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led and invitation
The May 1958 seizure of power in Algiers by French army units and French settlers opposed to concessions in the face of Arab nationalist insurrection led to the fall of the French government and a presidential invitation to de Gaulle to form an emergency government to forestall the threat of civil war.
This article led to an invitation by the Count and Countess Brockdorff to speak to a gathering of Theosophists on the subject of Nietzsche.
In 1922, Steiner brought these ideas to Oxford at the invitation of Professor Millicent Mackenzie and the Oxford Conference led to the founding of Waldorf schools in Britain.
This led to an invitation to return the following year with ballet as well as opera, and thus to the launching of his famous Ballets Russes.
His discovery was significant because it led to the invitation for him to tell his story as a Barbary captive, which later was published as The Narrative of Robert Adams.
While in Japan, Deming's expertise in quality control techniques, combined with his involvement in Japanese society, led to his receiving an invitation from the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers ( JUSE ).
The success of The City of Lost Children led to an invitation to direct the fourth movie in the Alien series – Alien Resurrection ( 1997 ).
During the 1930s he made a visit to Cairo and several visits to Ankara where ( at the invitation of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk ) he led the task of reorganizing Turkish music education and the early efforts for the establishment of Turkish State Opera and Ballet.
Dave Navarro and the Red Hot Chili Peppers's Flea joined Porno for Pyros to record " Hard Charger " in 1997 for Howard Stern's movie, Private Parts soundtrack which led to a brief Jane's Addiction Relapse tour with Flea replacing Avery as bassist, after he declined an invitation to rejoin the band.
In 1653 a peace invitation was extended by the Onondaga Nation to New France and an expedition of Jesuits, led by Simon Le Moyne, established Sainte Marie de Ganentaa in 1656.
This led to an invitation for Wertham to address the New York Comic Art Convention.
That speech led the Begin government to declare that, if Israel thought that Sadat would accept an invitation, Israel would invite him.
His previous creatine and creatinine work led to an invitation to join Otto Meyerhof ’ s laboratory at the Kaiser Wilhelm
An invitation to submit an article to the Missouri Ruralist in 1911 led to a permanent position as a columnist and editor with that publication — a position she held until the mid-1920s.
Luckily, a successful exhibition led to an invitation from a director at the Chicago Art Institute, offering to arrange for Roerich's art to tour the United States.
Between 1471-75, as a pupil ( real or supposed ) of the astronomer Regiomontanus ( Johannes Müller von Königsberg of Königsberg in Franconia ), who died in 1476, he became linked to cosmography and cartography, resulting in an invitation from King John to a council on navigation in 1483, led by Abraham Zacuto.
A more appealing invitation led to his accompanying Lord Mountstuart in his travels through Italy and thence to England, where Mallet was presented at court and commissioned to write the history of the house of Brunswick.
His success in radio led to an invitation from Universal-International Pictures to write screenplays.
Ken Livingstone's invitation of Yusuf al-Qaradawi to address a conference on the wearing of the hijab led to a four year rift between Livingstone and Tatchell, who described Qaradawi as " rightwing, misogynist, anti-semitic and homophobic " and as someone who claimed to have liberal positions in order to deceive Western politicians.
His literary criticism brought him into contact with Augustin Sainte-Beuve, for whom he obtained an invitation to lecture at Lausanne, which led to his famous work on Port-Royal.
This prior experience and personal relationship led to the invitation to join Megadeth for the 1990 recording Rust in Peace.
In 211, Liu Bei led an expedition force to Yi Province on the invitation of the governor Liu Zhang, leaving behind Zhuge Liang, Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei to guard Jing Province.
Brisbane's keen interest in science led him to accept the invitation to become the first President of the Philosophical Society of Australasia which later became the Royal Society of New South Wales, the oldest learned institution in the Southern Hemisphere.
Beaufort's enquiries led to an invitation to Charles Darwin, who later drew on his discoveries in formulating the theory of evolution he presented in his book The Origin of Species.
