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from Brown Corpus
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is and stage
It is said that, even at the present stage of Southern urbanization, such a city as Atlanta is not distinctly unlike Columbus or Trenton.
The answers derived by these means may determine not only the temporal organization of the dance but also its spatial design, special slips designating the location on the stage where the movement is to be performed.
That this abandonment takes place on a stage, during an ' artistic ' performance, is enough to associate Jacoby with art, and to bring down upon him the punishment for art ; ;
The American-Negro Suite is in a sense an extension of the Cotton Club songs in that it is a collection of Negro songs, not for a night club, but for the concert stage.
Criticism is as old as literary art and we can set the stage for our study of three moderns if we see how certain critics in the past have dealt with the ethical aspects of literature.
The tragic stage is a platform extending precariously between heaven and hell.
If they are to be commended for foresight in their planning, what then is the judgment of a town council that compounds this problem during the planning stage??
The soldiers themselves cannot stage a successful rebellion, it is assumed: but will their discontent spread to the officer class??
Everyone is ambivalent about his profession, if he has practised it long enough, but there were still moments when he loved the stage and all those unseen people out there, who might cheer you or boo you, but that was largely, though not entirely, up to you.
Sweet-sour sauce can be kept warm over a second hibachi or chafing dish while charcoal in broiler is reaching glowing coal stage.
Old Order, acted and atonally sung by Grunnfeu Arapacis, the lovely Serbantian import, then entered and delivered the well-known invocation to the god Phineoppus, whereupon the stage is quite unexpectedly visited by a company of wandering Gorshek priests, symbolizing Love, Lust, Prudence and General Motors, respectively.
The life history of the alkali bee is similar to that of Andrena, but the first activity of the adults does not take place until summer, and the individuals hibernate in the prepupal stage.
For four of the six ( the anaconda and the amethystine python cannot be included for lack of data ) there is also a correlation between size at maturity and maximum length, the boa constrictor being the smallest and the Indian python the next in size at the former stage.
Thus, although the agenda of external assistance in the economic sphere are cumulative, and many of the policies suggested for nations in the earlier stages remain relevant, the basic purpose of American economic policy during the later stages of development should be to assure that movement into a stage of self-sustaining growth is not prevented by lack of foreign exchange.
The first stage of translation after glossary lookup is structural analysis of the input text.
Although it is not possible to sunder old and new in this era, I shall consider in the present chapter primarily the first decades of the eighth century and shall interpret them as an apogee of the first stage of Greek civilization.
Still existing on a `` Northern Union '' telegraph form is a typical peremptory message from Peru grocer J. J. Hapgood to Burton and Graves' store in Manchester -- `` Get and send by stage four pounds best Porterhouse or serloin stake, for Mrs. Hapgood send six sweet oranges ''.
If one characteristic distinguishes Boris Godunov, it is the consistency with which every person on the stage -- including the chorus -- comes alive in the music.
So far these remarks, like most criticisms of Hardy, have tacitly assumed that his poetry is all of a piece, one solid mass of verse expressing a sensibility at a single stage of development.
It is felt that fiber-coupled double- ( and multi- ) stage image intensifiers will gain considerable importance in the future.
The luminous gain of a single stage with Af ( flux gain ) is, to a first approximation, given by the product of the photocathode sensitivity S ( amp / lumen ), the anode potential V ( volts ), and the phosphor conversion efficiency P ( lumen/watt ).

is and at
It is possible, although highly doubtful, that he killed none at all but merely let his reputation work for him by privately claiming every unsolved murder in the state.
Actually, only two men know what the formula is, Blake and '' -- He stopped and looked at Thor's body.
The artist looks at an ankle, a calf, a bosom and, in his mind's eye, the clothes drop away and he sees her as she really is.
Meredith was irritated when the Grafin knocked at his door and told him, `` She is a great beauty!!
`` That tub is going to explode all at once ''.
But there is no use causing him to worry at this time ''.
since Bourbon whiskey, though of Kentucky origin, is at least as much favored by liberals in the North as by conservatives in the South.
This is puzzling to an outsider conscious of the classic tradition of liberalism, because it is clear that these Democrats who are left-of-center are at opposite poles from the liberal Jefferson, who held that the best government was the least government.
A third, one of at least equal and perhaps even greater importance, is now being traversed: American immersion and involvement in world affairs.
It is one of the ironic quirks of history that the viability and usefulness of nationalism and the territorial state are rapidly dissipating at precisely the time that the nation-state attained its highest number ( approximately 100 ).
Already accidental war is a silent guest at the discussions within the Kennedy Administration about the urgency of disarmament and nearly all other questions of national security.
They include the Navy's Atlantic Command at Norfolk, Virginia, which is in contact with the Polaris subs ; ;
Others are confined to vast reservations, and not only does the Australian government justifiably not wish them to be viewed as exhibits in a zoo, but on their reservations they are extremely fugitive, shunning camps, coming together only for corroborees at which their strange culture comes to its highest pitch -- which is very low indeed.
Idje, here '', and he nodded at the man, `` is said to have great odor.
Nowhere in Isfahan is this rich aesthetic life of the Persians shown so well as during the promenade at the Khaju bridge.
Here, on the hottest day, it is cool beneath the stone and fresh from the water flowing in the sluices at the bottom of the vaults.
And it is expressed, at least to their taste, in a perfect form.
That, at any rate, is what happens at the Khaju bridge.
We are desperately in the need of such invention, for man is still very much at the mercy of man.
That, I thought, is at least one thing I can find out when we meet.
But it is different at Chartres.

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