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ranking and was
In the judgment of Chief of Staff Scott it was ironic that the draft policy of a Democratic President, aimed at Germany, had to be pushed through the House of Representatives by the ranking minority member of the Military Affairs Committee -- a Republican Jew born in Germany!!
ASU's undergraduate program is ranked 65th for public universities and 132nd of 280 " national universities " by the 2012 US News and World Report ranking of US colleges and universities ; and, for the fourth year in a row, ASU was ranked in the top 10 for " Up and Coming " universities in the US, for substantial improvements to academics and facilities.
The population of the city of Alicante proper was 334, 329, estimated, ranking as the second-largest Valencian city.
The population of the metropolitan area ( including Elche and satellite towns ) was 771, 061 estimates, ranking as the eighth-largest metropolitan area of Spain.
The version with Bardot was issued in 1986 and became a popular download hit in 2006 when Universal Records made its back catalogue available to purchase online, with this version of the song ranking as the third most popular download.
It was followed by the sequel Batman: Arkham City ( 2011 ), which also received widespread acclaim and holds a Metacritic ranking of 94 %.
In Forbes national university ranking, Bob Jones was unranked in 2011, # 606 in 2010, and # 279 in 2009.
Caltech was ranked first in the 2011 – 2012 Times Higher Education worldwide rankings of universities as well as ranking first in physical science and engineering.
Caltech was also found to have the highest score for per-capita performance in that ranking.
That game was one of the most watched television events in history according to the Nielsen ratings system ; the game had a rating of 48. 3, ranking it seventh in all-time television history.
If van der Heul was indeed of African ancestry, this fact would make him the highest ranking black pirate so far identified.
In 2000, nickel production was 39, 943 tons, ranking tenth in the world, a decrease from 49, 152 in 1997.
It was also featured on Sight and Sound's list of the ten greatest films of all time in 2002, ranking at # 4.
The series, an instant hit from its debut, was also very successful in the ratings, consistently ranking in the top ten in the final primetime ratings.
Chief Quipuha was the maga ' lahi, or high ranking male, in the area of Hagåtña when the Spanish landed off its shores in 1668.
The right wing of the country and high ranking figures in the army began to plan a coup, and when Falangist politician José Calvo-Sotelo was shot by Republican police, they used it as a signal to act.
He served one term and, notably, was the ranking Republican member of the Science, Technology, and Space Subcommittee.
He was formerly the Carolina Panthers ' defensive coordinator, bringing the team's defensive ranking from 30th to second.
Julian's first priority, as Caesar and nominal ranking commander in Gaul, was to drive out the barbarians who had breached the Rhine frontier.
General Ma Bufang and other high ranking Muslim Generals attended the Kokonuur Lake Ceremony where the God of the Lake was worshipped, and during the ritual, the Chinese national anthem was sung, all participants bowed to a Portrait of Kuomintang party founder Dr. Sun Yat-sen, and the God of the Lake was also bowed to, and offerings were given to him by the participants, which included the Muslims.
He received the highest ranking civilian honour of the Italian Republic and was bestowed the title of " Cavaliere " ( Knight ) of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.
It was the seventh highest ranking comedy on this list ( four of the better placed efforts were classic Ealing Films ).
In 2010, Monocle ranked Munich as the world's most livable city ( in 2012, Munich was ranked fifth in Monocle's ranking, yet remained the highest ranked city in Germany ).

ranking and compiled
In 2011, Times Higher Education compiled a special world ranking based exclusively on reputation for teaching and research, where Lund University appeared in the 71-80 category.
He compiled 3, 630 hits ( ranking fourth all-time and most in a career spent with only one team ).
This ranking was compiled as part of the Third European Report on Science & Technology Indicators, prepared by the Directorate General for Science and Research of the European Commission in 2003 ( updated 2004 ).
This list of billionaires is based on the annual ranking of the world's wealthiest people compiled and published by Forbes magazine on March 10, 2005.
Metroid: Zero Mission received several honors, including a 46th-place ranking in a list of the Top 200 Games compiled by Nintendo Power.
His other career records include: consecutive wins of a single tournament, longest consecutive winning streak ( in ranking events ), most centuries compiled in one match ( 7 ), most centuries compiled in one tournament ( 16 ), most years ranked world no. 1, most career centuries ( 775 ) and highest total prize money.
To date, he has won a total of 25 ranking titles and compiled 500 competitive century breaks, including six maximum 147 breaks.
In June 2007, Leeds Met received recognition of its environmentally friendly attitude by being ranked number one in the UK in the Green League 2007: a ranking of sustainability in the higher education sector, compiled by People & Planet.
) The results are compiled and sorted into an ordinal ranking which used to be subdivided into " peer groups ," but no longer is.
Brookes in 1950 compiled a ranking list of greatest tennis players and put Wilding fourth behind Bill Tilden and the Dohertys, and ahead of Budge, Kramer, Lacoste and Perry.
In 1881, he compiled 156 total bases, the second most in the National League, and had a. 325 batting average and. 444 slugging percentage, ranking 5th in the National League in both categories.
Very few juniors in the 1970s had international ratings, so Barden compiled his own world ranking lists for every age group from under-18 to under-10, updating the figures at monthly or weekly intervals and posting the results at the invitation events.
Reference. com in 2010 topped the list compiled by The Wall Street Journal ranking websites by how many third-party tracking cookies were added to the user's computer.
In 2009, CEIBS became the first Chinese business school to make the world's Top 10 MBA ranking compiled by the FT. Its EMBA program, ranked 11th worldwide by the same publication in 2011, is the largest in the world-topping 700 students in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen.
