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provided and alternative
It follows, then, provided the possibilities have been exhausted, that the only real alternative is the general viewpoint of the `` left '', which has been represented on the Continent by Fritz Buri and, to some extent at least, is found in much that is significant in American and English theology.
These oncolytic properties provided a promising link between CDV and lymphoma apoptosis which can lead to development of alternative treatment methods for both canine lymphoma and human non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
); while its final element, the Prayer of Oblation, ( with its reference to an offering of a ' Sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving '), was transferred, much changed, to a position after the priest and congregation had received Communion, and was made optional with an alternative prayer of thanksgiving provided.
Common alternative spellings are provided with cross-references such as " Color: see Colour.
Limited disclosure, is an alternative approach where full details of the vulnerability are provided to a restricted community of developers and vendors while the public is only informed of a potential security issue.
Support for alternative languages is often provided by plugins, allowing them to be installed on the same IDE at the same time.
The Leyden jar provided a much more compact alternative.
The baggage train provided an alternative supply method that was not dependent on access to a water-way.
Phrenology provided an attractive, biological alternative that attempted to unite all mental phenomena and treat them with consistent biological terms.
The dedicatory inscription in the fresco by Melozzo da Forlì in the Vatican Palace records: " You gave your city temples, streets, squares, fortifications, bridges and restored the Acqua Vergine as far as the Trevi ..." In addition to restoring the aqueduct that provided Rome an alternative to the river water that had made the city famously unhealthy, he restored or rebuilt over 30 of Rome's dilapidated churches, among them San Vitale ( 1475 ) and Santa Maria del Popolo, and added seven new ones.
In her published novel, Pathways, Voyager producer Jeri Taylor provided an alternative story much more similar to the events in " The First Duty " by moving the accident to Paris ' Starfleet Academy years and making his fellow cadets the victims of his recklessness.
Oil reserves discovered in the later 20th century in the seas both east and west of Shetland have provided a much needed alternative source of income for the islands.
Commencing on 17 August 1903, it was the first successful British railway-run bus service and was initially provided as a cheaper alternative to a proposed light railway.
Starting in 1935 the Left Book Club provided a new warning every month, and built up the credibility of Soviet-style socialism as an alternative.
In some countries, such as Russia and Poland, a voice-over provided by a single artist is commonly used on television programs as a language localization technique, as an alternative to full dub localization.
Another early problem of buildup of cracks in the stator surface was eliminated by installing the spark plugs in a separate metal piece instead of screwing it directly into the block .. A later alternative solution to spark plug boss cooling was provided by variable coolant velocity scheme for water-cooled rotaries which has had widespread use and was patented by Curtiss-Wright, with the last-listed for better air-cooled engine spark plug boss cooling.
Beaded wire continued to be used in jewellery into modern times, although it largely fell out of favour in about the tenth century AD when two drawn round wires, twisted together to form what are termed ' ropes ', provided a simpler-to-make alternative.
Many registrars have implemented Domain name suggestion tools which search domain name databases and suggest available alternative domain names related to keywords provided by the user.
The Madchester scene, fronted by The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, and Inspiral Carpets ( for whom Oasis's Noel Gallagher had worked as a roadie during the Madchester years ), was the immediate root of Britpop since its emphasis on good times and catchy songs provided an alternative to shoegazing.
An Act of Parliament in 1823 provided for the building of up to 40 churches and manses in communities without any church buildings ( hence the alternative name: ' Parliamentary Church ').
* Alliance Web Platform ( SWP ) as new thin-client desktop interface provided as an alternative to existing Alliance WebStation, Alliance Workstation ( soon ) and Alliance Messenger.
It is stated in the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct set by the American Psychological Association, that psychologists may not conduct research that includes a deceptive compartment unless the act is justified by the value and the importance of the results of such study, provided that this could not be obtained in an alternative way.
Access provided is free to users, and a premium paid alternative offer is proposed for a faster internet connection .< ref >
Tapiola provided a utopian vision of society and an alternative to what was seen at the time as an oppressive urban environment.

