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project and has
RCA Victor has an ambitious and useful project in a stereo series called `` Adventures In Music '', which is an instructional record library for elementary schools.
My son, who has completed two years in engineering school, has a summer job on a construction project as an unskilled laborer.
As a result, the scope of this project has been sharply curtailed.
The books and records with respect to each project shall be maintained for the duration of the project, or until the expiration of three years after final disbursement for the project has been made by the United States, whichever is later.
A project for the Air Force has been completed in which the NAIR infrared detecting device was developed for area monitoring of noxious or dangerous gases.
SAAMI's financial support since 1955 has contributed to the success of this project in education.
Every family of Riviera Presbyterian Church has been asked to read the Bible and pray together daily during National Christian Family Week and to undertake one project in which all members of the family participate.
The AID has undertaken the redecoration of the White House library as a project in connection with the work being done by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy's Fine Arts Advisory Committee to secure antiques for the presidential home.
But the simple truth is that higher education has never really been an official American Catholic project ; ;
According to research funded by the USAID CAPS project, Armenia's exceptionally high rate of economic growth during the last decade has been largely dependent on external factors ( e. g., remittances, assistance from international financial and donor organization ).
As of 2010, the project has been continuously delayed, with the rail link estimated to cost as much as $ 4 billion and stretch.
* Project Manager: Licensed architect, or non-registered graduate with more than 10 years of experience ; has overall project management responsibility for a variety of projects or project teams, including client contact, scheduling, and budgeting.
* Senior Architect / Designer: Licensed architect, or non-registered graduate with more than 10 years of experience ; has a design or technical focus and is responsible for significant project activities.
Although it is involved in " brown-water " ( riverine and coastal ) operations, the navy's primary goal has been to become an effective " blue-water " navy, able to project power on the high seas.
Another project was launched in the same year, which aims to link Burundi and Rwanda ( which also has no railways ) to the DRC and Zambia, and therefore to the rest of Southern Africa.
Additionally, Burundi has been added to a planned railway project to connect Tanzania and Rwanda.
Andersson's next project was Mamma Mia !, a musical built around 24 of ABBA's songs, which has become a worldwide box-office blockbuster with versions in several languages currently being played in many countries, including the UK ( West End premiere in April 1999 ), Canada ( Toronto premiere in 2000 ), the USA ( Broadway premiere in 2001 ), and Sweden ( Swedish language premiere in 2005 ).
He sought to adapt it on numerous occasions, though the project would carry a substantial price tag, and has yet to appear onscreen ( Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Minority Report bears striking similarities to De Palma's visual style and some of the themes of The Demolished Man ).
During the downtime, Murdoch has initiated the film and music project God Help the Girl, while Jackson and Kildea have toured with the reformed Vaselines.
Said Romney: " We simply cannot live in a setting where a project of this scale has the potential of threatening human life, as has already been seen ".

project and been
Then the vein had petered out and the whole project had been abandoned.
Considering the high cost of the F-108 system -- over $4 billion for the force that had been planned -- and the time period in which it would become operational, it was decided to stop further work on the project.
The original commission that reached Salieri in 1783 – 84 was to assist Gluck in finishing a work for Paris that had been all but completed ; in reality, Gluck had failed to notate any of the score for the new opera and gave the entire project over to his young friend.
According to Autodesk company information, the AutoCAD software is now used in a range of industries, employed by architects, project managers and engineers, amongst other professions, and as of 1994 there had been 750 training centers established across the world to educate users about the company's primary products.
Television series executive producer Marti Noxon later reflected that this story might have been produced by the studio in order to frighten Whedon into taking the reins of the project.
It has been ported to Microsoft Windows and distributed with Cygwin and MinGW, to DOS by the DJGPP project, to Novell NetWare and to Android via various terminal emulation applications.
The project was delayed by the need to develop the stainless steel fabrication techniques ; this would have been gained in building the Avro 730 but that had been cancelled by then.
In 2003, while promoting X2, Hugh Jackman mentioned in an interview on UK television morning talk show This Morning that he planned to make a biopic of Bill Bixby, that he had been drawn to the project by Bryan Singer and that it was a project he loved.
Chaplin was also given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1970, after having been excluded due to his political beliefs when the project was initially started in 1958.
The phrase has been used to mean giving actual or figurative support or aid to someone in a situation or project, i. e. to " watch their back ".
The project plans have been drawn, however.

project and awarded
The construction of the project was awarded to the İçtaş-Astaldi consortium on May 29, 2012.
The parties deferred this issue, and finally a settlement was reached in 1998, when the jurors awarded Coppola $ 20 million as compensation for losing the film project, Pinocchio.
General Dynamics of the United States became its licensee, and the Pentagon awarded its first R & D naval research project in the field of supercavitation.
The Design Council awarded this project ' Millennium Product ' status for the renovation.
Architect I. M. Pei was awarded the project and proposed a glass pyramid to stand over a new entrance in the main court, the Cour Napoléon.
In addition to the usual $ 20, 000USD awarded to the charity of the project manager of the winning team, O-Cedar pledged an additional $ 30, 000 for that task.
The project was tendered in February with contracts awarded in March 1929.
In 1984 Carlo Rubbia and Simon van der Meer were awarded the Nobel Prize " for their decisive contributions to the large project, which led to the discovery of the field particles W and Z, communicators of weak interaction "
They all agreed however that the overall project was of merit, and so awarded Foucault his doctorate " despite reservations ".
The 25 million tons of fill needed to construct the islands was coming from the Montreal metro's excavations, a public works project that was already under construction before Expo was awarded to Montreal.
This project was awarded second place in the 2006 railway buildings competition by the Heritage Railways Association of the UK.
The project was awarded to this team in an architectural design competition, whose results were announced in 1971.
The project stalled for four years, however, until May 1947, when the United States Army Air Forces awarded Martin Aircraft Company a contract for a turbojet powered subsonic missile, the Matador.
In December 2010, Fremont was awarded $ 500, 000 from the State of Indiana for its downtown revitalization project.
In 2009, the award winning architecture firm of Deleon + Primmer was awarded the final design of the project.
This project was awarded an Oxford Preservation Trust Plaque in 2008.
The project was awarded the 2008 National Medal of Technology and Innovation.
The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development awarded the Town of Pocahontas with a $ 1, 000, 000. 00 grant to help fund their Downtown Revitalization project currently underway.
The city awarded the contract to United Properties ' " Symphony " project, comprising four 15 – 22 story towers including of retail and office space, 900 housing units, and a large downtown park which would be relinquished to the city.
In September 2007, the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded a grant of £ 2. 96 million towards a major wetland restoration project at Castle Espie, the largest investment in biodiversity in Northern Ireland.
Primary among the four contractors awarded the project on September 30, 1996 are Northrop Grumman ( formerly TRW ).
The project will be funded by a $ 2 million federal grant awarded in 2006.
It was the largest project of its type to that date, and Hutchings was awarded an MBE for his leadership.
The bid and the project had to be split into smaller sections, but £ 11. 9 million was awarded in 2006 for phase 1a, which with match funding will restore navigation from ' The Ocean ' at Stonehouse to Wallbridge on the Stroudwater Navigation, and from Wallbridge to Brimscombe Port on the Thames and Severn Canal.
Work on this project is conducted by SAIC through its former Hicks & Associates consulting arm run by former Defense and military officials and which had originally been awarded US $ 19 million IAO contract to build the prototype system in late 2002.

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