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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 727
from Brown Corpus
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is and principal
The principal defender of this view of primary experience as `` causal efficacy '' is Alfred North Whitehead.
but his principal theme is that the intrigues of the Tories, `` our Popish or Jacobite Party '', pose an immediate threat to Church and State.
But when the situation was so complicated that even Nogaret, one of the principal actors in the drama, could misinterpret the pope's motives, it is possible that Othon and his companions, equally baffled, attributed their difficulties to a more immediate cause.
We submit that this is a most desirable effect of the law -- and one of its principal aims.
A primary function is the operation of a Government Bid Center, which receives bids daily from the Federal Government's principal purchasing agencies.
Subject to the limitations hereinafter provided, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to pay, as prescribed by Section 8 of this Title, an amount not exceeding the principal of each award, plus accrued interests on such awards as bear interest, certified pursuant to Section 5 of this Title, in accordance with the award.
The Strategic Air Command is the principal element of our long-range nuclear capability.
If your principal place of abode for the tax year is outside the United States ( including Alaska and Hawaii ), Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands and you have no legal residence or principal place of business in any Internal Revenue district in the United States, you should file your return with the Office of International Operations, Internal Revenue Service, Washington 25, D.C..
But in such an important question, we would be satisfied if the judgment were that the principal objection to the identity of forces which produce electricity and magnetism were only a difficulty, and not a thing which is contrary to it.
There are three principal feed bunk types for dairy and beef cattle: ( 1 ) Fence-line bunks -- cattle eat from one side while feed is put in from the opposite side of the fence by self-unloading wagons ; ;
This is a pilot operation sponsored by a new entity chartered in Delaware as the Tri-State Pipeline Corporation, with principal offices in New York State.
Miller ( '50 ) is the principal antagonist of this viewpoint.
Emotional maturity is the result of many factors, the principal ones being the experiences of the first few years of the child's life.
Perhaps one way to sharpen our sense of the modernity of Utopian communism is to contrast it with the principal earlier types of communistic theory.
-- One of the principal aims of anionic polymerization techniques is the synthesis of polymers of extremely narrow molecular weight distribution.
If it is owned, taxes must be paid, and if the place is not free of mortgage, there will be interest and payments on the principal to take care of.
The role of an earthquake in starting the destruction of whole cities is tremendously frightening, but fire may actually be the principal agent in a particular disaster.
In general, friendly contact with a member followed by contact with a clergyman will account for a major share of recruitment by the churches, making it quite evident that the extension of economic integration through co-optation is the principal form of mission in the contemporary church ; ;
The new school superintendent is Harry Davis, a veteran agriculture teacher, who defeated Felix Bush, a school principal and chairman of the Miller County Democratic Executive Committee.
The principal of the school announced that -- despite the help of private tutors in Hollywood and Philadelphia -- Fabian is a 10-o'clock scholar in English and mathematics.
While it must be said that these same Protestants have built some new churches during this period, and that religious population shifts have emptied churches, a principal reason for this phenomenon of redundancy is that fewer Protestants are going to church.
However, my principal objection in this sort of novel is to the hackneyed treatment of race-drivers, pilots, submariners, atomic researchers, and all the machine-masters of our age as brooding mystics or hysterical fatalists.

is and point
In point of fact, this is a beige box with a bright red door, about one and a half feet square and hung from the wall about six feet from the door to Wisman's right.
A point like p gets information directly from n, but all information beyond n is indirectly relayed through n.
What I want to point out here is that all of them are ex-liberals, or modified liberals, with perhaps one exception.
Indeed, it is probable that this point is reached the moment the third level of change begins.
At that point we reach the `` closed '' historical situation: the situation in which man is no longer free to return to a status quo ante.
With regard to the change we are examining, the question is, at what point does the change become irreversible??
Such a response, of course, misses the point that in crisis order is going out of existence.
The point is that the reactionary, for whatever motive, perceives himself to have been part or a partner of something that extended beyond himself, something which, consequently, he was not able to accept or reject on the basis of subjective preference.
The maturity in this point of view lies in its recognition that no basic problem is ever solved without being clearly understood.
But that one should superimpose all these charts, run a pin through the common point, and then scale each planetary deferent larger and smaller ( to keep the epicycles from ' bumping ' ), this is contrary to any intention Ptolemy ever expresses.
His point is simply that the Tories have showered him with personal satire, despite the fact that as a private subject he has a right to speak on political matters without affronting the prerogative of the Sovereign.
One, a reservation on the point I have just made, is the phenomenon of pseudo-thinking, pseudo-feeling, and pseudo-willing, which Fromm discussed in The Escape From Freedom.
At this point a working definition of idea is in order, although our first definition will have to be qualified somewhat as we proceed.
Some historians have found his point of view not to their taste, others have complained that he makes the Tory tradition appear `` contemptible rather than intelligible '', while a sympathetic critic has remarked that the `` intricate interplay of social dynamics and political activity of which, at times, politicians are the ignorant marionettes is not a field for the exercise of his talents ''.
The other is that the charge for cabanas and parasols, though modest from an American point of view, still is a little high for many Athenians.
And there is one other point in the Poetics that invites moral evaluation: Aristotle's notion that the distinctive function of tragedy is to purge one's emotions by arousing pity and fear.
The point is that an ethical critic, with an assist from Freud, can seize on this theory to argue that tragedy provides us with a harmless outlet for our hostile urges.
Everyone is more or less sceptical and virtually no one has been willing to accept Lappenberg or Kemble's position on that point.
That is, there was no trace of Anglo-Saxons in Britain as early as the late third century, to which time the archaeological evidence for the erection of the Saxon Shore forts was beginning to point.
It is the triumph of rationalism and secular metaphysics which marks the point of no return.
What is wrong with advertising is not only that it is an `` outrage, an assault on people's mental privacy '' or that it is a major cause for a wasteful economy of abundance or that it contains a coercive tendency ( which is closer to the point ).

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