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resulted and increased
Political theoretical understanding, although almost at a standstill during this century, did develop during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and resulted in a flood of inventions which increased the possibility for man to coexist with man.
Repeated attempts to withdraw steroids entirely were unsuccessful because increased muscle weakness resulted, as well as fever, malaise, anorexia, anxiety, and an exacerbation of the anemia.
This oxygen level probably increased wildfire activity, as well as resulted in insect and amphibian gigantism -- creatures whose size is constrained by respiratory systems that are limited in their ability to diffuse oxygen.
In 2005, a reassessment of residential property values resulted in a disproportionate number of houses owned by non-affluent people jumping in value relative to other houses, with hundreds having their property tax increased by over 100 %; this forced many homeowners in Cambridge to move elsewhere.
However, as the marine microbiota recovered, it is thought that increased speciation of benthic foraminifera resulted from the increase in food sources.
In addition, Deccan Trap volcanism might have resulted in carbon dioxide emissions that increased the greenhouse effect when the dust and aerosols cleared from the atmosphere.
Following the resignation of Labor MP Alison Anderson in 2009 to become an independent which then resulted in 2011 to become a member of the CLP, this increased to CLP's margin to 12 in the Assembly, leaving the incumbent Henderson Government to govern in minority with the support of Independent MP Gerry Wood.
The two recent conflicts ( the First and Second Congo Wars ), which began in 1996, have dramatically reduced national output and government revenue, have increased external debt, and have resulted in deaths of more than five million people from war, and associated famine and disease.
The first clinical trial, involving 30 women with breast cancer, combined insulin with low-dose methotrexate ( a common chemotherapy drug ) resulted in greatly increased stable disease, and much reduced progressive disease, compared with insulin or low-dose methotrexate alone.
Rather than becoming direct competitors to the Muslim merchants, the expanding market opportunities in Europe and the Mediterranean resulted in increased trade across the Sahara.
It resulted in their increased share in the overall composition of the camp prisoners.
This resulted in increased worker productivity, less fatigue, and improved sleep.
The increased drilling resulted in major discoveries at Cushing in 1912 and Healdton in 1913.
They have maintained this position because of advances which have resulted in increased recording capacity, reliability, and speed, as well as decreased cost, allowing them to keep pace with ever more demanding requirements for secondary storage.
a long civil war and recurrent drought in the hinterlands have resulted in increased migration of the population to urban and coastal areas with adverse environmental consequences ; desertification ; pollution of surface and coastal waters ; elephant poaching for ivory is a problem
The widespread use and misuse of antibiotics has resulted in increased microbial resistance to antibiotics in clinical use, to the point that the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ( MRSA ) has been described as a " superbug " because of the threat it poses to health and its relative invulnerability to existing drugs.
The third event was land colonization, which resulted from the availability of land, the existence of economic opportunity, the increased price of crops, and the newly gained accessibility of the eastern border region.
With the conveniences stamps offered, their use resulted in greatly increased mailings during the 19th and 20th centuries.
Ministry of Trade and Industry analysts stated that poor export performance resulted from structural problems embedded in the nation's economy, including an overly strong won, increased wages and high labor costs, frequent strikes, and high interest rates.
Political extremism is not a widespread phenomenon in Switzerland, although far-left extremism has increased slightly since the turn of the century in 2000 has resulted in improved organization of the far left, but it has no noticeable impact on parliamentary or direct democracy.
This has resulted in increased density in older suburbs and, often, the growth of lower density suburbs even further from city centers.
Encouraged by the commodity boom of the mid-1970s, which resulted in a fourfold increase in phosphate prices and sharply increased government revenues, Togo embarked on an overly ambitious program of large investments in infrastructure while pursuing industrialization and development of state enterprises in manufacturing, textiles, and beverages.
The growing popularity of the activity has resulted not just in increased attention from explorers, but also from vandals and Law Enforcement.
This increased level of vampire superstition in Europe led to mass hysteria and in some cases resulted in corpses actually being staked and people being accused of vampirism.

resulted and strategic
The attack, though of no strategic value, resulted in the retreat of several enemy units, and so the Roman people, desperate for good news, believed Minucius to be a hero.
