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resulted and revisions
This test resulted in further revisions of the questionnaire.
The revisions resulted in a rebuke from the major Jewish denominations in a June 13, 2008 letter to the head of the PCUSA and a similar condemnation in the form of a statement from the denominations and ten other organizations.
Several rings were built in Europe during the five years that it took to obtain funding for the project, but the extensive project revisions resulted in a superior design that was quickly constructed and paved the way for Nobel Prizes in 1976 for Burton Richter and in 1995 for Martin Perl.
However, the Soviet government had opinions about the opera which resulted in many revisions.
The revisions, together with the usual problems associated with the transportation system of the South, resulted in delays that pushed out the launch date until February 3, 1862, and she was not commissioned until February 17, bearing the name CSS Virginia.
The discovery of new specimens and proposed cladistics have resulted in systematic revisions of the family and related proboscideans.
Apart from minor boundary revisions ( for example, Caversham, a town in Oxfordshire, becoming part of Reading county borough and thus of Berkshire, in 1911 ), these areas changed little until the 1965 creation of Greater London and of Huntingdon and Peterborough, which resulted in the abolition of the offices of Lord Lieutenant of Middlesex, Lord Lieutenant of the County of London and Lord Lieutenant of Huntingdonshire and the creation of the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London and of the Lord Lieutenant of Huntingdon and Peterborough.
Since it was first organized, social changes have resulted in major revisions to the portrayal of United States history, the government's and settlers ' relations with Native American peoples, and renewed appreciation for Native American culture.
Two important revisions – those of Linder in 1952 and Longhurst in 1955 – synonymised many taxa, and resulted in the recognition of only 11 species in the two genera.
The revisions during Osmund's episcopate resulted in the compilation of a new Missal, Breviary, and other liturgical manuals, which came to be used throughout southern England, Wales, and parts of Ireland.
Boundary changes to realign the constituency boundaries to fit with the borough's most recent ward revisions resulted in the addition of Ketley ( from the constituency of The Wrekin ) for the 2010 general election.
Boundary changes to realign the constituency boundaries to fit with the borough's most recent ward revisions resulted in the removal of Ketley ( to the constituency of Telford ) for the 2010 general election.

resulted and King
This teamwork resulted in the single Lets Get Busy ( Clubland Quarts feat Snap introductin King Bee ).
The battle resulted in a complete royal victory ; Montfort was killed, and King Henry III was restored to full power.
During the conflict which resulted from the ousting of King James II by his Protestant rival, William III, Enniskillen and Derry were the focus of Williamite resistance in Ireland, including the nearby Battle of Newtownbutler.
Scott's " staging " of the royal Visit of King George IV to Scotland in 1822 and the king's wearing of tartan, resulted in a massive upsurge in demand for kilts and tartans that could not be met by the Scottish linen industry.
Later on, in 229 BC, Queen Teuta of the Ardiaei clashed with the Romans and initiated the Illyrian Wars, which resulted in defeat and in the end of Illyrian independence by 168 BC, when King Gentius was defeated by a Roman army.
After King Abdullah II's accession to the throne in 1999, liberal economic policies were introduced that resulted in a boom lasting for a decade, continuing through 2009.
During John's reign, England lost the duchy of Normandy to King Philip II of France, which resulted in the collapse of most of the Angevin Empire and contributed to the subsequent growth in power of the Capetian dynasty during the 13th century.
Gradual political reforms in the 1990s resulted in the establishment of a bicameral legislature in 1997, and with the death of King Hassan II of Morocco in 1999, the more liberal-minded Crown Prince Sidi Mohammed, who assumed the title of Mohammed VI, took the throne.
Over the course of his reign a combination of higher taxes, unsuccessful wars that resulted in the loss of English barons ' titled possessions in Normandy following the Battle of Bouvines ( 1214 ), and an ongoing conflict with the Pope Innocent III had made King John unpopular with many of his barons.
This resulted in massive and spontaneous demonstrations and rallies held across Nepal against King Gyanendra's autocratic rule.
At one point, the civil struggle had resulted to the point of anarchy, and the King of the Southern Federation of Palau, the Ibedul, assumed responsibility over governing the Palauan islands which thereby established a temporary state of absolute monarchy.
King Saud ( 1953 – 1964 ) was considered incompetent and extravagant and his rule led to an economic and political crisis that resulted in his forced abdication.
In 1811, a decision was made to establish the first university in the Dano-Norwegian Union, after a successful campaign which resulted in an agreement with King Fredrik VI.
The turbulent period of the reformation of King Gustavus Vasa resulted in a drop in the already relatively insignificant number of students in Uppsala, which was seen as a center of Catholicism and of potential disloyalty to the Crown.
King led the effort to raise a memorial to Harper, which resulted in the erection of the Sir Galahad statue on Parliament Hill in 1905.
According to Don Frew, Valiente composed the couplet, following Gardner's statement that witches " are inclined to the morality of the legendary Good King Pausol, ' Do what you like so long as you harm none '"; he claims the common assumption that the Rede was copied from Crowley is misinformed, and has resulted in the words often being misquoted as " an it harm none, do what thou wilt " instead of " do what you will ".
The battle also resulted in the death of the Visigothic King Alaric II.
Also there, on February 21, 1859, together with 151 republicans he signed a manifesto against the alliance between Piedmont and the King of France which resulted in the Second War of Italian Independence and the conquest of Lombardy.
Following the successful defense of Vienna in 1683 led by King of Poland John III Sobieski, a series of campaigns resulted in the return of all of Hungary to Austrian control by the Treaty of Carlowitz in 1699.
The victory-relatively small, as only a few Berber soldiers were involved — resulted in great prestige for Pelayo and provoked a massive insurrection by other nobles in Galicia and Asturias who immediately rallied around Pelayo, electing him King or military Dux.
To take an atrociously extreme example, when the Tamil Śaivite Ñānasambandar Nāyanār defeated the Jain ācāryas in Madurai before the Pāṇḍya King Māravarman Avaniśūlāmani ( 620-645 ) this debate is said to have resulted in the impalement of 8000 Jains, an event still celebrated in the Mīnāksi Temple of Madurai today.
On 4 June 1913, she stepped in front of King George V's horse running in the Epsom Derby, sustaining injuries that resulted in her death four days later.
He made his final appearances on stage as Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and as King Lear at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in 1959, although failing health resulted in both performances being disappointing, according to some British critics.
His rule of almost six years ended in the July Revolution of 1830, which resulted in his abdication and the election of Louis Philippe, Duke of Orléans, as King of the French.

