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quote and illustrates
There has been some debate over the details of his life, which the following quote from the entry " Bible, English " in the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica illustrates:
A quote which illustrates how the producers used archival footage to illustrate the absurdity of the government's public nuclear propaganda of the time:
The following quote from Bertrand Russell's " Theory of Knowledge " illustrates the difficulty in defining knowledge: " The question how knowledge should be defined is perhaps the most important and difficult of the three with which we shall deal.
Punch ( magazine ) | Punch cartoon ( 1905 ) accompanied by a quote from Rudyard Kipling that appeared in the British press after the treaty was renewed in 1905 illustrates the positive light that the alliance was seen in by the British public.
A quote of the time illustrates the discovery of lake Llanquihue during its first sighting by Philippi " The water of this lake is as clear as that of Geneva in Switzerland, its surface is about seven leagues long and one league wide, so I could not distinguish the opposite bank.
This quote illustrates the point that Western Marxist theories of the economy of the USSR have often been moral theories, rather than being based on a scientific understanding of how the Soviet economy really worked.

quote and Orwell
Mulk Raj Anand has said that, at the BBC, Orwell could, and would, quote lengthy passages from the Book of Common Prayer.
The back cover featured an out-of-context quote from George Orwell in 1946, and a recent quote from a NotW reader.

quote and
Another anecdote involving McMahon during the Super Bowl anticipation was the New Orleans press reporting quote attributed McMahon, which referred to the women of New Orleans as " sluts ".
The free verse form of Lee s poetry reflect his famous quote “ Be formless ... shapeless, like water .”
In 1976, Arthur Cain, one of Dawkins's tutors at Oxford in the 1960s, called it a " young man s book " ( which Dawkins points out was a deliberate quote of a commentator on A. J.
For instance, in Thomas Jefferson s " Commonplace Book ," a quote from Cesare Beccaria reads, " laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes ...
When Linda Evangelista mentioned to Vogue that " we don t wake up for less than $ 10, 000 a day ", she may have been playfully pretending the role of an up-scale union representative, but the 1990 comment became the most notorious quote in modeling history.
Rackin cites the same quote, " Antony / Shall be brought drunken forth, and I shall see / Some squeaking Cleopatra boy my greatness / I th posture of a whore ” to make the argument that here the audience is reminded of the very same treatment Cleopatra is receiving on Shakespeare's stage ( since she is being portrayed by a boy actor ) ( V. ii. 214-217 ).
Buechner s largest presence in the media, however, is through the hundreds of readers who quote his works on a daily basis in articles, blogs, and speeches.
To quote from an article formerly on the London Borough of Sutton website: " Today most of London s Thames tributaries flow underground or are imprisoned in concrete.
Behind the statue, five bronze plaques mounted on a stone wall quote King s speeches calling for equal opportunities in education and a just society.
Yet Molson s beer was special as it was ‘ universally liked ( a quote from Molson s diary ).
The specific quote he denied was, " I can t tell four million Palestinians that only five thousand of them can go home ," regarding the issue of Palestinian refugees.
In an introduction to the book The Task of Gestalt Psychology, Carroll Pratt emphasizes Köhler s irritation regarding a misinterpretation of his famous quote, “ The whole is different from the sum of its parts ”.
Considering Köhler s frustration towards this error, one must assume that these two minor variations of the quote harness different meanings.
Some of Eagleton s former aides were reportedly angry that Eagleton's name was attached to a quote that made him appear duplicitous.
To quote Judith Grabiner, “ Berkeley s criticisms of the rigor of the calculus were witty, unkind, and — with respect to the mathematical practices he was criticizing — essentially correct ”.
") Harry Wu s quote, is anecdotal and its accuracy is suspect.
Apap has drawn particular attention to a passage of the Appeal in which Walker encourages blacks to “ ever make an attempt to gain freedom or natural right, from under our cruel oppressors and murderers, until you see your ways clear ; when that hour arrives and you move, be not afraid or dismayed .” Apap has interpreted Walker s words as a play on the Biblical injunction to “ be not afraid or dismayed .” As he points out, “‘ be not afraid or dismayed is a direct quote from 2 Chronicles 20. 15, where the Israelites are told to ‘ be not afraid or dismayed because God would fight the battle for them and save them from their enemies without their having to lift a finger .” In the Bible, all the Israelites are expected to do is pray, but Walker asserts that the black community must " move.
Shane Barbi was among the many notable quotables when Newsweek s “ Overheard ” section ( syndicated from the New York Post, Page Six ) picked up a quote from her during an interview, " You can ask us about our cup size or favorite positions but please no personal questions .” Stuff magazine gave the twins the title of “ Sex Symbols for 1993 ” placing them in good company with other popular female icons such as Marilyn Monroe ( 1962 ), Farrah Fawcett ( 1977 ), Madonna ( 1991 ) and Sharon Stone ( 1992 ).
He is now chairman of the Regional Select Committee for the West Midlands and on his election said ( quote ) " People in the West Midlands can sometimes feel that the world of politics and of government is remote from their everyday lives: that they don t have real influence over the decisions that affect them and their family.

quote and s
Anna Freud recommended in 1956 to a journalist who was preparing an article about psychoanalysis for the London Observer that she not quote Freud ‘ s letter to the American mother, on the grounds that “... nowadays we can cure many more homosexuals than was thought possible in the beginning.
phone home " was ranked 15th on AFI's 100 Years ... 100 Movie Quotes list, and 48th on Premiere < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s top movie quote list.
Memorial plaque with Masaryk ´ s quote " Pravda vítězí, ale dá to fušku " ( The truth prevails, but it ´ s a chore ).
The Bible quote on the band is from s: Bible ( King James )/ 1 Peter # Chapter 5 | 1 Peter 5
They were to liken the Confederate situation to Italy s struggles for independence which Britain had supported, and were to quote Russell s own letters which justified that support.
According to a Craig Silverman article in the Columbia Journalism Review, " It s the kind of quote that makes readers sit up and pay attention ," but " Yaalon never uttered those words.
The Shadow and the Substance ( the title is a quote from John Clare s poem on enclosure ) examined the nature of work in an increasingly high-tech environment.

quote and understanding
" Despite having the quote presented to a notable organisation, it has also appeared in books such as " The Most Stupid Words Ever Spoken " as it is deemed by some Westerners as a prime example of a lack of understanding of foreign culinary traditions in the Western world.
The following lengthy quote from Herbert can give the flavor of his writing and demonstrate the sense of the importance that Herbert attributed to innate Common Notions, which can help in understanding the effect of Locke's attack on innate ideas on Herbert's philosophy:
However, the quote in context shows that Darwin actually had a very good understanding of the evolution of the eye.
In the above quote, Justice ' Abd al-Jabbar emphatically mentioned that if there are two possible interpretations, both capable of resolving the apparent contradiction created by literal understanding of a verse, then the interpretation closer to the literal meaning should take precedence, for the relationship between the interpretations, close and distant, becomes the same as the literal understanding and the interpretation.
If the player makes the choice to side with the Templar faction at the end of the game, after the cinematic, the quote appears, taken from both the novel and Proverbs 21: 16-" He that wandereth out of the way of understanding, shall remain in the congregation of the dead.
Critic Kwame Anthony Appiah, however, has used a quote from Martin Tupper's ballad " The Anglo-Saxon Race " 1850 as an example of the predominant understanding of " race " in the nineteenth century.
The essay opens with a quote by Paul Valéry from Pièces Sur L Art ( The Conquest of Ubiquity ) that argues that the art that was developed in the past differs from that of the present time and hence our understanding and treatment of it must develop in order to understand it in a modern context and develop new techniques.

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