The article also belied many impressions the film gave of Van Doren: it portrayed him as a bachelor when he was actually engaged ; it suggested he had a fascination with the burgeoning, popular television quiz shows when in fact he did not even own a television set ; that the only reason he became even mildly acquainted with Twenty-One was because co-producer Al Freedman shared a mutual acquaintance with one of Van Doren's friends ; and, that he had been offered his job with The Today Show promptly after losing to Vivien Nearing when, in fact, NBC was not sure at first what to do with him, until he did work for Dave Garroway's Sunday afternoon cultural show, Wide Wide World, which then led to the invitation to join Today.

led and perform
The growing threat of biowarfare agents and bioterrorism has led to the development of specific field tools that perform on-the-spot analysis and identification of encountered suspect materials.
He enjoyed jamming with fellow studio musicians which led to them being asked to perform at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1960.
At La Martinique, playwright Moss Hart saw Danny perform, which led to Hart casting him in Hart's hit Broadway comedy Lady in the Dark.
Although he was wrong in this hypothesis, his arguments led him and others to perform some of the experiments which proved chemical synaptic transmission.
Hitler believed that British policy was based upon securing Soviet support for Poland, which led him to perform a diplomatic U-turn and support Ribbentrop's policy of rapprochement with the Soviet Union as the best way of ensuring a local war.
This conference marked the beginning of a worldwide effort to perform research in this field, which soon led to the development of practical applications for these unique materials.
This led his colleague George H. Heilmeier to perform research on a liquid crystal-based flat panel display to replace the cathode ray vacuum tube used in televisions.
The techniques of polystylism and polytempo music have recently led a few composers to write music where multiple orchestras perform simultaneously.
As most home users only perform a small number of transactions each week, the single use issue has not led to intolerable customer dissatisfaction in this case.
The growing threat of biowarfare agents and bioterrorism has led to the development of specific field tools that perform on-the-spot analysis and identification of encountered suspect materials.
Between 1955-59 EOKA was created by Greek Cypriots and led by George Grivas to perform enosis ( union of the island with Greece ).
Lane died in 2007 but his group continues to perform, led by bandleader Lenny Longo, who has no direct Bill Haley connection.
The video's release led many people to buy the then-new VCR in order to watch and perform the workout at home.
Sword dancers appear, led by Harry, and they perform an elaborate dance over their weapons.
The days when the mundus was open are identified in the oldest Roman calendar as C ( omitiales ) ( days when the Comitia met ) but by later authors as dies religiosus, when it would be irreligious to perform any official work: this apparent contradiction has led to the suggestion that the whole mundus ritual was not contemporary with Rome's early calendar or early Cerean cult, but was a later Greek import.
His sharp, and albeit often rude, quick wit has led him in some storylines to working part-time as a stand-up ( often insult ) comedian at a Riverdale comedy club, and hopes to perform professionally someday.
In 1965 he spent time in Vienna to perform and record his Euro Suite with a jazz-classical fusion orchestra led by Friedrich Gulda.
In 1970, Soft Machine's appearance led to press attention and comment as the first " pop " band to perform there.
* Cleveland television station WEWS-TV launches Polka Varieties, a regular Sunday-afternoon, hour-long program devoted to polka music ; Frank Yankovic led the original band to perform on the show.
His success led Alexander Pope, who saw him perform three times during this period, to surmise, " that young man never had his equal as an actor, and he will never have a rival.
Once a girl was chosen to be a Vestal, the pontifex pointed to her and led her away from her parents with the words, " I take you, Amata, to be a Vestal priestess, who will carry out sacred rites which it is the law for a Vestal priestess to perform on behalf of the Roman people, on the same terms as her who was a Vestal ' on the best terms '" ( thus, with all the entitlements of a Vestal ).
The success of " Tonight's the Night " led to the girls being booked to perform with several major artists, such as Etta James and Little Richard, and facilitated Scepter's move to a larger office.
The current group, still led by Butler and Boone, continues to perform.
A rave review from New York columnist Walter Winchell, who saw them perform in Atlantic City, New Jersey led to a booking at the Palace Theatre in New York City, the pinnacle of the vaudeville world.
Community theatres range in size from small groups led by single individuals that perform in borrowed spaces to large permanent companies with well-equipped facilities of their own.

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