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may and be
`` The accommodations may not be the poshest, but man!!
The race problem has tended to obscure other, less emotional, issues which may fundamentally be even more divisive.
Accounts have been published of Northern liberals in the South up against segregationist prejudice, especially in state-supported universities where pressure may be strong to uphold the majority view.
Nevertheless, it may be helpful to cite one example -- that of employment -- for, as will be shown below, it cuts across both facets of the new concept.
A measure of its widespread acceptance may be derived from a statement of the International Congress of Jurists in 1959.
Recognizing that the Rule of Law is `` a dynamic concept which should be employed not only to safeguard the civil and political rights of the individual in a free society '', the Congress asserted that it also included the responsibility `` to establish social, economic, educational and cultural conditions under which his legitimate aspirations and dignity may be realized ''.
What these fragments are and how they activate the go order may not be revealed.
An example of the changes which have crept over the Southern region may be seen in the Southern Negro's quest for a position in the white-dominated society, a problem that has been reflected in regional fiction especially since 1865.
While there may still be many Faulknerian Lucas Beauchamps scattered through the rural South, such men appear to be a vanishing breed.
or it may involve more subtle distinctions: the sway may be gradually minimized or enlarged, its rhythmic emphasis may be slightly modified, or it may be transferred to become a movement of only the arms or the head.
The approach to the depiction of the experience of creation may be analytic, as it is for Miss Litz, or spontaneous, as it is for Merle Marsicano.

may and case
The American liberal may, in the world of to-day, have a strong case ; ;
It may establish the relation of the figure of the dancer to light and color, in which case changes in the light or color will set off a kaleidescope of visual designs.
There may be a case of this sort, but it is not one we wish to argue, here.
And in any case, answers may clarify but they do not change anything.
In connection with any claim decided by the Commission pursuant to this Title in which an award is made, the Commission may, upon the written request of the claimant or any attorney heretofore or hereafter employed by such claimant, determine and apportion the just and reasonable attorney's fees for services rendered with respect to such claim, but the total amount of the fees so determined in any case shall not exceed 10 per centum of the total amount paid pursuant to the award.
in the case of any assignment of an award, or any part thereof, which is made in writing and duly acknowledged and filed, after such award is certified to the Secretary of the Treasury, payment may, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, be made to the assignee, as his interest may appear.
Whenever the Secretary of the Treasury, or the Comptroller General of the United States, as the case may be, shall find that any person is entitled to any such payment, after such payment shall have been received by such person, it shall be an absolute bar to recovery by any other person against the United States, its officers, agents, or employees with respect to such payment.
All payments authorized under Section 7 of this Title shall be disbursed from the proper fund, as the case may be, and all amounts covered into the Treasury to the credit of the aforesaid funds are hereby permanently appropriated for the making of the payments authorized by Section 7 of this Title.
Position may not be everything, but in the case of a pool it can certainly contribute difficulties, social and/or physical.
Westinghouse has a similar system, with two classifications representing various levels of competence on the strictly technical side: consulting engineer or scientist, as the case may be, and advisory engineer or scientist.
Such classifications may be called `` somewhat advanced '' or `` somewhat delayed '', as the case may be, reserving `` moderate '' for dots upon or close to the mean.
Another case may be given in illustration of a successful use of analysis, and also of the employment of a procedure for intensive analysis.
When this is the case, the appropriate section of this manual will indicate that `` Continuation Cards '' may be used.
Statistically this has represented a loss to the nation, although one must admit that in an individual case the decision in retrospect may have been a wise one.
We may now take up for consideration a hard case which seems to require either no action employing economic pressure or else action that would seem to violate the principles set forth above.
You may think we didn't need Nancy and Jean, but you always get what you can when you can, and we had no guarantee that a fingerprint record on them couldn't be useful before we were through with this case.
There was no directive for it -- the Security Council's resolution had not mentioned political matters, and in any case the United Nations by the terms of its charter may not interfere in the political affairs of any nation, whether to unify it, federalize it or Balkanize it.
Presumably, if the reverse is the case and the good effect is more certain than the evil result that may be forthcoming, not only must the good and the evil be prudentially weighed and found proportionate, but also calculation of the probabilities and of the degree of certainty or uncertainty in the good or evil effect must be taken into account.
The arithmetic mean may be misinterpreted as the median to imply that most values are higher or lower than is actually the case.
In tort, equity, or other civil matters either party to a previous case may file an appeal.
However, certain critical interlocutory court orders, such as the denial of a request for an interim injunction, or an order holding a person in contempt of court, can be appealed immediately although the case may otherwise not have been fully disposed of.
It may, in addition, send the case back (" remand " or " remit ") to the lower court for further proceedings to remedy the defect.
More rarely, a script may have separate letters for tones, as is the case for Hmong and Zhuang.

