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saw and beginning
At the beginning of the Hippodrome I saw the Kaiser's Fountain, an ugly octagonal building with a glass dome, built in 1895 by the German Emperor, and on my left, directly across from it, the tomb of Sultan Ahmet, who constructed the Blue Mosque, more properly known by his name.
World War two saw the beginning of the widespread use of high speed bombers which dispensed with defensive weapons to be able to attain higher speed, such as with the de Havilland Mosquito, a philosophy that continued with many Cold War bombers.
Yugoslavia, Greece and Ethiopia requested extradition of 1, 200 Italian war criminals who however never saw anything like Nuremberg trial, because the British government with the beginning of cold war saw in Pietro Badoglio a guarantee of an anti-communist post-war Italy.
The end of October 1918, in Kiel, in northern Germany, saw the beginning of the German Revolution of 1918 – 19.
The 18th century saw the beginning of secularisation in Europe, gaining momentum after the French Revolution.
Feminists, beginning in the late 18th century with Mary Wollstonecraft in 1792 have criticized Rousseau for his confinement of women to the domestic sphere — unless women were domesticated and constrained by modesty and shame, he feared " men would be tyrannized by women ... For, given the ease with which women arouse men's senses ... men would finally be their victims ...." His contemporaries saw it differently because Rousseau thought that mothers should breastfeed their children.
In times of peace, swordsmiths returned to the making of refined and artistic blades, and the beginning of the Momoyama period saw the return of high quality creations.
As with the anarchists, they too saw the Bolshevik take-over of the soviets ( like that of the trade unions ) as subverting the revolution and beginning the restoration of domination and exploitation ... Over the years this emphasis on working class autonomy has resulted in a reinterpretation of Marxist theory that has brought out the two-sided character of the class struggle and shifted the focus from capital ( the preoccupation of orthodox Marxism ) to the workers ... As a result, not only has there been a recognition that capitalism seeks to subordinate everyone's life ( from the traditional factory proletariat to peasants, housewives and students ) but that all those peoples ' struggles involve both the resistance to this subordination and the effort to construct alternative ways of being.
This represented a break with the past, in that previously it was believed that external and absolute reality could impress itself, as it was, on an individual, as, for example, in John Locke's ( 1632 – 1704 ) empiricism, which saw the mind beginning as a tabula rasa ( An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, 1690 ).
The beginning of 2009 also saw the introduction of a new logo for the university which retained the Sirius Star, present on both the old logo and the university crest, but now ' embedded in a stylised lotus flower '.
Many of the Romans saw the beginning of Otto the 2nd ’ s reign as a glimmer of hope that it might be possible for them to recover their ancient rights and even free themselves from foreign rule.
The Dutch Revolt, beginning in 1568, saw the Dutch Republic reject the rule of Habsburg Spain in a conflict that lasted until 1648.
The establishment of the shogunate ( or bakufu ) at the end of the twelfth century saw the beginning of samurai control of Japan for 700 years until the Meiji Restoration in the middle of the nineteenth century.
The country witnessed battles of the Thirty Years ' War and general hostilities of the Eighty Years ' War ; Phillip II and III of Portugal and later the Dutch and English used forts built from the destroyed temples, including Fort Fredrick in Trincomalee, to fight sea battles with the Dutch, Danish, the French and English which saw the beginning of the loss of the sovereign Tamil nation-state on the island.
The 1950s and 1960s were, however, relatively prosperous times after the Second World War, and saw the beginning of a modernisation of the UK, with the construction of its first motorways for example, and also during the 1960s a great cultural movement began which expanded across the world.
The 1960s also saw the beginning of several research publications devoted to the viola, beginning with Franz Zeyringer's Literatur für Viola, which has undergone several versions, the most recent being in 1985.
Though Walter Mondale's tenure was the beginning of the modern day power of the Vice Presidency, the tenure of Dick Cheney saw a rapid growth in the office of the Vice President.
Egbert's later years saw the beginning of Danish Viking raids on Wessex, which occurred frequently from 835 onwards.
2009 also saw the beginning of the new New Mutants volume written by Zeb Wells, with the limited series X-Infernus serving as prologue.
In this century, the Roman Empire saw a crisis, marking the beginning of Late Antiquity.
This century saw the beginning of a period of philosophical brilliance among Western civilizations, particularly the Greeks which would continue all the way through the 4th century until the time of Alexander the Great.
However, this year also saw the beginning of the Gregorian Calendar switch, when the Papal bull known as Inter gravissimas introduced the Gregorian calendar, adopted by Spain, Portugal, the Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth and most of present-day Italy from the start.
Repeated floods and increased demand for Sacramento River water saw a plethora of massive changes to the environment beginning in the 20th century.

