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journal and lists
* Radiocarbon-The main international journal of record for research articles and date lists relevant to 14C
In a 2004 journal article Economist Alex Tabarrok argues that allowing organ sales, and elimination of organ donor lists will increase supply, lower costs and diminish social anxiety towards organ markets.
Content Mentioned: Bibliographic databases, Online Catalogs, current issues of favorite journals, new acquisitions, indexes to journal literature, references from scholarly publications, lists of readings, classroom presentations, lesson plans, " valuable materials ", articles, textbooks
# Finally, a " References " or " Literature Cited " section lists the sources cited by the authors in the format required by the journal.
Papers are indexed within the database by their bibliographic record, containing the details of the journal they were published in and various associated metadata, such as author lists, references and citations.
The oil and gas journal annual survey of worldwide refining capacities for January 2007 lists many countries with no alkylation plants at their refineries.
Continuing Education Opportunities for Physicians is a semianual journal section providing lists for regional or national levels of continuing medical education ( CME ).
The Dutch list differs in detail from particular lists of ships from late September 1652 from Witte de With's journal and other archival sources.
) Last, journal ranking lists constructed based on the impact factor only moderately correlate with journal ranking lists based on the results of an expert survey.
Among other publications, it produces The Buddhist Directory, a reference book which lists the vast majority of Buddhist groups, centres and other related organisations in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and The Middle Way, a quarterly journal.
Their website lists peer-reviewed journal publications based on research conducted in their laboratories.
He envisioned his new literary journal in the genteel tradition of its predecessor, containing book reviews, articles about current trends in the sciences and humanities, and politics, as well as long lists of current book titles.
After Goldman and Berkman continued to advocate against conscription, Goldman's offices at Mother Earth were thoroughly searched, and volumes of files and detailed subscription lists from Mother Earth, along with Berkman's journal The Blast, were seized.
They have established a weekly radio show every weekend which is broadcast over the Internet only, as well as a quarterly scholarly journal, and a variety of mailing lists.
The lists are published in BPjM-Aktuell, a quarterly journal which costs € 11 per issue.

journal and transactions
* A journal is a book or computer file in which monetary transactions are entered the first time they are processed.
* Biochemical Society Transactions, the transactions journal of the Biochemical Society
Prior to the start of the journal, NAS published three volumes of organizational transactions, consisting mostly of minutes of meetings and annual reports.
* Journaled -- All file system transactions are first written to a journal before they are executed.

journal and chronological
* Web log, Web's log, Weblog, ' blog, or blog, a reverse chronological online journal
In 1922 the society's principal journal, The Watchtower, described its chronology as " no stronger than its weakest link ", but also claimed the chronological relationships to be " of divine origin and divinely corroborated ... in a class by itself, absolutely and unqualifiedly correct " and " indisputable facts ", while repudiation of Russell's teachings was described as " equivalent to a repudiation of the Lord ".

journal and sequence
This sequence was published in the first issue of the journal Nature Genetics in 1992 in work that is highly cited.
In May 2010, Pääbo and his colleagues published a draft sequence of the Neanderthal genome in the journal Science.
By November chapters I. 2 through I. 8 had all been published in the journal, in their correct sequence, under the title " Continuation of a Work in Progress ".
A draft sequence of the Trichomonas genome was published on January 12, 2007 in the journal Science confirming that the genome has at least 26, 000 genes, a similar number to the human genome.
Two groups published identical findings back-to-back in the journal Neuron in mid 2011, showing that a hexanucleotide repeat expansion of the GGGGCC genetic sequence within an intron of this gene was responsible.

journal and by
For hundreds of years, the evidence available consisted of ( 1 ) the captain's fragmentary journal, ( 2 ) a highly prejudiced account by one of the survivors, ( 3 ) a note found in a dead man's desk on board, and ( 4 ) several second-hand reports.
* Applied Physics Letters, journal published by American Institute of Physics
The main scholarly outlet has been the journal Annales d ' Histoire Economique et Sociale (" Annals of economic and social history "), founded in 1929 by Lucien Febvre and Marc Bloch, which broke radically with traditional historiography by insisting on the importance of taking all levels of society into consideration and emphasized the collective nature of mentalities.
The scope of topics covered by the journal is vast and experimental — there is a search for total history and new approaches.
Abby May wrote in her journal on January 17, 1843, " A day of some excitement, as Mr. Alcott refused to pay his town tax ... After waiting some time to be committed jail, he was told it was paid by a friend.
He recorded in his journal: " Fair figures one by one are fading from sight.
The term antibiotic was first used in 1942 by Selman Waksman and his collaborators in journal articles to describe any substance produced by a microorganism that is antagonistic to the growth of other microorganisms in high dilution.
In 2001, an article by four doctors in Kidney International, the official journal of the International Society of Nephrology, noted that although to date there had been no controlled studies performed in patients with autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease with refractory pain, their personal observation in isolated cases indicated that the Alexander Technique helped relieve patients ' pain, particularly when accompanied with whirlpool treatments and massage therapy.
Relatively little of his work after 1960 was published by the conventional route of the learned journal, circulating initially in duplicated volumes of seminar notes ; his influence was to a considerable extent personal.
The Troth, currently headed by Victoria Clare, publishes the " Idunna " journal.
How best to define the term “ art ” is a subject of constant contention ; many books and journal articles have been published arguing over even the basics of what we mean by the term “ art ”.
He encouraged technical investigation, and was Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the first technical journal, Technical Studies, in the Field of the Fine Arts, published by the Fogg from 1932 to 1942.
The American Bar Association's official journal concerning administrative law is the Administrative Law Review, a quarterly publication that is managed and edited by students at the Washington College of Law.
) is a bimonthly mathematical journal published by Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study.
The journal began as The Analyst in 1874 and was established and edited by Joel E. Hendricks.
This incarnation of the journal ceased publication after its tenth year, in 1883, giving as an explanation Hendricks ' declining health, but Hendricks made arrangements to have it taken over by new management, and it was continued from March 1884 as the Annals of Mathematics.
The new incarnation of the journal was edited by Ormond Stone ( University of Virginia ).
) by Keidō Matsushita, published in volume 5 of the journal Shōnai Minzoku (, Shōnai Folk Customs ) on June 15, 1957 ).
* Ivan, one of the protagonists of the historical novel by the Cuban writer Leonardo Padura Fuentes, El hombre que amaba a los perros ( The Man Who Loved Dogs ), is the editor of a university journal of veterinary medicine, who manages to make a living during the Special Period in Cuba by helping people take care of their dogs.
Lionel Curtis, writing in the imperialist journal The Round Table, wrote: " If the British Commonwealth can only be preserved by such means, it would become a negation of the principle for which it has stood ".
Neither the experiment, as described in the paper, nor the paper itself have been validated by any other well-known scientific or medical journal.
* Commentary ( magazine ), a US public affairs journal, founded in 1945 and formerly published by the American Jewish Committee

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