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is and one
But there's one thing I never seen or heard of, one thing I just don't think there is, and that's a sportin' way o' killin' a man ''!!
I seized the rack and made a western-style flying-mount just in time, one of my knees mercifully landing on my duffel bag -- and merely wrecking my camera, I was to discover later -- my other knee landing on the slivery truck floor boards and -- but this is no medical report.
The true artist is like one of those scientists who, from a single bone can reconstruct an animal's entire body.
In fact, one important aspect of their very religion is the annihilation of men ''.
It took thirty of our women almost six moons to build this one, which is higher and stronger than the old one.
I clapped the big man with the bleached hair on his shoulder and said heartily, hoping it would make an impression on the women: `` This one is the maku Frayne.
`` This one is a tender chicken, oui??
but he presents it publicly so enmeshed in hypocrisy that it is not an honest one.
My definition of this much abused adjective is that a reconstructed rebel is one who is glad that the North won the War.
For one thing, this is not a subject often discussed or analyzed.
The general acceptance of the idea of governmental ( i.e., societal ) responsibility for the economic well-being of the American people is surely one of the two most significant watersheds in American constitutional history.
A third, one of at least equal and perhaps even greater importance, is now being traversed: American immersion and involvement in world affairs.
Today, as new nations rise from the former colonial empires, nationalism is one of the hurricane forces loose in the world.
Historically, however, the concept is one that has been of marked benefit to the people of the Western civilizational group.
It is one of the ironic quirks of history that the viability and usefulness of nationalism and the territorial state are rapidly dissipating at precisely the time that the nation-state attained its highest number ( approximately 100 ).
But it is more than irony: one of the main reasons why nationalism is no longer a tenable concept is because it has spread throughout the planet.
Accidental war is so sensitive a subject that most of the people who could become directly involved in one are told just enough so they can perform their portions of incredibly complex tasks.
Only one rule prevailed in my conversations with these men: The more highly placed they are -- that is, the more they know -- the more concerned they have become.
However, the system is designed, ingeniously and hopefully, so that no one man could initiate a thermonuclear war.

is and few
Here in these little rooms -- or stages arched open to the sky and river -- they choose a few lines out of the hundreds they may know and sing them according to one of the modes into which Persian music is divided.
Of few authors is this more true than of Heidenstam.
For the occasion on which everyone already knows everyone else and the host wishes them to meet one or a few honored newcomers, then the `` open house '' system is advantageous because the honored guests are fixed connective points and the drifting guests make and break connections at the door.
How much they esteemed him is shown by the fact that their underground committee selected him as one of the few who would be helped to escape.
It is, however, a disarming disguise, or perhaps a shield, for not only has Mercer proved himself to be one of the few great lyricists over the years, but also one who can function remarkably under pressure.
Arlen is one of the few ( possibly the only ) composer Mercer has been able to work with so closely, for they held their meetings in Arlen's study.
A letter of a few days later from Washington's aide to Morgan stated, `` His Excellency is highly pleased with your conduct upon this occasion ''.
It is an ugly business and there are few, if any, wreaths for them.
Long-range planning of programs and ways to finance them have become musts if the state in the next few years is to avoid crisis-to-crisis government.
But Interior Secretary Udall warns that there is a race on between those who would develop our few surviving open shorelines and those who would save them for the enjoyment of all as public preserves.
Gen. Taylor will report to President Kennedy in a few days on the results of his visit to South Viet Nam and, judging from some of his remarks to reporters in the Far East, he is likely to urge a more efficient mobilization of Vietnamese military, economic, political and other resources.
Traditional crewel embroidery which seems to be appearing more frequently this fall than in the past few years is still available in this country.
This is going to be a language lesson, and you can master it in a few minutes.
Nonetheless, although few in number they are a stubborn crew, as tenacious of life as the Hardshell Baptists, which suggests that there is some kind of vital principle embodied in their faith.
Having hedged its bets in this way, PHS apparently decided it would be possible to make some sort of determination after all: `` At present radiation levels, and even at somewhat higher levels, the additional risk is slight and very few people will be affected ''.
It is another question whether `` they '' -- or a single general, off in a corner of China, secure for a few ( galvanizing??
Daughter of a gypsy mother who taught her to dance, she is one of the few really beautiful girls in the New York Casbah, with dark eyes and dark, waist-length hair, the face of an adolescent patrician and a lithe, glimmering body.
Many belly dancers are married, but Serene is one of the few who will admit it.
All I want is a picture -- with a few lines.
These cases in which light is already visible at the other end of the tunnel are ones which over the next few years will absorb the bulk of our capital assistance.
Whether there were too few automobiles in 1940 or too many now is problematical.
Whenever there is a thaw or a few sunny days, you'll be likely to find a brave little blossom or two.
Many people think that pansies last only a few weeks, then their period of growth and bloom is over.
however, he will have a clearer understanding of what he is doing and the chances are he will be more successful if he understands the few formulas that apply to rodding.
For decades it was the most popular dish served in the Ladies' Grill at breakfast, and it is one of the few old Palace dishes that still survive.

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