as the Little Ice Age, Innocent VIII, in his papal bull Summis desiderantes ( 5 December 1484 ) instigated severe measures against magicians and witches in Germany.
It is, therefore, not surprising that Innocent XI had little sympathy for James, and that he did not afford him help in his hour of trial.
The altar is also across from Innocent XI's monument, which was his original site of burial before his beatification.
The feast day of Pope Blessed Innocent XI is 12 August, the date of his death.
* 1649 – The Italian city of Castro is completely destroyed by the forces of Pope Innocent X, ending the Wars of Castro.
* Every Man is Innocent Until Proven Broke ( 1976 )
" Innocent passage " is defined by the convention as passing through waters in an expeditious and continuous manner, which is not " prejudicial to the peace, good order or the security " of the coastal state.
* Tsar Kaloyan is recognized as king of Bulgaria by Pope Innocent III after the creation of the Bulgarian Uniate church.
Innocent is succeeded by Zosimus as the 41st pope.
* December 19 – Pope Anastasius I dies at Rome after a 2-year reign, and is succeeded by Innocent I as the 40th pope proclaiming his universal power over the whole of Christendom.
* November – John of England is excommunicated by Pope Innocent III.

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