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mission and again
Greg's mission was the last to leave, and as he circled the ships off Tacloban he saw the clouds were dropping down again.
They met again in Padua in 1351, Boccaccio on an official mission to invite Petrarch to take a chair at the university in Florence.
He returned to work for the Florentine government in 1365, undertaking a mission to Pope Urban V. When the papacy returned to Rome from Avignon in 1367, Boccaccio was again sent to Urban, offering congratulations.
Jerusalem looked again towards the Byzantine Empire for help, and Emperor Manuel was looking for a way to restore his empire's prestige after his defeat at the Battle of Myriokephalon in 1176 ; this mission was undertaken by Raynald of Châtillon.
Monroe had been formally expelled from France on his last diplomatic mission, and the choice to send him again conveyed a sense of seriousness.
He followed that film with the hugely successful World War II epic The Dirty Dozen ( 1967 ) in which top-billed Marvin again portrayed an intrepid commander of a colorful group ( future stars John Cassavetes, Charles Bronson, Telly Savalas, Jim Brown, and Donald Sutherland ) performing an almost impossible mission.
Following the success of STS-121, all subsequent missions have been completed without major foam problems, and the construction of ISS nears completion ( during the STS-118 mission in August 2007, the orbiter was again struck by a foam fragment on liftoff, but this damage was minimal compared to the damage sustained by Columbia ).
Humanoid robots, especially with artificial intelligence algorithms, could be useful for future dangerous and / or distant space exploration missions, without having the need to turn back around again and return to Earth once the mission is completed.
Unless it is again reactivated for a new mission, it has enough propellant to be re-captured in the Earth system and potentially recovered.
One concept, known as the Titan Aerobot Multisite mission, involves a reversible-fluid balloon filled with argon that could descend from high altitude to the surface of the moon, perform measurements, and then rise again to high altitude to perform measurements and move to a different site.
Very soon our mission will once again be in the North Sea.
* Kee-too-way-how (‘ Sounding With Flying Wings ’, better known as Alexander Cayen dit Boudreau, Chief of the Parklands or Willow Cree at Muskeg Lake, born 1834 St. Boniface, Manitoba, son of Pierre Narcisse Cayen dit Boudreau and Adelaide Catherine Arcand (‘ Kaseweetin ’), though he was of Métis descent he became chief of the Willow Cree and the Métis, who were living with the Cree, brother of Petequakey (‘ Isidore Cayen dit Boudreau ’), lived along Duck Lake, signed 1876 Treaty 6 and settled in a reserve at Muskeg Lake-that was later named after his brother Petequakey-but left the reserve in 1880 and lived again in the following years close to St. Laurent de Grandin mission, played a prominent role during the Northwest Rebellion of 1885 in which he participated in every battle, served also as an emissary of the Métis leader Gabriel Dumont to ask the Assiniboine for support, on 23 May 1885 he also submitted the declaration of surrender of Pitikwahanapiwiyin (' Poundmaker ') to General Middleton, was captured on the 1st June 1885, in the subsequent trial of Kee-too-way-how at Regina, Louis Cochin testified that he and the carters in the camp of Pitikwahanapiwiyin survived only thanks to the intercession by Kee-way-too-how and its people, despite the positive testimony, he was on 14 August 1885 sentenced to imprisonment for seven years for his involvement in the Métis rebellion, died 1886 ).
He would also briefly travel to Earth in 1968 on a mission, in the episode " Assignment: Earth "; accidentally in 1969, in " Tomorrow Is Yesterday "; and again in 1986, in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
During the mission, Gwen is grievously wounded and Campbell loses his foot again, though the Time Corps succeed in retrieving Mike.
Having returned to England, in 1093 Edgar went to Scotland again on a diplomatic mission for William to negotiate with Malcolm, who was dissatisfied with the Norman failure to implement in full the terms of the 1091 treaty.
In February 1795 he was again arrested, and the Tribun du peuple was solemnly burnt in the Théatre des Bergeres by the jeunesse dorée, young men whose mission it was to root out Jacobinism.
In the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Qui-Gon is mentioned a few times, first by Obi-Wan, describing a mission they had gone on while he was still Qui-Gon's apprentice, and again by Padmé, referring to Qui-Gon's death during a speech about the damage war does to life and society.
On August 27, 1985 Discovery was again used to launch Leasat F4, and during the same mission ( STS-51-I ) captured and repaired F3.
In 1702, this mission was again abandoned when South Carolina's colonial governor, James Moore, led a joint British-Indian invasion of Florida.
As St. John Nepomucene parishioners were significantly reduced after the Treaty of the Cedars, he used the trip as an opportunity to again write in De Tijd, advertising the mission, the land at La Petite Chute and employment opportunities associated with the Fox River Canal, which included free passage to America for workers.