provided and buying
Finally, dropping prices of home computers like the Commodore 64 had caused many to believe that buying a home computer was a better investment because it provided more detailed gameplay and could be used for other purposes such as word processing.
Deregulation in the US energy markets in the late 1990s provided Enron with trade opportunities, including buying energy from cheap producers and selling it at markets with floating prices.
Before numbers were even invented, counting devices were used to perform everyday calculations ; one of these devices was the abacus, which provided merchants good and accurate data when buying and selling goods.
By this time in that region, there were two main groups of loosely organized armed outlaws: the jagunços, mercenaries who worked for whoever paid their price, usually land-owners who wanted to protect or expand their territorial limits and also deal with farm workers ; and the cangaceiros, " social bandits ", who had some level of support from the poorest population: the bandits sustained some beneficial behaviors such as acts of charity, buying of goods for higher prices and giving free parties (" bailes "), and the population provided shelter and information which helped them escape from police forces, known as volantes, sent by the government to stop them.
The initial plan would have involved the FR Company buying the original track bed of the WHR from the old company's receiver and giving it to Gwynedd County Council, provided no railway-related developments were allowed on the land.
Despite the temporary setback, the moves against the ever-weakening Roman masters resulted in Emperor Julian buying peace in 358 by handing over Toxandria to the Salians who then became Roman allies and provided troops for the imperial army.
In addition, each of the authors provided their own solution in a sealed envelope, all of which appeared at the end of the book, with Agatha Christie ’ s ingenious conclusion acknowledged at the time to be ‘ enough to make the book worth buying on its own ’.
*' Shopping G-Point ' ( 購物G點 ) was first issued with the 125th issue in conjunction with ' G-Point Price '( G點價 ), which provided discounts for readers buying trendy clothes, sneakers and accessiories.
Around the year 1333 the French friar Roger Guerin succeeded in buying the Cenacle ( the room where the Last Supper took place ) on Mount Zion and some land to build a monastery nearby for the friars, using funds provided by the king and queen of Naples.
Sociologically, nouveau riche describes the man or woman who previously had belonged to a lower social class and economic stratum ( rank ) within that class ; and that the new money — which constitutes his or her wealth — allowed upward social mobility and provided the means for conspicuous consumption, the buying of goods and services that signal membership in an upper class.
An employer may set up an employee savings scheme ( spaarloon ) allowing employees to save up to EUR 613 per year of their wages without paying income tax on that part of their wages, provided that they do not withdraw their savings within four years, or for designated purposes ( including but not limited to buying a new house and starting a business ).
IDB has provided 26 US $ as grant for buying the services of researchers from abroad, over and above the programs of Ministry of Science and Technology, Pakistan.
They may feel safer buying new because a warranty is provided or because they are concerned they may be buying stolen goods.
A second appropriation bill provided $ 25 million for buying up all additional privately-held land in Federal Triangle.
Every man provided for himself by buying for his needs, on a daily basis from ‘ banyas ’ who erected their shops in the camps.
Decoupling is part of the unbundling of the services previously provided by traditional full service advertising agencies, which originally began with the creation of standalone media buying agencies such as Zenith from Saatchi & Saatchi Group in the ' 80's and Mindshare from WPP group in the ' 90's.
The ' John Bright Clauses ', which Gladstone accepted reluctantly, allowed tenants to borrow from the government two-thirds of the cost of buying their holding, at 5 % interest repayable over 35 years, provided the landlord was willing to sell ( no compulsory powers ).< p >
This prevents a small business from buying one copy of expensive software and installing it on several of the computers at their location, provided they are networked.
He authored the Free High School Act that ensured secondary education even for the poorest ; the Senior Citizens Act ( or The Angara Law ) that allowed the elderly to avail of substantial discounts when buying medicine or riding public transport ; the National Health Insurance Act, or PHILHEALTH, that provided insurance to every citizen ; and the Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education ( GASTPE ), the biggest scholarship program.

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