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may and result
Just as now anyone may hurl insults at a citizen of Mars, or even of Tikopia, and no senatorial investigation will result.
The Space Merchants, like such humanist documents as Joseph Wood Krutch's The Measure Of Man and C. S. Lewis's The Abolition Of Man, considers what may result from the scientific study of human nature.
Their burgeoning popularity may be a result of the closing of the 52nd Street burlesque joints, but curiously enough their atmosphere is almost always familial -- neighborhood saloons with a bit of epidermis.
As with the penultimate Giselle release ( Wolff's abridgment for RCA Victor ) I find the cleaner, less razor-edged monophonic version, for all its lack of big-stage spaciousness, the more aurally tolerable -- but this may be the result of processing defects in my SD copies.
Working in a vacuum of minimal information can result only in show pieces that look good in exhibitions and catalogs and may please the public relations department but have little to do with the essence of interior design.
This result suggests a very high temperature at the solid surface of the planet, although there is the possibility that the observed radiation may be a combination of both thermal and non-thermal components and that the observed spectrum is that of a black body merely by coincidence.
In some instances a different clinical disease picture may result from this route of exposure, making diagnosis difficult.
Extreme caution should be used, however, to avoid the conflicting usage of an index word or electronic switch which may result from the assignment of more than one name or function to the same address.
When rapid quenching follows melting, impact glasses may result.
If the force required to remove the coatings is plotted against film thickness, a graph as illustrated schematically in Fig. 5 may characteristically result.
Tooth deformity may be the result of excessive thumb- or finger-sucking, tongue-thrusting, or lip-sucking -- but it's important to remember that there's a difference between normal and excessive sucking habits.
Bad alignment may result in early loss of teeth through a breakdown of the bony structure that supports their roots.
Erikson has noted that, unless this trust developed early, the time ambivalence experienced, in varying degree and temporarily, by all adolescents ( as a result of their remembering the more immediate gratification of wants during childhood, while not yet having fully accepted the long-range planning required by adulthood ) may develop into a more permanent sense of time diffusion.
Erikson has noted that, as this indecision mounts, it may result in a `` paralysis of workmanship ''.
The Kennedy hope is that, at the conference or through bilateral talks, the low-wage textile-producing countries in Asia and Europe will see that `` dumping '' practices cause friction all around and may result in import quotas.
Presumably, if the reverse is the case and the good effect is more certain than the evil result that may be forthcoming, not only must the good and the evil be prudentially weighed and found proportionate, but also calculation of the probabilities and of the degree of certainty or uncertainty in the good or evil effect must be taken into account.
and by deriving legitimate decision backward from whatever may conceivably or possibly or probably result, whether by anyone's doing or by accident, it finds itself driven to inaction, to non-political action in politics and non-military action in military affairs, and to the not very surprising discovery that there are now no distinctions on which the defense of justice can possibly be based.
The failure to formally object at the time, to what one views as improper action in the lower court, may result in the affirmance of the lower court's judgment on the grounds that one did not " preserve the issue for appeal " by objecting.
Studies show that AAC use does not impede the development of speech, and may even result in a modest increase in speech production.
Some jurisdictions hold this as an absolute right, and in its absence, a sentence may potentially be overturned, with the result that a new sentencing hearing must be held.
Because there is no canonical well-ordering of all sets, a construction that relies on a well-ordering may not produce a canonical result, even if a canonical result is desired ( as is often the case in category theory ).
Archipelagos are often volcanic, forming along island arcs generated by subduction zones or hotspots, but may also be the result of erosion, deposition and land elevation.
" You may ... fear that the chest pains are a deadly heart attack or that the shooting pains in your head are the result of a tumor or aneurysm.
" While chemical issues in the brain that result in anxiety ( especially resulting from genetics ) are well documented, this study highlights an additional environmental factor that may result from being raised by parents suffering from chronic anxiety.

may and player
A player may intend, for example, to create a character who is a strong, mighty warrior, but being " outplayed " in the auction may result in lower attribute scores than anticipated, therefore necessitating a change of character concept.
A willingness to spend as many points as possible on an attribute may improve your chances of a high ranking, but too reckless a spending strategy could leave a player with few points to spend on powers and objects.
After a player places a tile, and the results of that placement have been handled, he may purchase up to three shares of stock.
A player may only purchase shares of stock in chains that have already been founded.
A player may purchase shares in one, two, or three existing chains ( assuming at least three chains are currently in play ), in any combination up to a total of three shares.
Starting with the player who caused the merger to happen, each player may either sell his shares in the acquired chain, trade in two shares of the acquired chain for one share of the acquiring chain, or hold on to his shares of the acquired chain.
A player may trade in as many shares as he owns, but may not trade in one share of the acquired chain for half a share of the acquiring chain.
If a player holds onto his stock, he runs the risk that the acquired chain may not reemerge before the game ends.
That is, the rules do not say whether one player may ask another how many shares of stock he or she owns in a particular chain.
Any player may declare the game over at any time during his turn if either of two conditions is true: one chain has 41 or more tiles, or there is at least one chain on the board and every chain on the board has 11 or more tiles.
Because ending the game is optional, and a player may not realize that he can end it, it is unethical to say " good game ", or in any other way indicate that the game could be ended, until after a player actually has ended the game.
# No playable tiles-Per 2008 rules, a player that has no legal plays because all 6 tiles in his or her hand are unplayable may reveal his or her hand, set aside his or her unplayable tiles, and draw six new tiles at the beginning of his or her turn.
A player may be hampered by a few poor rolls of the dice in Risk or Monopoly, but over many games a good player will win more often.
Each player may control one or more game pieces.
In some games, pieces may not represent or belong to any particular player.
In more recent years, pure steals of home are rare, although a player may steal home plate during a " delayed double steal ," in which a runner on first attempts to steal second, while the runner on third breaks for home as soon as the catcher throws to second base.
A technical foul may also be issued when certain infractions occur, most commonly for unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of a player or coach.
A player may build up the handle with one or several grips before applying the final layer.
Players often find that sweat becomes a problem ; in this case, a drying agent may be applied to the grip or hands, sweatbands may be used, the player may choose another grip material or change his grip more frequently.

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