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segment and featured
Alameda has also featured prominently on automotive blog Jalopnik, with their " Down on The Street " segment consisting of cars found on the streets of Alameda.
He has been featured in an interview segment in a 1997 episode of This Week In Baseball.
On one occasion, the show featured Martha Stewart as an in-studio guest, whom the Magliozzis twice during the segment referred to as " Margaret ".
Cartoon Network aired a 20-second segment with black dots tracing Jones ' portrait with the words " We'll miss you-Cartoon Network " fading in on the right-hand side, which aired during a four-hour installment of The Looney Tunes Show that featured nothing but Chuck Jones ' most memorable cartoon shorts.
* Professor Campbell: This recurring segment featured Archie Campbell dressed in a graduate's gown telling viewers the meaning of words, with a comic twist ... sometimes wads of paper would fly into the scene as a way of punishing the bad joke that was told.
The Pluot was featured on an Andy Rooney segment on 60 Minutes.
The abbreviated show was a featured segment of Nashville Sings Woody, yet another tribute concert to commemorate the music of Woody Guthrie held during the Folk Alliance Conference.
The Church of Satan was also featured in a segment of Luigi Scattini's film Angeli Bianchi, Angeli Neri, released in the United States as " Witchcraft ' 70 ".
Fictionary is featured as a segment on the weekly US National Public Radio quiz show Says You !, where it is known as the bluffing round.
They were also featured in the theming of the water balloon segment of the park, as well as images and standees posted around in various places.
* CBS 60 Minutes featured on 20 December 2009 a segment entitled " The Patriarch Bartholomew "
The segment featured two egrets flying through the Everglades on a moonlit night.
The segment, titled " Critical Condition ", featured Porky in Wackyland as part of a fake Laserdisc release.
Each episode of the monthly series featured a regular segment on sniglets, which Hall described as " any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should ".
The Lady Chablis was featured in the closing segment of the Savannah episode of Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern on The Travel Channel.
* An episode of Chris Morris's spoof news program The Day Today featured a segment called ' The Pool ', a documentary about " St. Lamb's Pool in Acton ".
Jughead was featured in a Filmation-animated segment for Sesame Street.
The segment " Dial M for Monkey: Barbequor ", aired during the first season, was banned by Cartoon Network shortly after its first broadcast in the United States, because it featured a character called the Silver Spooner ( a parody of the Silver Surfer ) that stereotyped gay men.
The second comedy piece was a remote titled " The Shame of the City "; taking a general format of a local news action segment, it featured Letterman touring several New York locations pointing out various civic problems with righteous indignation.
Maricopa was the subject of a major article in the New York Times on April 6, 2008, and the town was featured on ABC's Nightline on May 7, 2008, during its " Realty Check " segment.
On March 20, 2007, Perris was featured on ABC's Nightline news show during its " Realty Check " segment.
In this segment, Millis was featured as John Kerry's hometown.
The segment from Cape Verde Islands was featured in this Zip Code USA article from National Geographic magazine.
In 2006, the high school in Spade closed and was featured in a segment of Texas Country Reporter.
They released an eponymous tape before changing their name to the Bloodhound Gang, a reference to " The Bloodhound Gang ", a segment on the 1980s PBS kids ' show 3-2-1 Contact that featured three young detectives solving mysteries and fighting crime.

segment and Jerry
Turbine is well known for employing fans of the game to the customer service side, for DDO examples being " Tolero " who hosted a long running role play segment on the unofficial DDO podcast, DDOcast, and Jerry Snook creator and host of said cast.
This segment of the video discusses the est Training in detail, and includes interviews with est graduates John Denver, and Jerry Rubin.
Once all guests have told their stories, there is usually a " question and answer " segment where audience members ask guests questions relevant to their situations, although usually their questions come to insult a guest or they flash the audience in exchange for " Jerry Beads " ( Mardi Gras-style beads with the show logo ).
Upper Village appeared on Da Ali G Show, and Willow was interviewed from the platform of Jerry by Tom Greene, who was doing a segment for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
During the match, commentator Jerry " The King " Lawler remarked that he hated Piper and continued to taunt Piper on his King's Court segment on Monday Night Raw, eventually culminating with Lawler bringing out a skinny teenager in a Piper T-shirt and kilt and forcing him to kiss his feet.