Over his major league career, he compiled an Adjusted ERA + of 126 — ranking 54th best in major league history.
The World ’ s 50 Best Restaurants list is compiled from the votes of the " World ’ s 50 Best Restaurants Academy ", a group of 27 panels established to make the ranking.
He compiled a 13 – 16 record on clay courts, 6 – 10 on hard, 1 – 1 on grass, and had a year-ending ranking of world no.

ranking and part
This is due in part to the nearly infinite re-occurrence ( keyword stuffing ) of meta elements and / or to attempts by unscrupulous website placement consultants to manipulate ( spamdexing ) or otherwise circumvent search engine ranking algorithms.
The largest reason for people swimming is as a recreation activity, with swimming consistently ranking as one of the physical activities people are most likely to take part in.
* a Comes rei militaris of ( Mauretania -, but not mentioning that part of the name ) Tingitana, also ranking as vir spectabilis, in charge of the following border garrison ( Limitanei ) commanders: Praefectus alae Herculeae at Tamuco, Tribunus cohortis secundae Hispanorum at Duga, Tribunus cohortis primae Herculeae at Aulucos, Tribunus cohortis primae Ityraeorum at Castrabarensis, another Tribunus cohortis at Sala, Tribunus cohortis Pacatianensis at Pacatiana, Tribunus cohortis tertiae Asturum at Tabernas and Tribunus cohortis Friglensis at ( and apparently also from, a rarity ) Friglas ; and to whom three extraordinary cavalry units are assigned: Equites scutarii seniores, Equites sagittarii seniores and Equites Cordueni,
One part of the reason this area received this ranking is that Opelika is home to Robert Trent Jones Grand National.
It also possible that the party leader is member of cabinet, if the D66 was part of the governing coalition, the " highest ranking " minister is listed.
The move came as during the 1999 – 2000 season, The WB dropped to sixth place in the ratings behind UPN, losing 19 % of its household audience ; network executives attributed the ratings decline in large part due to WGN-TV's decision to remove WB network programming from its national superstation feed after deciding the network's national distribution was large enough that broadcasting its programming outside of Chicago was no longer necessary, reducing The WB's potential household audience by 10 million homes ; this expansion was due to a series of affiliation deals for the network with station groups such as Sinclair Broadcast Group in the years following The WB's launch, as well as the network launching The WB 100 + Station Group, a national cable-only service that debuted in September 1998 serving areas with a Nielsen market ranking of # 99 and above that did not have enough broadcast stations to support an over-the-air affiliate ( WGN-TV continued to carry WB programming over-the-air in the Chicago market and on cable providers in northeastern Illinois and far northwestern Indiana until the network shut down in 2006 ).
Carleton College is part of the Annapolis Group, which has issued a group statement asking members not to participate in ranking surveys.
were not a part of this ranking.
When the Google search engine became popular, search engine optimizers learned that Google's ranking algorithm depended in part on a link weighting scheme called PageRank.
For French nationals, the ranking is actually part of a government recruitment program: a certain number of seats in civil or military Corps, including elite civil servant Corps such as the Corps des Mines, are open to the student body each year.
In recent years, Nebraska had been at or near the bottom of the AAU's statistical criteria for members, a ranking attributed in part to the university's extensive agricultural research funded by the U. S. Department of Agriculture, which is not included in the AAU's rankings because it is not awarded by peer-reviewed grants ; and because Nebraska's medical school is a separate institution whose research funding is not under UNL's auspices.
This indicates that a part of the process must be controlled by a model of the real world capable of ranking data elements in terms of their significance and filtering out the data irrelevant to survival.
Kurri was part of the Finnish team at the 1987 Canada Cup and the 1989 World Championships, but Finland was unable to gain success on those tournaments, ranking 6th of 6 and 5th of 8, in those respective tournaments.
In Germany and in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Dozent or Hochschuldozent denotes an academic appointment at a university or similar institution, at a mid level ranking of seniority.
He took part in the remaining seven ranking tournaments, being knocked out in the first round in the Shanghai Masters and Welsh Open and losing in the last 16 of the UK Championship, German Masters and the China Open.
Pot Black was a British series of snooker tournaments televised by BBC, which didn't carry any ranking points, but played a large part in the popularization of the modern game, from 1969 to 1986.
Forbes ’ overall ranking centers on the value of the degree obtained by a university ’ s students and measures, in part, the marketplace success of a school ’ s graduate.
He was seen to be a scapegoat for the incompetence of higher ranking officers, as shown in part of Andrew Marvell's satirical poem:
Based on what distances the progeny of the sires so designated excelled in during their racing careers ( the distance preferences displayed by the sires themselves while racing being irrelevant ), each chef-de-race ( the list released in the early 1980s identified 120 such sires, and 85 more have been added ) is placed in one or two of the following categories, or " aptitudinal groups ": Brilliant, Intermediate, Classic, Solid or Professional, with " Brilliant " indicating that the sire's progeny fared best at very short distances and " Professional " denoting a propensity for very long races on the part of the sire's offspring, the other three categories ranking along the same continuum in the aforementioned order.
The competition is notional in the sense that it is simply a ranking scheme overlaid on all international matches that are otherwise played as part of regular Test cricket scheduling with no consideration of home or away status.
If the party is part of the governing coalition the highest ranking minister is included, otherwise this will read opposition.
During the American Revolution, he was the second ranking officer in the Virginia militia for Kentucky County, taking part in the defense of the settlements against attacks made by British-led Indians.
Specific high ranking naval and army officers were named ; and in addition, special mention was given to 55 naval aviators and 9 " members of a special attack flotilla " -- presumably miniature submarines taking part in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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