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planned and project
Considering the high cost of the F-108 system -- over $4 billion for the force that had been planned -- and the time period in which it would become operational, it was decided to stop further work on the project.
In working out the practical legal conclusions President Waters was not thinking only of this pilot project, for it is planned to duplicate this program or system in other builder developments nationally.
A new project planned is the use of Bio-Dynamic Starter.
In that, the architect must meet with and question the client to ascertain all the requirements and nuances of the planned project.
A planned joint hydroelectric project with neighboring Togo is intended to reduce Benin's dependence on imported energy mostly from Ghana, which currently accounts for a significant proportion of the country's imports.
Additionally, Burundi has been added to a planned railway project to connect Tanzania and Rwanda.
On March 19, 2006, the International Herald Tribune reported that Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly planned to sue project contractors and others because of poor work on the project.
In 2003, while promoting X2, Hugh Jackman mentioned in an interview on UK television morning talk show This Morning that he planned to make a biopic of Bill Bixby, that he had been drawn to the project by Bryan Singer and that it was a project he loved.
Colombia planned to finance US $ 4 billion of the estimated US $ 7. 5 billion overall cost, most of which would go towards the social portion of the project, but was ultimately unable to do so due to the state's 1997 – 1998 economic crisis.
As a result, the growth was accompanied by growing pains: project failure was common, and the field of computer science was still in its early years, and the ambitions for project scale and complexity exceeded the market capability to deliver adequate products within a planned budget.
The possibility of a digital planned economy was explored by Chile with the creation of Project Cybersyn, the project was a success in many ways but due to the lack of computer technology and need for constant human input was limited in comparison to modern and more advanced technology.
A suspension bridge project has been planned, connecting Saricay ( a district of Çanakkale ) on the Asian side to Kilitbahir on the European side.
His enthusiasm for the project was transmitted to the publishers ; they collected a sufficient capital for a more vast enterprise than they had first planned.
Consider a project that has been planned in detail, including a time-phased spend plan for all elements of work.
The SV will be 0 at project completion because then all of the planned values will have been earned.
: Budget at completion ( BAC ): The total planned value ( PV or BCWS ) at the end of the project.
Other projects can be planned with a project network, but do not have access to true and timely actual cost data.
In January 2005, more than two years after the software was originally planned for completion, the FBI officially abandoned the project.
The Red Sox originally planned to expand the bullpens to provide more room for pitchers to warm up, but that part of the renovation project was scrapped.
Unfortunately, Caprino was unable to secure funding for the project, so he ended up making the planned folk tale sequences as separate 16 minute puppet films, bookended by live action sequences showing Asbjørnsen.
Although it was originally planned for the corniche road along Doha Bay, Pei convinced project coordinators to build a new island to provide the needed space.
The weapon system originally planned by the OICW project was put on hold around the turn of century, in favor of a simpler new 5. 56 mm rifle project that offered less far-reaching improvements.

planned and will
The New English Bible ( the Old Testament and Apocrypha will be published at a future date ) has not been planned to rival or replace the King James Version, but, as its cover states, it is offered `` simply as the Bible to all those who will use it in reading, teaching, or worship ''.
Water rationing will be difficult and should be planned carefully.
They will help provide the skilled manpower necessary to carry out the development projects planned by the host governments, acting at a working level and serving at great personal sacrifice.
It will be carefully planned to maintain optimum service to these important resources and watersheds.
Approximately 40 percent of the value of the work on roads for access to timber which are planned for this period will be constructed by purchasers of National Forest timber, but paid for by the Government through adjustment of stumpage prices.
At that time consideration will be given to whether in the light of the United States supplies of rice available for Title 1, disposal, India's production, consumption and stocks of food grains, other imports from the United States and countries friendly to the United States, India's storage capacity, and other related factors, any increase would be possible in the portion of the total rice programmed which is currently planned for procurement during the first year.
Of particular meaning to the Charles MacWhorter family, 3181 SW 24th Ter., will be the Family Dedication Service planned for 10:50 a.m. Sunday at First Christian Church.
Several robot cities have been planned for the country: the first will be built in 2009 at a cost of 500 billion won, of which 50 billion is direct government investment.
NASA's planned Space Interferometry Mission ( SIM PlanetQuest ) ( now cancelled ) was to utilize astrometric techniques to detect terrestrial planets orbiting 200 or so of the nearest solar-type stars, and the European Space Agency's GAIA ( due to launch in 2012 ), which will be applying astrometric techniques in its stellar census.
Existing restaurants located in the hotel have been closed following a take over of the property by Goldman Sachs with new development planned for "... a trio of restaurants run by Danny Meyer – the New York City restaurant wunderkind – as well as a new ballroom and conference centre, attached to the hotel which will be upgraded.
Significant tunnel and bridge construction projects in the south of Dalmatia are planned, such as the Biokovo tunnel near Makarska, which will connect the panoramic seashore road with the future A1, and a long Pelješac bridge, connecting the Pelješac peninsula to the Croatian mainland.
Two founding documents emerged from this: The Transition Constitution, and the Global and Inclusive Agreement, both of which describe and determine the make-up and organization of the Congolese institutions, until planned elections in July 2006, at which time the provisions of the new constitution, democratically approved by referendum in December 2005, will take full effect and that is how it happened.
It is likely that these kinds of projects will not use the lightweight version of EVM described in the previous section, because there is no planned timescale for measuring schedule performance.
Well in advance of the particular game, a number of different kinds of forward pass plays will have been planned out and practiced by the team.
Building on the earlier work of Ludwig von Mises and others, Hayek also argued that while in centrally planned economies an individual or a select group of individuals must determine the distribution of resources, these planners will never have enough information to carry out this allocation reliably.
The required satellites ( the planned number is 30 ) will be launched throughout the period 2011 – 2014 and the system will be up and running and under civilian control from 2019.
The risk element arises from the possibility that the merger or acquisition will not go ahead as planned ; hedge fund managers will use research and analysis to determine if the event will take place.
ICD-11 is planned for 2015 and will be revised using Web 2. 0 principles.
The Kuwait Metropolitan Rapid Transit System Project is a planned four-line metro network which will total 160 km with 69 stations.

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