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is and known
Even the knowledge that she was losing another boy, as a mother always does when a marriage is made, did not prevent her from having the first carefree, dreamless sleep that she had known since they dropped down the canyon and into Bear Valley, way, way back there when they were crossing those other mountains.
All such imitations of negative quality have given rise to a compensatory response in the form of a heroic and highly individualistic humanism: if man can neither know nor love reality as it is, he can at least invent an artistic `` reality '' which is its own world and which can speak to man of purely personal and subjective qualities capable of being known and worthy of being loved.
In his stead is a milquetoast version known as `` the corporation ''.
On April 11th he wrote an open letter in The Advocate, making it known `` to the world that Jas. W. Robinson is by his own admission a base liar and a slanderer ''.
What is not so well known, however, and what is quite important for understanding the issues of this early quarrel, is the kind of attack on literature that Sidney was answering.
This was accordingly done, and the plight of the grateful Mrs. Morris was much relieved as a result of the generous loan, the amount of which is not known.
In spite of the armistice negotiated by Amadee two years earlier, the war between Bishop Guillaume of Lausanne and Louis of Savoy was still going on, and although little is known about it, that little proves that it was yet another phase of the struggle against French expansion and was closely interwoven with the larger conflict.
Since more is known about Quiney than about any other acquaintance of Shakespeare in Stratford, his career may be followed to its sudden end in 1602.
In light of the scholarly reappraisals engendered by the higher criticism this is a most remarkable statement, particularly coming from one who was well known for his antifundamentalist views.
Because of the means of publication -- science-fiction magazines and cheap paperbacks -- and because dystopian science fiction is still appearing in quantity the full range and extent of this phenomenon can hardly be known, though one fact is evident: the science-fiction imagination has been immensely fertile in its extrapolations.
Easily the best known of these three novels is The Space Merchants, a good example of a science-fiction dystopia which extrapolates much more than the impact of science on human life, though its most important warning is in this area, namely as to the use to which discoveries in the behavioral sciences may be put.
and it should be far better known than it is.
The story of the fatal crash is not fully known.
Now Richards, of course, is known as a deep thinker as baseball managers go.
Since little is known about autism, and almost nothing has been written for the layman, we'd like to share one experienced mother's comments.
First of all, it is now known that Pope John sees the renewal and purification of the Church as an absolutely necessary step toward Christian unity.
Of the handful of painters that Austria has produced in the 20th century, only one, Oskar Kokoschka, is widely known in the U.S..
It is known that at least five towns ( Barrington, Bristol, Narragansett, Newport and Westerly ) place some value on some boats for tax purposes.
As I have repeatedly stated, this provision is much more restrictive than the general law, popularly known as the Buy American Act.
This is a phenomenon familiar to all radio listeners, resulting from reflection of skywave signals at night from the ionized layer in the upper atmosphere known as the ionosphere.