resulted and James
Opposition to them resulted in the highly controversial Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, authored by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.
The death of James Wolfe | General Wolfe during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham ; the campaigns of the French and Indian War resulted in British control of modern Canada.
He moved back to Detroit where his on again off again relationship with Kelly South resulted in a son Robert James Ritchie Jr.
William and Mary, both Protestants, became king and queen regnant, respectively, following the Glorious Revolution, which resulted in the deposition of her Roman Catholic father, James II and VII.
The creation of NSA resulted from a December 10, 1951, memo sent by Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) Director Walter Bedell Smith to James S. Lay, Executive Secretary of the National Security Council.
New England took the ensuing kickoff and ran one play before the first quarter ended, which resulted in positive yardage for the first time in the game ( a 3-yard run by James ).
His temper while playing golf resulted in James II of Scotland outlawing the sport.
This and the withdrawal of Joseph Banks resulted in his invitation by the British admiralty to join James Cook's second expedition to the Pacific ( 1772 – 1775 ).
Missionary activity ( James Stewart ) led to the creation of a school for missionaries from which at the beginning of the 20th century the university resulted.
A series of disagreements between the Chief Justiciary of Arbroath, Alexander Lindsay, third Earl of Crawford, and Bishop James Kennedy of St Andrews resulted in Lindsay sacking the bishop's lands and burning his properties.
This special interest of the king also resulted in the North Berwick witch trials with caused over seventy people to be accused of witchcraft in Scotland on account of bad weather when James VI of Scotland ( later James I of England ), who shared the Danish king ’ s interest in witch trials, in 1590 sailed to Denmark to meet his betrothed Anne of Denmark.
This resulted in a visit by Governor James Rolph in March 1932, numerous visits by Hollywood celebrities including Bebe Daniels, Wallace Berry, Rochelle Hudson and others, and visits by famous aviators including Amelia Earhart.
The first city election was held October 22, 1872, by order of Judge Hiram Stevens of the Tenth Judicial District, and resulted in the election of Mayor James Boyle.
Other theories hold that it was named for lawyer James Madison Laidley or for Madison Peyton, a pioneer coal operator, who was a leader in the movement which resulted in the formation of Boone County and for whom Peytona on Big Coal River was named.
When Churchill returned to England, the Popish Plot resulted in a temporary three year banishment for James Stuart, Duke of York.
Events went seriously wrong for James and he had to escape to the Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth along with the earl of Orkney after his escorts were attacked by James Douglas of Balvenie and which resulted in Sir David Fleming's death.
While Tommy Shaw and James Young's material attempted to convey a hard rock vein, Dennis DeYoung's penchant for other styles resulted in dramatic differences in the material on Brave New World.
Brevet Major James Henry Carleton's report, the first federal investigation of the incident, records Jacob Hamblin's account that the train was alleged to have poisoned a spring near Corn Creek that killed 18 head of cattle and resulted in the deaths of two or three people who ate the dead cattle.
The poll resulted in candidates including Guy Fawkes, who was executed for trying to blow up the Parliament of England ; Oliver Cromwell who created a republican England ; Richard III, suspected of murdering his nephews ; James Connolly, an Irish nationalist and socialist who was executed by the Crown in 1916 ; and a surprisingly high ranking of 17th for the former Some Mothers Do ' Ave ' Em star Michael Crawford.
Hill's division initially formed part of James Longstreet's command, but after an argument between Hill and Longstreet, which nearly resulted in a duel, Hill was transferred to Stonewall Jackson's Second Corps.
An attempt to find and pacify Cochise by James Giddings, brother of the general manager, resulted in the death of Giddings and a dozen more men.

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