saw and productive
During their most productive years, the Orioles saw three of its players named MVP: ( Frank Robinson in 1966 ; Boog Powell in 1970 ; and Cal Ripken, Jr. in 1983 ).
Sir Joseph Banks and others saw the value of breadfruit as a highly productive food in 1769, when stationed in Tahiti as part of the Endeavour expedition commanded by Captain James Cook.
Another half century saw him end with 195 runs at 65. 00 and his bowling was at its most productive in five years, with 10 wickets at 13. 00.
It was Collins's last great success, coming at the end of an extraordinarily productive period which saw four successive novels become best-sellers.
His work was taken up by cultural commentators such as his friend John Ruskin, who saw it as a productive response to the crisis of the age ( compare Matthew Arnold's " Dover Beach ").
He also saw that students became more productive and efficient through this method.
He formed a productive partnership with Iceland striker Eiður Guðjohnsen in his second year with Chelsea, scoring 29 goals in all competitions and helping Guðjohnsen to 23 in a season which also saw Chelsea reach the FA Cup final.
2011 saw the most productive gardens ever hosted in Stelle.
This new technique saw the band at its most productive, recording twenty four songs in nine days.
Girard saw a chance to educate boys who might otherwise be lost and to prepare them for useful, productive lives.
Marx saw classes as defined by people's relationship to the means of productions in two basic ways: either they own productive property or labour for others.
Having failed to score a century in ten Tests and almost three years, the season saw Harvey at his productive best as South Africa, whom he had scored four centuries against three years earlier, toured Australia.
Marx believed that the capitalist bourgeois and their economists were promoting what he saw as the lie that " The interests of the capitalist and those of the worker are ... one and the same "; he believed that they did this by purporting the concept that " the fastest possible growth of productive capital " was best not only for the wealthy capitalists but also for the workers because it provided them with employment.
Farming became the major economic foundation for the Japanese population in California, and they saw it as a way to prove their productive abilities and establish a sense of permanency in their new nation.
This productive collaboration saw the detailed screenplay and cinematography of Padmarajan become a fertile ground for expressive musical narration and thematic scores for Johnson.

saw and two
When, in late afternoon on the last day in June, he saw two people top the ridge to the south and walk toward the house, he quit work immediately and strode to his rifle.
To my great surprise and delight, when they saw the two trees they went rushing off, returning shortly with decorations from their own trees.
While this was being discussed, we saw the militia to the west of us fanning out and breaking into little clusters of two and three men as they approached the road.
At 7:25 two hotel doormen came thumping down the steps, carrying a saw-horse to be set up as a barricade in front of the haberdashery store window next to the entranceway, and as I watched them in their gaudy red coats that nearly scraped the ground, their golden, fringed epaulets and spic, red-visored caps, I suddenly saw just over their shoulders Jessica gracefully making her way through the crowd.
One medium saw two sheets flapping on a line and found that the name Shietz was significant to the sitter.
`` Why the two damned fools got all excited when they saw the bottle, and knocked each other out cold '', Shayne said good-humoredly.
James William Johnson believes that Swift saw major similarities between the two situations.
Looking up, he saw two birds flying together.
At least two of the cellphone calls made by passengers indicate that all the hijackers they saw were wearing red bandanas, which some have questioned may have signified an allegiance to the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.
At least two of the cellphone calls made by passengers indicate that all the hijackers they saw were wearing red bandanas, which some believe may have signified an allegiance to the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.
Norway saw its first finding in February 2009, when cows at two farms in Vest-Agder in the south of Norway showed an immune response to bluetongue.
The 1983 tour to New Zealand saw the team successful on the non-test front, winning all but two games, but getting white-washed in the test-series against the All Blacks.
The 1981 season saw Walsh lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl championship ; the team rose from the cellar to the top of the NFL in just two seasons.
The 1987 election saw the Alliance's share of the votes drop slightly and it now had 22 MP's, and in the election's aftermath Liberal leader David Steel proposed a merged of the two parties.
Since the following two hundred years saw the rise of the Classical Greek civilization, which has been enduringly influential in western society, the Battle of Marathon is often seen as a pivotal moment in European history.
Diddley was an excellent story teller whose stories varied from time to time, however, Diddley contended to friends and family that he was not trying to double-cross Sullivan and attributed the " misunderstanding " to the fact that ; when he saw " Bo Diddley " on a cue card, he was under the impression he was to perform two songs, " Bo Diddley " and " Sixteen Tons ".
The period saw rise of native nobility such as the Frankopans and the Šubićs to prominence and ultimately numerous Bans from the two families.
The Tswana people of Botswana saw the constellation as Dithutlwa, two giraffes-Acrux and Mimosa forming a male, and Gacrux and Delta Crucis forming the female.
Overall, more than two million tourists visited Crete last year, and this increase in tourism is reflected on the number of hotel beds, rising by 53 % in the period between 1986 and 1991, when the rest of Greece saw increases of only 25 %.
Ironically, the following two seasons also saw the Cubs get off to a fast start, as the team rallied to over 10 games above. 500 well into both seasons, only to again wear down and play poorly later on, and ultimately settling back to mediocrity.
A similar flux was seen among the operators of cable systems: franchises were granted to a host of different companies, but a process of consolidation saw the growth of large multiple system operators, until by the early 2000s, virtually the whole industry was in the hands of two companies, NTL and Telewest.
Eisenhower's two terms were peaceful ones for the most part and saw considerable economic prosperity except for a sharp recession in 1958 – 59.
So for about two and a half months I never saw daylight, which was really strange.
In the 1954 World Cup, two goals by Ivor Broadis saw him become the first England player to score two goals in a game at the World Cup finals.

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