During the 1950s, Bogarde came to prominence playing a hoodlum who shoots and kills a police constable in The Blue Lamp ( 1950 ) co-starring Jack Warner and Bernard Lee ; a handsome artist who comes to rescue of Jean Simmons during the World's Fair in Paris in So Long at the Fair, a film noir thriller ; an accidental murderer who befriends a young boy played by Jon Whiteley in Hunted ( aka The Stranger in Between ) ( 1952 ); in Appointment in London ( 1953 ) as a young Wing-Commander in Bomber Command who, against orders, opts to fly his 90th mission with his men in a major air offensive against the Germans ; an unjustly imprisoned man who regains hope in clearing his name when he learns his sweetheart, Mai Zetterling, is still alive in Desperate Moment ( 1953 ); Doctor in the House ( 1954 ), as a medical student, in a film that made Bogarde one of the most popular British stars of the 1950s, and co-starring Kenneth More, Donald Sinden and James Robertson Justice as their crabby mentor ; The Sleeping Tiger ( 1954 ), playing a neurotic criminal with co-star Alexis Smith, and Bogarde's first film for American expatriate director Joseph Losey ; Doctor at Sea ( 1955 ), co-starring Brigitte Bardot in one of her first film roles ; as a returning Colonial who fights the Mau-Mau with Virginia McKenna and Donald Sinden in Simba ( 1955 ); Cast a Dark Shadow ( 1955 ), as a man who marries women for money and then murders them ; The Spanish Gardener ( 1956 ), co-starring Michael Hordern, Jon Whiteley, and Cyril Cusack ; Doctor at Large ( 1957 ), again with Donald Sinden, another entry in the " Doctor films series ", co-starring later Bond-girl Shirley Eaton ; the Powell and Pressburger production Ill Met by Moonlight ( 1957 ) co-starring Marius Goring as the German General Kreipe, kidnapped on Crete by Patrick " Paddy " Leigh Fermor ( Bogarde ) and a fellow band of adventurers based on W. Stanley Moss ' real-life account of the WW2 caper ; A Tale of Two Cities ( 1958 ), a faithful retelling of Charles Dickens ' classic ; as a Flt.
A charitable conservation trust, Project Crimson, has the aim of reversing the decline of Pōhutukawa and other Metrosideros species-its mission statement is " to enable pohutukawa and rata to flourish again in their natural habitat as icons in the hearts and minds of all New Zealanders ".
When Lee returned from his mission and enrolled at Brigham Young University he again became acquainted with Janet and they got married the following year.
In 1990, the contestants landed Concorde in the heats, the Sea King on an aircraft carrier in the group final and in the Grand Final, the contestants were in the Sea King again, but this time they used the simulator in a rescue mission.
" Soon afterwards he was employed on another disagreeable mission in which the national honour was again at stake, being sent to Breda to make a peace with Holland in May 1667.

mission and flown
The Spacelab Infrared Telescope ( IRT ) was also flown on the mission.
By at least 549 AD paper kites were being flown, as it was recorded in that year a paper kite was used as a message for a rescue mission.
The mission was a success, and Mariner 2 became the first spacecraft to have flown by another planet.
Had the planned STS-62-A mission from Vandenberg Air Force Base in 1986 for the United States Department of Defense gone ahead, Discovery would have flown it.
This final flight, authorized in October 2010, brought additional supplies to the International Space Station and take advantage of the processing performed for the Launch on Need mission, which would only have been flown in the event that Endeavour's STS-134 crew required rescue.
* 2005 – Two EMERCOM Il-76 aircraft land at a disaster aid staging area at Little Rock Air Force Base ; the first time Russia has flown such a mission to North America.
In March 1966 he was selected as Senior Pilot ( second seat ) for the first manned Apollo flight, designated AS-204, along with Command Pilot Virgil " Gus " Grissom, who had flown in space on the Mercury 4 Liberty Bell 7 mission and as commander of the Gemini 3 Molly Brown mission, and Pilot Roger Chaffee, who had yet to fly into space.
The Space Shuttle program finished with its last mission, STS-135 flown by Atlantis, in July 2011, retiring the final Shuttle in the fleet.
By at least 549 AD paper kites were being flown, as it was recorded in that year a paper kite was used as a message for a rescue mission.
The Mars 4 and 5 orbiters, which had been launched separately, were used to relay communications, and to complete mission objectives which would have been completed by orbiters launched with the Mars 6 and 7 spacecraft had they been flown.
The suits, dubbed the " A7L ," was first flown on the Apollo 7 mission in October 1967, and was the suit worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 mission.
Another servicing mission ( STS-109 ) was flown on March 1, 2002.
Based on the success of earlier maintenance missions, NASA decided to have a fifth service mission to Hubble ; this was STS-125 flown on May 11, 2009.
The wing has flown nearly 40 percent of the daily missions out of McChord Field ; deployed professionals from a wide range of specialties to locations around the globe and continuously supported the mission here at home.
In 1995 aircraft from Fairchild flew to Travis AFB, California in support of its first Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty ( START ) mission, transporting Russian inspectors to sites in the Western U. S. The wing has flown START missions in the U. S. every year since.
The first mission was flown from Udorn Royal Thai Air Base by three C-130 A Model aircraft from the 41st Tactical Airlift Squadron, Naha AB, Okinawa, Japan.
When planning indicated that the B-25 was the aircraft best meeting all specifications of the mission, two were loaded aboard the aircraft carrier at Norfolk, Virginia, and subsequently flown off the deck without difficulty on 3 February 1942.
Fifteen raiders would be the mission force and a 16th aircraft, by last-minute agreement with the Navy, would be squeezed onto the deck to be flown off shortly after departure from San Francisco to provide feedback to the Army pilots about takeoff characteristics.
The last mission was flown by Wing Commander J. Barret DFC, GOC No. 201 Squadron RAF.
The last mission from Pilar was flown 8 January, after which its nine P-40 aircraft displaced to Del Monte Field, Mindanao ( only six arrived ).
Following STS-2, NASA policy held that the commander had to be an astronaut who had already flown in space, making this the last all-rookie crew of a NASA mission.
The deorbit and reentry phase of this mission differed from STS-1, in that while the first shuttle entry was flown as a " middle of the road " test of the automatic guidance, the success of that mission allowed for the STS-2 crew to explore the stability margins of the vehicle's performance.

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