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line-up and released
The early Bangles line-up of Susanna Hoffs ( vocals / guitars ), Vicki Peterson ( guitars / vocals ), Debbi Peterson ( vocals / drums ) and Annette Zilinskas ( vocals / bass ) recorded an EP in 1982, and released the single " The Real World ".
This line-up, later briefly going out under the name " Odyssey ", released a single in 1974 titled " Who ", but that was Vangelis ' last involvement with them.
1 ), Steve Jolliffe ( wind instruments and vocals on Cyclone and the following tour ; he was also part of a short-lived 1969 line-up ), Ralf Wadephul ( in collaboration with Edgar Froese recorded album Blue Dawn, but it was released only in 2006 ; also credited for one track on Optical Race ( 1988 ) and toured with the band in support of this album ), and Linda Spa ( saxophonist who appeared on numerous albums and concerts between 1990 and 1996, as well as 2005 onwards ).
The first album with this line-up was Aqua, released in June 1992.
An all acoustic album, Live at the Town & Country Club, was recorded by the group in September 1997 ( and released in 1999 ) that featured a line-up of Downes, Payne, Ibrahim, and drummer Bob Richards.
In 1985, the new line-up of Smith, Tolhurst, Gallup, Thompson, and Williams released The Head on the Door, an album that managed to bind together the optimistic and pessimistic aspects of the band's music between which they had previously shifted.
This line-up released the 1985 LP Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti.
With this new line-up, Fontanelle was recorded in Cannon Falls, Minnesota and released in 1992, selling around 200, 000 copies in the United States alone.
On October 11, 2011, Goomba Music released Worship the Animal, which is a newly titled version of Nile's demo, which the band's original line-up recorded in 1994.
Richard Sinclair ( previously in Caravan ) replaced Ferguson and this line-up released Rain Dances ( 1977 ) and Breathless ( 1978 ).
In January 1967, Johnson and Winding were in an all-star line-up ( alongside the likes of Clark Terry, Charlie Shavers and Joe Newman ) backing Sarah Vaughan on her last-ever sessions for Mercury Records, released as the album Sassy Swings Again, with three of the cuts, including Billy Strayhorn's " Take the " A " Train ", being arranged by Johnson himself.
In 1972, this new line-up released the politically charged double album America Eats Its Young.
By that time, a regular line-up had been established, and Gong released their Flying Teapot album in May 1973.
This line-up then released new album 2032 in 2009 and toured in support.
This single version was also included in the original line-up of the proposed Get Back album that was scheduled to be released during the fall of 1969.
The band, now with the original line-up in place, recorded and released their third studio album SCHEMAtic.
It was the first game to be released under the Sega Ages line-up.
That line-up released the highly successful and classic Heaven and Hell album in 1980, which revitalized the band's career.
This line-up released two more albums, Drive On ( 1975 ) and Shouting and Pointing ( 1976 ), both of which sold poorly.
The new line-up released two albums on Irving Azoff's Full Moon label, distributed by Warner Bros. Records.
The new line-up released one album, Edge of the Century, featuring the Dennis DeYoung ballad " Show Me the Way ", which received an additional boost just prior to the first Persian Gulf War.
After overcoming some line-up changes, Waylander signed with Blackend Records and released their The Light, the Dark and the Endless Knot album in early 2001.
With the line-up of Muir, Louiche Mayorga, George, and Herrera, the band released their second album, Join the Army, in 1987 ( see 1987 in music ).
This proved to be a short hiatus as, two years later, Mogg assembled a new UFO line-up, featuring Paul Gray on bass again and Atomic Tommy M on guitar and released Misdemeanor.

line-up and two
The classic line-up of the band includes two sets of brothers, the Mothersbaughs ( Mark and Bob ) and the Casales ( Gerald and Bob ), along with Alan Myers.
In November 2011 it was announced they would be playing two shows in 2012 that will feature the original line-up as well as the classic line-up of the band reunited for the first time in many years ; these shows will take place on 25 May 2012 in Manchester at the O2 Apollo and on 26 May in Brixton at the O2 Academy.
In November 1995, Wakeman and Howe returned to the line-up and performed on two new tracks, " Be the One " and " That, That Is ".
After finally deciding on " Arabicus Pulp ", a fixed line-up was then established: Cocker, Dalton and two friends of theirs, David Lockwood and Mark Swift.
This line-up recorded two more albums ; 1987's Oh My Gawd !!!
Working with producer Teo Macero on his debut for the label, the sessions in the first week of November had a stable line-up that had been with him for two years: tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse ( who worked with Monk from 1959 to 1970 ), bassist John Ore, and drummer Frankie Dunlop.
In 2011 the band headlined and curated the line-up for two All Tomorrow's Parties music festivals entitled I'll Be Your Mirror.
Spot had already recorded many of the Damaged tracks with Dez Cadena on vocals ( as well as Keith Morris and Ron Reyes ) and felt that the band's sound was ruined with the two guitar line-up ( these versions can be heard on the albums Everything Went Black and The First Four Years ).
With both Smyth, who wanted to spend more time with her two children, and synth player Tim Blake having jumped off in previous months, this marked the end of the ' classic ' line-up.
Peter Milligan, who began his career at 2000 AD, before working briefly for both Pacific Comics and Eclipse Comics, contributed two titles ( one quarter of the initial line-up ; the same as Gaiman ) to the Vertigo launch.
Formed in April 1966, Buffalo Springfield was plagued by infighting, drug-related arrests, and line-up changes that led to the group's disbanding after just two years.
Blood, Sweat & Tears continues its heavy touring schedule throughout the world with its current line-up of members, some of whom have been with the band previously during the past two decades.
The presence of sportier models in the Renault line-up would give the French automaker a better opportunity to capitalize on its Formula One prowess, having won two back-to-back world championships with Fernando Alonso, translating these efforts to its production cars is a moot point because Renault ’ s lineup is lacking in the sports car department.
The tour was completed successfully, but the line-up now contained two temporary members, and Lynott was spending a lot of time on projects outside Thin Lizzy, including composing and producing material for other bands, as well as putting together his first solo album, " Solo in Soho ".
This new line-up completed the Chinatown album between short tours, and two singles were released from it.
After recording two non-charting singles, drummer Terry Draper was added to the line-up ; this trio would comprise Klaatu throughout the rest of the band's recording career.
Formed by John Parish in 1983, the band consisted of a rotating line-up that at various times included Rob Ellis and Ian Olliver, two later members of the PJ Harvey Trio.
In September 1977, McCluskey and Humphreys put together the seven-piece ( three singers, two guitarists, bassist, drummer, and keyboard player ) Wirral ' supergroup ' The Id, whose line-up included drummer Malcolm Holmes and McCluskey's girlfriend Julia Kneale on vocals.
This line-up debuted at the 1985 Rock in Rio festival, playing two shows, but Carlisle and Caffey soon realized their hearts were no longer in the group and decided to disband the Go-Go's in May 1985.
This was the line-up that was to continue until October 1964, recording the group's three charting singles-" Everything's Al ' right " (# 9 ), " Why Not Tonight " (# 25 ) and " Seven Daffodils " (# 30 )-as well as two further singles and an EP.

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