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paper and was
He was aware of her as a frightfully good-looking American WAC, a second lieutenant assigned to do the paper work, ( regardless of how important she might have thought she was ) in the Command offices, but that was all.
Hamilton was bent over his desk, drafting a legal paper by the light of a candle.
Years were to pass before these plans came off the paper, and Wright was justified in thinking, as the projects failed, that much of what he had to show his country and the world would never be seen except by visitors to Taliesin.
The country was now full of Gazettes and Samuel C. Atkinson and Charles Alexander, who had just taken over Franklin's old paper, desired a more distinctive name.
But during the second half of the century its fortunes reached a low point and when in 1897 Cyrus H. K. Curtis purchased it -- `` paper, type, and all '' -- for $1,000 it was a 16-page weekly filled with unsigned fiction and initialed miscellany, and with only some 2,000 subscribers.
For years he wore hand-me-down suits and homemade paper collars, was even driven to scrounging for cigarette butts in Vienna's gutters.
He had thought that the suggestion of taking it himself would tip the colonel in the direction of serving his own order, but the slip of paper was folded and absently thrust into the colonel's belt.
Once her trembling hand, with the pen grasped tight in it, was pressed against the paper the words came sharply, smoothly, as authoritatively as they would dropping from her own lips.
In the kitchen, Leona, his little young wife, was reading the morning paper.
An excellent summary of advantages concerning the uniform fiscal year and coordinated fiscal calendars was contained in a paper presented by a public finance authority recently.
A detailed study of this latter phenomenon was not attempted in this paper.
Paper electrophoresis was carried out on the concentrated samples in a Spinco model R cell using barbital buffer, pH 8.6, ionic strength 0.075, at room temperature on Whatman 3MM filter paper.
When paper electrophoresis was to be used for preparation, eight strips of a whole serum sample or a chromatographic fraction concentrated by negative pressure dialysis were run/chamber under the conditions described above.
With due consideration for the limits of precision in assessing, expected rate of change in ossification of girls age 2 years, and the known variations in rate of ossification of these children as described in our preceding paper in the Supplement, each arrow with a `` shaft length '' of four months or less was selected as indicating `` same schedule '' at Onset and Completion, for this particular epiphysis.
The action was a result of a court order, the citation for which ( and for other court action mentioned in this paper ) is taken from the Summary Report for this Conference.
It was for this reason, and no other that I can see, that in September 1912, Braque took the radical and revolutionary step of pasting actual pieces of imitation-woodgrain wallpaper to a drawing on paper, instead of trying to simulate its texture in paint.
It was `` window '' -- the tinsel paper dropped by bombers to jam radar sets, to fill the scope with hundreds of blips that would seem to be approaching bombers.
This cold reckoning of human worth in a legal paper, devoid of compassion or humanity, was all he needed.
The figures on the worksheet paper in front of her were jumping and waving around so badly it was all she could do to make them out clearly enough to copy them with the typewriter.
By the time Felix turned up it was early afternoon, which, one would think, would be late enough so that by then, except for small children and a few hardy souls who had not yet sobered up, it could have been expected that people would no longer be having any sort of active interest in the previous night's noisemakers and paper hats.
If I could put your body in an imaginary atomic press and squeeze you down, squeeze these holes out of you in the way we squeeze the holes out of a sponge, you would get smaller and smaller until finally when the last hole was gone, you would be smaller than the smallest speck of dust that you could see on this piece of paper.
Diario De La Marina was the oldest and most influential paper in Cuba, with a reputation for speaking out against tyranny.

paper and signed
Important paper documents are signed in ink with all involved parties meeting in person, with additional identification forms other than the actual presence ( like driver's licence, passports, fingerprints, etc.
When the official government newspaper, Le Moniteur Universel, published the ordinances on Monday, 26 July, Adolphe Thiers, journalist at the opposition paper Le National, published a call to revolt, which was signed by forty-three journalists:
An onion-skin wallet, nestling at the package's inner sanctum, contains a matching-numbered Vliet lithograph on hand-rolled paper, signed by the artist.
