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problem and is
That is why the form itself becomes a preoccupation, because it exists as a problem separate from the material it accommodates.
The specific analogy to the dilemma of love is the problem of the `` breakthrough '' in the realm of art.
This is an unsolved problem which probably has never been seriously investigated, although one frequently hears the comment that we have insufficient specialists of the kind who can compete with the Germans or Swiss, for example, in precision machinery and mathematics, or the Finns in geochemistry.
But the problem is one which gives us the measure of a man, rather than a group of men, whether a group of doctors, a group of party members assembled at a dinner to give their opinion, or the masses of the voters.
In the incessant struggle with recalcitrant political fact he learns to focus the essence of a problem in the significant detail, and to articulate the distinctions which clarify the detail as significant, with what is sometimes astounding rapidity.
The problem is to remove the accretions and thereby uncover the order that was always there.
Moral dread is seen as the other face of desire, and here psychoanalysis delivers to the writer a magnificent irony and a moral problem of great complexity.
The maturity in this point of view lies in its recognition that no basic problem is ever solved without being clearly understood.
The problem is rather to find out what is actually happening, and this is especially difficult for the reason that `` we are busily being defended from a knowledge of the present, sometimes by the very agencies -- our educational system, our mass media, our statesmen -- on which we have had to rely most heavily for understanding of ourselves ''.
Ptolemy's problem is to forecast where, against the inverted bowl of night, some particular light will be found at future times.
The distances of these points of light is a problem he cannot master, beyond crude conjectures as to the orderings of the planetary orbits viewed outward from earth.
This is a problem to be solved not by America alone, but also by every nation cherishing the same ideals and in position to provide help.
The problem, in other words, is strictly a chronological one.
The problem of NATO is not one of machinery, of which there is an abundance, but of the will to use it.
Our problem, therefore, is to devise processes more modest in their aspirations, adjusted to the real world of sovereign nation states and diverse and hostile communities.
The main question raised by the incident is how much longer will UN bury its head in the sand on the Congo problem instead of facing the bitter fact that it has no solution in present terms??
The only real problem is to devise a plan whereby the owners of the above-water land can develop their property without the public losing its underwater land and the right to its development for public use and enjoyment.
Biggest organizational problem, he adds, is setting up CDC units in rock-ribbed Democratic territory.
If they are to be commended for foresight in their planning, what then is the judgment of a town council that compounds this problem during the planning stage??
The new column by Maurice Stans regarding business scandals, is fair and accurate in most respects and his solution to the problem has some merit.
The whole problem of `` peaceful coexistence and peaceful competition '' with the capitalist world is in the very center of this Congress.
But this is not the real problem ; ;

problem and encapsulated
A statement by Bruce Archer encapsulated what was going on: ‘ The most fundamental challenge to conventional ideas on design has been the growing advocacy of systematic methods of problem solving, borrowed from computer techniques and management theory, for the assessment of design problems and the development of design solutions .’ Herbert A. Simon established the foundations for ‘ a science of design ’, which would be ‘ a body of intellectually tough, analytic, partly formalizable, partly empirical, teachable doctrine about the design process .’

problem and phrase
Translations of this phrase differ, and it is quite uncertain whether Bede intended to say that he was cured of a speech problem, or merely that he was inspired by the saint's works.
If the status code indicated a problem, the user agent might display the reason phrase to the user to provide further information about the nature of the problem.
In early 19th century Britain, the phrase " civil rights " most commonly referred to the problem of legal discrimination against Catholics.
* Nigger as " defect " ( a hidden problem ), derives from " nigger in the woodpile ", a US slave-era phrase denoting escaped slaves hiding in train-transported woodpiles.
: The problem is thus to formulate a statement of human rights that will do more than phrase respect for the individual as individual.
The phrase " Catch-22 ", " a problematic situation for which the only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problem or by a rule ," has entered the English language.
As fiercely anti-Communist as they were anti-Semitic, Kennedy and Astor looked upon Adolf Hitler as a welcome solution to both of these " world problems " ( Nancy's phrase ).... Kennedy replied that he expected the " Jew media " in the United States to become a problem, that " Jewish pundits in New York and Los Angeles " were already making noises contrived to " set a match to the fuse of the world.
Similar problems occur if one has 0 cookies and 0 people, but this time the problem is in the phrase " the number ".
Later, he found out that it was referring to the phrase " elephant in the room ", a reference to the collective denial of some very obvious problem.
It is surprisingly difficult to even state the problem from the point of view of a coherentist, because the phrase correspond to reality has a different meaning in a coherentist system.
The main problem faced by the system was the generation of so-called " Parse Forests "-often a large number of different grammar rules could be applied to any particular phrase, producing hundreds, even thousands of ( often identical ) parse trees.
According to legend, they identified the French by asking them to pronounce a Dutch phrase, ( shield and friend ) and everyone who had a problem pronouncing this shibboleth was killed.
He goes on to question how other people phrase the problem of humanity and answers this by saying that an accepted premise is that in all societies children have to learn to differentiate and separate themselves from others.
: The phrase about the murderous rage of the rapist has since been withdrawn noted above, which indicates that McClary realized it posed a problem, but it has the great merit of recognizing that something extraordinary is taking place here, and McClary's metaphor of sexual violence is not a bad way to describe it.
During the domestic terrorist crisis Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was asked how far he was willing to go to resolving the problem, " Just watch me " was his response, a phrase that has become famous in Canadian lore.
" Its meaning is similar to the American English phrase " no problem " or Australian English phrase " no worries " and is akin to " don't worry, be happy ".
The Oxford English Dictionary gives the first recorded use of the phrase, as a simile, as The New York Times on June 20, 1959: " Financing schools has become a problem about equal to having an elephant in the living room.
The consequence of the degree of contextual dependence for a " segment " of talk or behavior can range from the problem of establishing a " working consensus " regarding the description of a phrase, concept or behavior, to the end-game of social scientific description itself.
The phrase typically appears with an expectation that some new technological development or practice will easily cure a major prevailing problem.
Originally psychologist Tamaki Saitō, who first coined the phrase, estimated that there may be over one million hikikomori in Japan, or approximately 1 % of the total Japanese population, but considering that hikikomori adolescents are hidden away and their parents are often reluctant to talk about the problem, it is extremely difficult to gauge the number accurately.
This is a normal " pan-pan " call including a phrase such as " request medical advice " and the identification of the craft, its position and the nature of a medical problem suffered by one of the passengers or crew.
Ramsey also noticed that, although his paraphrasings and definitions could be easily rendered in logical symbolism, the more fundamental problem was that, in ordinary English, the elimination of the truth-predicate in a phrase such as Everything John says is true would result in something like " If John says something, then that ".

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