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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 358
from Brown Corpus
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is and unsolved
It is possible, although highly doubtful, that he killed none at all but merely let his reputation work for him by privately claiming every unsolved murder in the state.
At this time, the apparent asymmetry of matter and antimatter in the visible universe is one of the greatest unsolved problems in physics.
D. B. Cooper is perhaps the most famous hijacker of all time and also the case is the only unsolved hijacking in America's aviation history.
Understanding this earliest of eras in the history of the Universe is currently one of the greatest unsolved problems in physics.
The P versus NP problem is a major unsolved problem in computer science.
* 1948 – Taman Shud Case: The body of an unidentified man is found in Adelaide, Australia ; involving an undetectable poison and a secret code in a very rare book, the case remains unsolved and is " one of Australia's most profound mysteries ".
While this remains an unsolved problem for astronomers, it does not necessarily mean that the Lambda-CDM model is completely wrong, but rather that it requires further refinement to accurately reproduce the population of galaxies in the universe.
This is one of the unsolved problems in physics.
One of the biggest areas of research and a topic still full of unsolved questions is the recurring disturbance of fire and the role it plays in propagating the lichen woodland.
** During a severe thunderstorm over Washington, a man calling himself D. B. Cooper parachutes from the Northwest Orient Airlines plane he hijacked, with US $ 200, 000 in ransom money, and is never seen again ( as of March 2008, this case remains the only unsolved skyjacking in history ).
The origin of seed plants is a problem that still remains unsolved.
The issue remains unsolved and is in focus of European level discussions.
While this expansion is well-modeled by the Big Bang theory, the origins of the singularity remains one of the unsolved problems in physics.
This is one of the unsolved problems in physics.
Goldbach's conjecture is one of the oldest and best-known unsolved problems in number theory and in all of mathematics.
Nestorius tried to answer a question considered unsolved: " How can Jesus Christ, being part man, not be partially a sinner as well, since man is by definition a sinner since the Fall ".
This is known as the Gaussian moat problem ; it was posed in 1962 by Basil Gordon and remains unsolved.
The question of how superconductivity arises in high-temperature superconductors is one of the major unsolved problems of theoretical condensed matter physics.
This avoids the problem of how to achieve precision doping of complementary nanocircuits, which is unsolved.
The site is frequently suggested by a member of the viewing public who knows of an unsolved archaeological mystery, or who owns property that has not been excavated and is potentially interesting.
In The Caves of Steel, the main power source is uranium nuclear stations, while solar space stations are stated to involve engineering problems which are still unsolved.

is and problem
That is why the form itself becomes a preoccupation, because it exists as a problem separate from the material it accommodates.
The specific analogy to the dilemma of love is the problem of the `` breakthrough '' in the realm of art.
But the problem is one which gives us the measure of a man, rather than a group of men, whether a group of doctors, a group of party members assembled at a dinner to give their opinion, or the masses of the voters.
In the incessant struggle with recalcitrant political fact he learns to focus the essence of a problem in the significant detail, and to articulate the distinctions which clarify the detail as significant, with what is sometimes astounding rapidity.
The problem is to remove the accretions and thereby uncover the order that was always there.
Moral dread is seen as the other face of desire, and here psychoanalysis delivers to the writer a magnificent irony and a moral problem of great complexity.
The maturity in this point of view lies in its recognition that no basic problem is ever solved without being clearly understood.
The problem is rather to find out what is actually happening, and this is especially difficult for the reason that `` we are busily being defended from a knowledge of the present, sometimes by the very agencies -- our educational system, our mass media, our statesmen -- on which we have had to rely most heavily for understanding of ourselves ''.
Ptolemy's problem is to forecast where, against the inverted bowl of night, some particular light will be found at future times.
The distances of these points of light is a problem he cannot master, beyond crude conjectures as to the orderings of the planetary orbits viewed outward from earth.
This is a problem to be solved not by America alone, but also by every nation cherishing the same ideals and in position to provide help.
The problem, in other words, is strictly a chronological one.
The problem of NATO is not one of machinery, of which there is an abundance, but of the will to use it.
Our problem, therefore, is to devise processes more modest in their aspirations, adjusted to the real world of sovereign nation states and diverse and hostile communities.
The main question raised by the incident is how much longer will UN bury its head in the sand on the Congo problem instead of facing the bitter fact that it has no solution in present terms??
The only real problem is to devise a plan whereby the owners of the above-water land can develop their property without the public losing its underwater land and the right to its development for public use and enjoyment.
Biggest organizational problem, he adds, is setting up CDC units in rock-ribbed Democratic territory.
If they are to be commended for foresight in their planning, what then is the judgment of a town council that compounds this problem during the planning stage??
The new column by Maurice Stans regarding business scandals, is fair and accurate in most respects and his solution to the problem has some merit.
The whole problem of `` peaceful coexistence and peaceful competition '' with the capitalist world is in the very center of this Congress.
But this is not the real problem ; ;

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