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is and addition
In addition to the authentication and acknowledgment procedures which precede and follow the sending of the go messages, again in special codes, each message also contains an `` internal authenticator '', another specific signal to convince the recipient that he is getting the real thing.
In addition, they have been converted to Zen Buddhism, with its glorification of all that is `` natural '' and mysteriously alive, the sense that everything in the world is flowing.
In addition to his experiments in reading poetry to jazz, Patchen is beginning to use the figure of the modern jazz musician as a myth hero in the same way he used the figure of the private detective a decade ago.
In addition, the motor has the seal of approval of the Underwriters Laboratories, which means it is safe.
In addition, it is small enough to get into crevices, jacket and crown margins, malposed anteriors, and the back teeth.
In addition to its major effort on fuel cells, Patterson Moos Research Division is continuing to carry on research in other fields, both under contract for the Defense Department, other government agencies and for our own account.
A salad with greens and tomato is a popular and wonderfully healthful addition to a meal, but add an avocado and you have something really special.
-- In addition to its recreation interests, water is needed for drinking, sanitation, and irrigation.
The addition of endurance training later, when the body is mature enough to benefit from it without danger of injury, provides that final quality that makes the top athlete, soldier or citizen.
In addition, many of the hard-surface cleaners used for walls and woodwork had their genesis in trisodium orthophosphate, which is still the major ingredient of a number of such products.
In addition, the iodoamino acid formed in largest quantity in the intact thyroid is di-iodotyrosine.
In addition to the incompleteness of science and the completeness of metaphysics, they differ in that science is essentially descriptive, while philosophy in its inherited forms, tends to be goal-oriented, teleological and prescriptive.
In addition, it is an important link in the plot, giving us a revealing glimpse of the people's attitude toward Boris and the false Dimitri.
Furthermore, the hydrolysis of paraoxon was studied in mammalian sera, and it was found that it is hydrolyzed by albumin ( or a factor attached to it ) in addition to arylesterase.
In addition, the cutoff frequency for input accelerations is approximately proportional to the servo loop gain ; ;
You still have your paper hat and you're wearing it, but then, it is an extraordinary paper hat and, in addition to anything else you may be, you are also the sculptor who created that most peculiar dame out in the back yard.
In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Goodman are controllers, Mrs. Paul Stone is treasurer and Mrs. Albert Quell is in charge of admittance for the dancing at 9 P.m..
In addition, disclosures that missile workers were earning sums far in excess of what is paid for equivalent work elsewhere provoked his indignation on behalf of the American taxpayer who was footing the bill.
The problem becomes even more complex where an enterprise is engaged in the manufacture of a wide variety of other goods in addition to the heavy electrical equipment.
But it is most interesting in its account of the unending problems of high command, of decisions and their reasons, of the myriad matters that demand attention in addition to battle action.
Mrs. Reavey's work is written for the stage -- it is mentioned for an off-Broadway production in the fall -- and, in addition, employs an avant-garde structure that particularly needs to be seen if comprehension is to be encouraged.

is and current
But it is also the climax to one of the absorbing chapters in our current political history.
Actually, you could wish for some passion, now and then, but when you look around the world and see the little volcanos of current history which partisan social passions have wrought, you are glad that in these pamphlets there is at least some civilized calm.
What makes the current phenomenon unique is that so many science-fiction writers have reversed a trend and turned to writing works critical of the impact of science and technology on human life.
It follows that the solution to the current disunity of the free nations is only to a very limited extent a matter of devising new machinery of consultation and coordination.
With our current $3 per hundred tax rate, it is safe to assume that this will qualify when you suggest a community should `` try to develop a modest industrial plant '' as the best way to meet these problems.
In this hour of crisis, the wisdom, the dedication, the stabilizing force that he represents in current American government is an almost indispensable source of strength.
Borrowing in anticipation of current taxes and other revenues is a routine procedure of the majority of municipalities at all times.
This is used as a reference for comparing the ohmic heating and the electrical energy obtained from the measured current through the element and the measured voltage across the element.
Much of this necessary increase in research and development, though properly chargeable to current expenses, is not reflected in earnings until projects are completed and the new machines sold in quantity, usually over a period of several years.
However, its modern one-story layout is designed to increase our production capacity, permit more efficient manufacturing, and substantially reduce current repair and maintenance costs.
Of current interest is Abilene, Kansas, the birthplace of ex-President Eisenhower.
Considering that the current school-age potential is 23 million youths, the project and its message on hunting and shooting education have many more to reach.
There must be a restriction in the deed to provide that the customer may not be charged more than the current market price for the oil, an obvious precaution, since the account is permanently wedded, just like with gas or electricity.
The pressure gradient producing the jet is due to the nature of the magnetic field in the arc ( rapid decrease of current density from cathode to the anode ).
That we are experiencing an upsurge of interest in the many formulations and preventive adaptations of brief treatment in social casework is evident from even a small sampling of current literature.
It is still used in making current population estimates in post-census years, though the value of these estimates is open to question.
While the U. S. Department of Labor has a program of projecting industry and occupational employment trends and publishing current outlook statements, there is little tangible evidence that these projections have been used extensively in local curriculum planning.
Moreover, the current information on what types of training are needed and possible is too limited and fragmentary.
This is not extended to anticipated levels of GNP, however -- only the current level of GNP affects the public pressure against wage-price increases.
electricity plays such an important part in community life today that it is difficult to envision a time when current was not available for daily use.
It is to be hoped that some way will be found to keep this important work current.
In general, P is a function of V and the current density, but it shall here be assumed as a constant.
The operator must continually supply the correct amount of turning current to the gyro torquers so that the effect of gyro drift is canceled.
If the Z gyro is drifting, a current generated by the autocollimator is delivered to the gyro torquer to cancel the drift.

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