may and for
Something was beginning to stir and come alive in her, too ( it may have been there for a good while, since she was twenty now ; ;
-- liberal considers that the need for a national economy with controls that will assure his conception of social justice is so great that individual and local liberties as well as democratic processes may have to yield before it.
To a stranger their delight in these things may seem paradoxical, for Persians chase the golden calf as much as any people.
The sequence may involve a sharp contrast: for example, a quiet meditative sway of the body succeeded by a violent leap ; ;
If a work is divided into several large segments, a last-minute drawing of random numbers may determine the order of the segments for any particular performance.
When Heidegger and Sartre speak of a contrast between being and existence, they may be right, I don't know, but their language is too philosophical for me.
The part of the mind that preserves dates and events may remonstrate, `` It could have been like that for only a little while '' ; ;
And although these insights into the nature of art may be in themselves insufficient for a thoroughgoing philosophy of art, their peculiar authenticity in this day and age requires that they be taken seriously and gives promise that from their very substance, new and valid chapters in the philosophy of art may be written.
They may even enroll a colored student or two for show, though he usually turns out to be from Thailand, or any place other than the American South.
It may, however, be noted that his gift for color and imagery must have been greatly stimulated by his stay in Paris.
As a further characterization of the liberal conservative split we may observe that it involves differences in the formula for escaping inevitabilities in history.
The best gifts of the novelist will be wasted on the reader who is insulated against any surprises the novelist may have in store for him.
He and also Mr. Cowley and Mr. Warren have fallen to the temptation which besets many of us to read into our authors -- Nathaniel Hawthorne, for example, and Herman Melville -- protests against modernism, material progress, and science which are genuine protests of our own but may not have been theirs.
The fact that he has cast over those materials the light of a skeptical mind does not make him any the less Southern, I rather think, for the South has been no more solid than other regions except in the political and related areas where patronage and force and intimidation and fear may produce a surface uniformity.
It may be that in this comment he has broken from the conventional pattern more violently than in any other regard, for the treatment in his books is far removed from even the genial irony of Ellen Glasgow, who was the only important novelist before him to challenge the conventional picture of planter society.
One can see it as humiliating that an extra hormone casually fed into our chemistry may induce us to lay down our lives for a lover or a friend ; ;
I fled, however, not from what might have been the natural fear of being unable to disguise from you that the things about my bridegroom -- in the sense you meant the word `` things '' -- which you had been galvanizing yourself to tell me as a painful part of your maternal duty were things which I had already insisted upon finding out for myself ( despite, I may now say, the unspeakable awkwardness of making the discovery on principle, yes, on principle, and in cold blood ) because I was resolved, as a modern woman, not to be a mollycoddle waiting for Life but to seize Life by the throat.
There is a second feature of the influences of literature, good literature, on emotional life which may have some special value for our time.
If, as Reid says, `` nearly all his poetry was produced when he was not taking opium '', there may be some reason to doubt that he was under its influence in the period from 1896 to 1900 when he was writing the poems to Katie King and making plans for another book of verse.

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