This segment references the Jerry Lewis film The Bellboy.
During a 7 hour, 21 minute Flight Day 5 spacewalk, astronauts Jerry Ross and Jim Newman helped activate the Unity node, the first module to the U. S. segment of the International Space Station.
These included ( but are certainly not limited to ) Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Tex Avery cartoons, early Looney Tunes shorts, Two Stupid Dogs ( Cubby making a cameo in one segment when Brak asks if there are any questions from the audience ), shorts from the What-a-Cartoon Show ( including the pilot for Dexter's Laboratory among others ), The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and other classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons.
* Jerry Springer gives his " Final Thoughts " on that year at the end of each show ; this is a parody of the segment of the same name on The Jerry Springer Show.
The success of the animated segment of Anchors Aweigh, which was noted as " stealing the show " in contemporary trade reviews, led to two more live-action / animated projects for Hanna and Barbera and MGM: an underwater ballet sequence featuring both Tom and Jerry in Esther Williams ' 1953 film Dangerous When Wet, and the " Sinbad the Sailor " sequence of Kelly's 1956 film Invitation to the Dance.
In 1961 she was seen as a middle-aged bride in Jerry Lewis ' It's Only Money, one of Fanny Brice's mother's card-playing friends at the start of the film Funny Girl in 1968, and as the " Jewish Mama from Hell " in Woody Allen's New York Stories in 1989 in Woody's segment titled " Oedipus Wrecks "; she had earlier sung the song " Chameleon Days " on the soundtrack for Allen's film Zelig in 1983.
On the March 14, 2011 episode of Raw, Lawler returned to the WWE as a heel in a segment between Michael Cole and his father, Jerry Lawler, where Brian would side with Cole, saying that he felt that Jerry never cared for him and that he was ashamed to be his son.
Mary Mapes produced a segment for 60 Minutes Wednesday that aired criticism of President George W. Bush's military service, supported by documents purportedly from the files of Bush's commanding officer, the late Lieutenant Colonel Jerry B Killian.
The promotional song from this movie, " Nights Are Forever ", written by Jerry Goldsmith with lyricist John Bettis, and sung by Jennifer Warnes, is heard briefly during the jukebox scene in the opening segment with Vic Morrow.
Richard would frequently make fun of Jerry Springer on his show, as when he lost his contact lenses and was forced to wear eyeglasses, remarking, " Don't worry, you're not watching Jerry Springer " and showing Jerry in his " Bad Neighbors " segment, a reference to Springer's show being the lead-in or lead-out to Bey on many stations in the early-to-mid 1990s.
The segment, which placed Cox onstage with local conservative host Fred Honsberger, radio host Lynn Cullen, and think-tank advisor Jerry Bowyer became so popular that it was spun off into a separate show called Off Q.
Meryl Streep introduced this segment remember the members of the guild who died in 2004: Ronald Reagan, Alan King, Carrie Snodgress, John Randolph, Julius Harris, Fay Wray, John Drew Barrymore, Virginia Mayo, Rodney Dangerfield, Warren J. Kemmerling, Virginia Capers, Frank Maxwell, Robert Pastorelli, Ossie Davis, Ron O ' Neal, Ruth Warrick, Iggie Wolfington, Richard Biggs, Eugene Roche, Virginia Grey, Paul Winfield, Mercedes McCambridge, Joe Viterelli, Isabel Sanford, Tony Randall, Jerry Orbach, Peter Ustinov, Jan Sterling, Howard Keel, Janet Leigh, Ray Charles, Marlon Brando, Christopher Reeve and Johnny Carson.
Essentially a motor-racing version of Tom and Jerry, this segment involved the antics of a race car-driving cat and a motorcycle-driving mouse.
Rhodes made an appearance on the 800th episode of Raw, where he was involved in an in-ring segment, which saw superstars including Kung Funaki, Hornswoggle, The Boogeyman, Jesse, Festus, and the commentators Jerry " The King " Lawler and Michael Cole, dancing in the ring.
The Itchy and Scratchy one is by far the best, and Starship Poopers is only really amusing once the Jerry Springer segment begins.

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