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might and put
Bad relations between England and Flanders brought hard times to the shepherds scattered over the dales and downs as well as to the crowded Flemish cities, and while the English, so far, had done no more than grumble, Othon had seen what the discontent might lead to, for before he left the Low Countries the citizens of Ghent had risen in protest against the expense of supporting Edward and his troops, and the regular soldiers had found it unexpectedly difficult to put down the nasty little riot that ensued.
We hoped that its practitioners and teachers might be put on some sort of reserve list and called back for refresher courses each year or so.
It might be called the `` public utility '' type because of the considerable use to which it has been put in gas and electric utility rate cases.
Here he put a small man, whose missing hands might have left his function doubtful, until comparison with the first sketches showed that when the artist came back to the beginning, this was to be the closing figure of the party of `` forty-niners '', and was to hold a basket.
A careful and orderly man, who values precision and a kind of tough intellectual responsibility, might easily be put off by such a book.
In the recent political campaign two charges were leveled affecting the question of power, and I think we might begin by trying to put them into proper focus.
Then on Monday morning -- or it might have to be Tuesday -- get up and leave just the usual time, and last thing, put the money in an envelope under the old woman's purse there in the drawer.
But a historian might put his finger on a specific man and date, and hold out the hope that the troubles will sometime pass away.
Changing his clothes, he put on his dark-blue flannel suit, and laid away the gray jacket with the feeling that he might be putting it aside for good.
In one such theory, put forward by Sir E. B. Tylor, early humans initially, through mere observation, recognized what might be called a soul, life-force, spirit, breath or animus within themselves ; that which was present in the body in life and absent in death.
When the work was finished, the river was turned back into its usual channel and the captives by whose hands the labor had been accomplished were put to death that none might learn their secret.
But once the bulk of the Macedonian army had retired, the states of Thessaly feared the return and vengeance of Alexander, and so sent for aid to Thebes, whose policy it was to put a check on any neighbor who might otherwise become too formidable.
Under this anything passed by the assembly or even proposed but not yet voted on, could be put on hold for review before a jury — which might annul it and perhaps punish the proposer as well.
The debate might be framed starkly as follows: on the one hand, we can hypothesise a poem put together from various tales concerning the hero ( the Grendel episode, the Grendel's mother story, and the firedrake narrative ).
Never mind that brute-force might require 2 < sup > 128 </ sup > encryptions ; an attack requiring 2 < sup > 110 </ sup > encryptions would be considered a break ... simply put, a break can just be a certificational weakness: evidence that the cipher does not perform as advertised.
Hence these words of David: In the morning I put to death all the wicked of the land, that I might cut off all the workers of iniquity from the city of the Lord.
It might seem natural to divide the sets into different classes: put all the sets containing one element together ; all the sets containing two elements together ; ...; finally, put together all infinite sets and consider them as having the same size.
The speculation that continents might have ' drifted ' was first put forward by Abraham Ortelius in 1596.
Audio and video encoded with many codecs might be put into an AVI container, although AVI is not an ISO standard.
The subsequent abolition of conscription in France in 2001 and the creation of an entirely professional army might be expected to put the legion's long-term future at risk but as of 2011 this has not been the case.
Among these were some surprisingly sophisticated principles, and a modern mathematician might be hard put to derive some of them without the use of calculus.
These damnati at least might put on a good show and retrieve some respect.
The archaeologist's natural death so long after the opening of the tomb, despite being the leader of the expedition, is the piece of evidence most commonly put forward by sceptics to refute the idea of a " curse of the pharaohs " plaguing the party that might have " violated " Tutankhamun's tomb.