The interest of Middle Eastern peoples in Maldives resulted from its strategic location and its abundant supply of cowrie shells, a form of currency that was widely used throughout Asia and parts of the East African coast since ancient times.
The important strategic location of Maastricht resulted in the construction of an impressive array of fortifications around the city during this period.
Another change in late 2009 and early 2010 resulted in the transfer of the ICBM force from AFSPC and the B-52 and B-2 strategic bomber force from ACC to the newly-established Air Force Global Strike Command ( AFGSC ), which is a direct descendant of SAC.
The Japanese had reached the high-water mark of their conquests in the Pacific, and Guadalcanal marked the transition by the Allies from defensive operations to the strategic offensive in that theatre and the beginning of offensive operations, including the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and Central Pacific campaigns, that resulted in Japan's eventual surrender and the end of World War II.
Æthelfrith's victory at Chester has been seen as having great strategic importance, as it may have resulted in the separation of the Britons between those in Wales and those to the north ; however, Stenton noted that Bede was mainly concerned with the massacre of the monks and does not indicate that he regarded the battle as a historical " turning-point ".
Budget cuts and revised strategic thinking resulted in troop cutbacks.
Hugh Trenchard | Trenchard's struggle with the Admiralty resulted in the Air Ministry focusing more on strategic bombing, at the expense of ASW.
A shift in focus to the southern American states in 1778 resulted in a string of victories for the British, but General Nathanael Greene engaged in guerrilla warfare and prevented them from making strategic headway.
There is general agreement that US technological superiority was a crucial factor but the speed and scale of the Iraqi collapse has also been attributed to poor strategic and tactical leadership and low morale among Iraqi troops, which resulted from a history of incompetent leadership.
Unfortunately, Bradley's failure to properly coordinate attack plans with strategic bombing forces resulted in hundreds of American casualties, including the death of a field officer, General Lesley McNair.
In the Pacific War, during the last seven months of strategic bombing by B-29 Superfortresses in the airwar against Japan, a change to firebombing tactics resulted in some 500, 000 Japanese deaths and 5 million more made homeless.
Nazi Germany had put only one large, long-range strategic bomber ( the Heinkel He 177 Greif, with many delays and problems ) into production, while the America Bomber concept resulted only in prototypes.
Mao required internal political equilibrium in order to protect China from the strategic and military vulnerabilities that resulted from its political isolation from the community of nations.
START negotiated the largest and most complex arms control treaty in history, and its final implementation in late 2001 resulted in the removal of about 80 percent of all strategic nuclear weapons then in existence.
The strategic importance of Bragança, to military control of access, resulted from its localization and was reinforced by administrative institutions established by the King.
It did not function as the controlling headquarters for all Allied air forces, with the strategic forces of RAF Bomber Command and the US Eighth Air Force being retained by their national command authorities until pressure from U. S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower resulted in them being placed directly under SHAEF instead of AEAF.
From the Polish point of view, while the German defeat constitutes a Polish tactical victory, the ensuing destruction of the Polish units by the Soviets resulted in a strategic defeat, especially considering the goals of Operation Tempest.
Over the following months poorly executed actions by the Spanish forces resulted in Wellesley's strategic position being compromised.
One of them was derailment of a German military train in August 1944, which resulted in a 26-hour delay of traffic on the strategic connection Warsaw-Białystok.
On May 18, 2007, LIN TV announced that it was exploring strategic alternatives that could have resulted in the sale of the company.
But, starting in 1919, several factors resulted in a dramatic expansion of strategic orientation, supplementing traditional " small ball " with the " power game ": a " livelier " ball, because of better materials and a tighter weave ; more frequent substitutions of new balls ; lighter, more flexible bats ; the outlawing of the spitball ; and the increase in attendance which drove owners to build more outfield seating, thus reducing the outfield area significantly.
One strategy was to have some of Miller's delegates vote for the progressive Larry Grossman on the second ballot, which resulted in the narrow elimination of the centrist Dennis Timbrell ( this was considered strategic voting as Timbrell was considered a greater threat than Grossman ).
This refusal resulted in Operation Allied Force, during which NATO utilized air supremacy and strategic bombing to cripple Serbian forces and force them to withdraw from Kosovo.

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