For a period during World War II, Shepton Mallet Prison was used to store important national records from the Public Record Office, including Magna Carta, the Domesday Book, the logbooks of HMS Victory, dispatches from the Battle of Waterloo, and the " scrap of paper " signed by Hitler and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain at the Munich Conference of September 1938.
Finished in 1968, The Gulag Archipelago was microfilmed and smuggled out to Solzhenitsyn's main legal representative, Dr Kurt Heeb of Zürich, to await publication ( a later paper copy, also smuggled out, was signed by Heinrich Böll at the foot of each page to prove against possible accusations of a falsified work ).
Texan paper currency was signed in ink by Sam Houston, though not handwritten by Houston himself.
Another article in the April 2005 Smithsonian noted: " In 1965 he began selling signed sheets of otherwise blank lithograph paper for $ 10 a sheet.
Bradman, who had signed a two-year contract with the newspaper, threatened to withdraw from cricket to honour his contract when the board denied him permission to write ; eventually, the paper released Bradman from the contract, in a victory for the Board.
didn't dot his " i " on a paper it looked as though he signed an " e ".
In 1966 Macdonald took the fateful step of allowing Fairfax to acquire a minority stake in the paper, although an agreement was signed guaranteeing the editorial independence of The Age.
'” Despite strong opposition, President Lincoln signed the First Legal Tender Act, enacted February 25, 1862, into law, authorizing the issuance of United States Notes as a legal tender — the paper currency soon to be known as " greenbacks.
A Lebanese newspaper, however, described the land deed of one Shebaa resident as " handwritten and signed on a yellowing piece of paper in pencil and ink.
This discontent appears to have been fostered by the talk with the American traders, although it was an idea that had existed since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi ; William Colenso, the CMS missionary printer, in his record of the events of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi commented that “ fter some little time Te Kemara came towards the table and affixed his sign to the parchment, stating that the Roman Catholic bishop ( who had left the meeting before any of the chiefs had signed ) had told him " not to write on the paper, for if he did he would be made a slave.
This was succeeded in October 1820 by the Etonian, a paper projected and edited by Praed and Walter Blount, which appeared every month until July 1821, when the chief editor, who signed his contributions " Peregrine Courtenay ," left Eton, and the paper died.
Although the principal at Frost's school signed a paper allowing Frost to attend the prom, he said Frost would be suspended if he went, but Frost did so anyway.
It is only signed as Route 201 ( the A-920 designation is only on paper ).
The law was signed by President Eisenhower on July 30, 1956, and the motto was progressively added to paper money over a period from 1957 to 1966.
William Colenso, the CMS missionary printer, in his record of the events of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi commented that “ fter some little time Te Kemara came towards the table and affixed his sign to the parchment, stating that the Roman Catholic bishop ( who had left the meeting before any of the chiefs had signed ) had told him " not to write on the paper, for if he did he would be made a slave.
" The paper also carried a petition in support signed by 106 creatives, including Susan Sarandon, Steve Martin, Norman Mailer, Arthur Miller, Kurt Vonnegut and Susan Sontag, saying that the mayor " blatantly disregards constitutional protection for freedom of the arts.
Together with Mahmoud Abbas, another architect of the Oslo accords, he signed in 1995 the Beilin-Abu Mazen agreement, a ' non paper ' of guidelines for a permanent solution to the conflict.
On the February 9, 2004 edition of Raw, a contract signing took place between Benoit and World Champion, Triple H. As Triple H signed his name on the paper, Michaels came out to inform Benoit that the last thing he wanted to do is rain on his parade.
After Michaels responded by superkicking Benoit, he then signed his own name on the paper as the challenger to Triple H's World Championship.
Southern Oregon University ( SOU ) and Rogue Community College ( RCC ) worked together to implement the guidelines of the white paper " Annexation of Jackson County to the District of Rogue Community College ," signed on March 6, 1996.

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