might and Wright
In 1750 the English astronomer Thomas Wright, in his An original theory or new hypothesis of the Universe, speculated ( correctly ) that the galaxy might be a rotating body of a huge number of stars held together by gravitational forces, akin to the solar system but on a much larger scale.
In 1750 Thomas Wright, in his An original theory or new hypothesis of the Universe, speculated ( correctly ) that Milky Way was a flattened disk of stars, and that some of the nebulae visible in the night sky might be separate Milky Ways.
Wright also speculates that the CIA may have been protecting intelligence operations overseas, and might have been eying Mihdhar and Hazmi as recruitment targets to obtain intelligence on al-Qaeda, although the CIA was not authorized to operate in the United States and might have been leaving them for Saudi intelligence to recruit.
Africanist historian Donald R. Wright suggests that Senegambian place-names indicate " that the earliest inhabitants might be identified most closely with one of several related groups — Bainunk, Kasanga, Beafada ... To these were added Serer, who moved southward during the first millennium A. D. from the Senegal River valley, and Mande-speaking peoples, who arrived later still from the east.
In some discourses, Wright argued, the role of the truth predicate might be played by the notion of superassertibility.
The April 25, 1988 issue of The New Yorker carried an interview with retired Air Force Reserve Major General and former US Senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater, who said he repeatedly asked his friend General LeMay if he ( Goldwater ) might have access to the secret " Blue Room " at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, alleged by numerous Goldwater constituents to contain UFO evidence.
Meanwhile, as Asa Wright's health began to fail in her old age, her friends began to fear that after her death her neighboring estate of Spring Hill might be lost to developers, and established a trust to buy the estate and convert it into the Asa Wright nature center.
According to Louis B. Wright, He had prepared a handsome Register of Donations, in vellum, in which the name of every benefactor should be written down in a large and fair hand so all might read.
Wright has compared Islamic Jihad to the Black September wing of the Palestinian Fatah, serving the function of providing its controlling organization, in this case Hezbollah, with some distance and plausible deniability from acts that might provoke retaliation or other problems.
Because of this web of connections related to science, and the tensions it created which were so subtly illustrated by the art of the painter Joseph Wright of Derby ; Derby Museum and Art Gallery, far from being just a collection of fine paintings as the casual visitor might imagine, is significant for being in a place that some would see as having a very significant role in the birth of modern science and industry worldwide.
Wright alleges in Spycatcher that Gouzenko himself deduced later that his interviewer might have been a Soviet double agent and was probably afraid that he might recognise him from case photos that Gouzenko might have seen in KGB or GRU files, which would explain why Hollis was disguised.
Wright alleges in Spycatcher that Gouzenko, who had worked for the GRU, himself deduced later that his interviewer might have been a Soviet double agent, and was probably afraid that he might recognize him from case photos that Gouzenko might have seen in KGB or GRU files, hence the disguise.
While Wright believes that the goal of natural selection is increasing non-zero-sum gains, it is also clear that these gains might benefit everyone.
Wright acknowledges several of these criticisms within Nonzero itself and in turn responds with his purpose in writing the book — that by acknowledging options to reap non-zero-sum gains, societies might work to decrease zero-sum losses, like the loss of resources used in the pursuit of armed conflict.
" Wright then states in his endnote to the section, " a big question is whether boundaries of social class will be so easily crossed — or whether, on the other hand, differences of social class within a society might sharpen as people invest more of their energy in virtual communities consisting of like-minded people.
Allen v. Wright, 468 U. S. 737 ( 1984 ), was a United States Supreme Court case that determined that citizens do not have standing to sue a federal government agency based on the influence that the agency's determinations might have on third parties.
While " bisi Anaaph " is usually understood to mean " man of Anaaph ", Richard Pankhurst notes that the scholar Stephen Wright has argued the word bisi " might well be used in relation to the King's horse in the same way that Ethiopians of much later times used the word Aba.

might and such
A Virginia judge a while back cited a Roman jurist to the effect that ten years might be a reasonable length of time for such a change.
`` Preferably '', said Carl, `` one battered and worn, such as might be found in a pawnshop ''.
`` They straggle at such a rate '', he told the commander-in-chief, `` that if the enemy were enterprising, they might get two from us, when we would take one of them, which makes me wish General Howe would go on, lest any incident happen to us ''.
In his letter mentioning Shakespeare on January 24, 1597/8, Sturley asked Quiney especially that `` theare might ( be ) bi Sir Ed. Grev. some meanes made to the Knightes of the Parliament for an ease and discharge of such taxes and subsedies wherewith our towne is like to be charged, and I assure u I am in great feare and doubte bi no meanes hable to paie.
But if she were just having a normal case of pre-nuptial jitters such a question might frighten her out of a really good marriage.
On such occasions he had not had the courage to look at the face above the hand, whatever face it might be.
Thus, we might provide limited assistance in such fields as education, essential transport, communications, and agricultural improvement despite the absence of acceptable country programs.
A covered container such as a kitchen garbage pail might do as a toilet.
It occurred to me that you might be interested in some thoughts which I expressed privately in recent years, in the hope of clearing up a certain confusion in the public mind about what foreign policy is all about and what it means, and of developing a certain compassion for those who are carrying such responsibilities inside Government.
And lest anybody think that considerations such as these are not germane in a foundation report, let me enlighten them with the truths that, under Communism there would have been no capital with which to endow the Foundation, and that there would not be that individual freedom within which the Fellows might proceed, untrammeled in every way, toward their discoveries, their creative efforts for the good of mankind.
For instance, a site adjoining other publicly owned lands, such as a national forest or a public road, may be desirable, whereas a site next to an industrial plant might not.
One might have expected that such a violent epoch of transition would have destroyed the creative flair of a composer, especially one whose works were so fluent and spontaneous.
It is made up of tumbling, which might be said to start with a somersault, run through such stunts as headstands, handstands, cartwheels, backbends, and culminate in nearly impossible combinations of aerial flips and twists and apparatus work.
For example, the marked susceptibility of the monkey to respiratory infection might be related to its delicate, long alveolar ducts and short, large bronchioles situated within a parenchyma entirely lacking in protective supportive tissue barriers such as those found in types 1, and 3.
By permitting freshman students we might extend the opportunity for such a course to some individuals who otherwise might never get to take it.
While other conditions might be even more effective in bringing about a change from immobility to mobility in Kohnstamm reactivity, it is our hypothesis that all such conditions would have as a common factor the capacity to induce an attitude in the subject which enabled him to divorce himself temporarily from feelings of responsibility for his behavior.
Still, even in such languages tone analysis has not been as simple as one might expect.
Let us take a set of circumstances in which I happen to be interested on the legislative side and in which I think every one of us might naturally make such a statement.
And if he did stand on the margins of modernity, it was not in dying a martyr for such unity as Papal supremacy might be able to force on Western Christendom.
When I speculated on one such occasion that the new growth, like other mutations, might be unable to propagate, I was immediately accused of preaching racial prejudice.
One might use such findings to indicate the strength of informal primary associations in the factory, an interpretation which would run counter to Fromm's theory of alienation.
Ground meats such as fresh pork sausage and hamburger have a relatively short shelf life under refrigeration, and radiopasteurization might be thought to offer distinctly improved keeping qualities.

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