is and electron
Af is paramagnetic, and electron paramagnetic dipole as well as nuclear dipole effects lead to line broadening.
Indeed it is possible to separate electron paramagnetic from nuclear effects.
The information provided by the electron paramagnetic effects is then discussed, and finally the nuclear effects are interpreted in terms of various motional-modified models of the Af bond in Af.
The approximate equation is Af, where N is the number of Af with electron line-density greater than or equal to Af, and Q is proportional to the mass of the meteorite.
Radiopasteurization by either the electron accelerator or cesium-137 source is in the range of freezing costs.
Irradiation using the nuclide source is more expensive than use of an electron accelerator.
It should be noted, however, that the paraxial resolution is quite similar for both electron optical systems.
The electron optical system ( see fig. 14-1 ) is based in principle on the focusing action of concentric spherical cathode and anode surfaces.
The charges of the electron and proton are believed to be exactly equal and opposite, but Dr. Lyttleton is not so sure.
Suppose, says Dr. Lyttleton, the proton has a slightly greater charge than the electron ( so slight it is presently immeasurable ).
A Lewis acid is a species that accepts a pair of electrons from another species ; in other words, it is an electron pair acceptor.
BF < sub > 3 </ sub > is a Lewis acid because it accepts the electron pair from fluoride.
The species that gains the electron pair is the Lewis acid ; for example, the oxygen atom in H < sub > 3 </ sub > O < sup >+</ sup > gains a pair of electrons when one of the H — O bonds is broken and the electrons shared in the bond become localized on oxygen.
The number of electrons in each element's electron shells, particularly the outermost valence shell, is the primary factor in determining its chemical bonding behavior.
An atom containing an equal number of protons and electrons is electrically neutral, otherwise it has a positive charge if there are fewer electrons ( electron deficiency ) or negative charge if there are more electrons ( electron excess ).
Over 99. 94 % of an atom's mass is concentrated in the nucleus ,< ref group = note > In the case of hydrogen-1, with a single electron and nucleon, the proton is, or 99. 95 % of the total atomic mass.
Thus, the planetary model of the atom was discarded in favor of one that described atomic orbital zones around the nucleus where a given electron is most likely to be observed.
The electron is by far the least massive of these particles at, with a negative electrical charge and a size that is too small to be measured using available techniques.

is and affinity
`` Now that Bruno Walter is virtually in retirement and my dear friend Dimitri Mitropoulos is no longer with us, I am probably the only one -- with the possible exception of Leonard Bernstein -- who has this special affinity for and champions the works of Bruckner and Mahler ''.
An affinity between the amphibians and the teleost fish is the multi-folded structure of the teeth and the paired supra-occipital bones at the back of the head, both features not found elsewhere in the animal kingdom.
Amber is a unique preservational mode, preserving otherwise unfossilizable parts of organisms ; as such it is helpful in the reconstruction of ecosystems as well as organisms ; the chemical composition of the resin, however, is of limited utility in reconstructing the phylogenetic affinity of the resin producer.
Agarose is used generally as the medium for analytical scale electrophoretic separation in agarose gel electrophoresis and for column-based preparative scale separation as in gel filtration chromatography and affinity chromatography.
It is heavily influenced by the writings of John Cassian, and shows strong affinity with the Rule of the Master.
Cultural Christian is a broad term used to describe people with either ethnic or religious Christian heritage who may not believe in the religious claims of Christianity, but who retain an affinity for the culture, art, music, and so on related to it.
It has the highest electron affinity and the third highest electronegativity of all the elements ; for this reason, chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent.
One typical problem in cheminformatics is to predict the binding affinity of drug molecules to a given target.
Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography ( IMAC ) is useful to separate aforementioned molecules based on the relative affinity for the metal ( I. e.
The Ca < sup > 2 +</ sup > is bound with low affinity, but high capacity, and can be released on a signal ( see inositol triphosphate ).
In chemical physics and physical chemistry, chemical affinity is the electronic property by which dissimilar chemical species are capable of forming chemical compounds.
" In this antiquated context, chemical affinity is sometimes found synonymous with the term " magnetic attraction ".
The present IUPAC definition is that affinity A is the negative partial derivative of Gibbs free energy G with respect to extent of reaction ξ at constant pressure and temperature.
It follows that affinity is positive for spontaneous reactions.
A broad definition, used generally throughout history, is that chemical affinity is that whereby substances enter into or resist decomposition.
The term affinity has been used figuratively since c. 1600 in discussions of structural relationships in chemistry, philology, etc., and reference to " natural attraction " is from 1616.
The idea of affinity is extremely old.
Later, those as Robert Boyle, John Mayow, Johann Glauber, Isaac Newton, and Georg Stahl put forward ideas on elective affinity in attempts to explain how heat is evolved during combustion reactions.
The modern term chemical affinity is a somewhat modified variation of its eighteenth-century precursor " elective affinity " or elective attractions, a coinage of the Swedish chemist Torbern Olof Bergman from his book De attractionibus electivis ( 1775 ).

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