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from Brown Corpus
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temporary and Peace
I have today signed an Executive Order establishing a Peace Corps on a temporary pilot basis.
The temporary Peace Corps will be a source of information and experience to aid us in formulating more effective plans for a permanent organization.
After a temporary suspension due to nationwide political unrest in early 2007, the Peace Corps program in Guinea resumed operations at the end of July.
The idea of an international court of justice arose in the political world at the First Hague Peace Conference in 1899, where it was declared that arbitration between states was the easiest solution to disputes, providing a temporary panel of judges to arbitrate in such cases, the Permanent Court of Arbitration.
Although the Peace of Augsburg created a temporary end to hostilities, it did not resolve the underlying religious conflict, which was made yet more complex by the spread of Calvinism throughout Germany in the years that followed.
* 421 BC: The Peace of Nicias puts a temporary end to the hostilities between Athens and Sparta.
* 421 Peace of Nicias brings temporary end to war, but Alcibiades, a nephew of Pericles, makes anti-Sparta alliance
* Philip V of Macedon makes a temporary peace ( the Peace of Phoenice ) with Rome on favourable terms for Macedonia ending the First Macedonian War.
* Nicias, the leader of the aristocratic and peace party in Athens and Pleistoanax, King of Sparta, negotiate the Peace of Nicias between Athens and Sparta, which brings a temporary end to the Peloponnesian War.
Nicias, and Pleistoanax, King of Sparta, negotiated in 421 BC the Peace of Nicias between Athens and Sparta, which brought a temporary end to the Peloponnesian War.
The Paris Peace Accords of early 1973 seemed to offer a temporary respite from the civil war ; Lon Nol declared a unilateral ceasefire, despite FANK's very weak position on the ground.
First, they proposed the Acadia Peace College, but the idea was quickly dropped and COA as a school of human ecology was granted temporary approval on June 23, 1969, by the Maine State Board of Education.
The elections led to a temporary truce between Israel and the Palestinians and to the Aquba summit in the May 2003 in which Sharon endorsed the Road Map for Peace put forth by the United States, European Union, and Russia, which opened a dialogue with Mahmud Abbas, and announced his commitment to the creation of a Palestinian state in the future.
Peace only came in 1995 after such events as the Srebrenica massacre, Operation Storm and the Dayton Agreement, which provided for a temporary solution, but nothing was permanently resolved.
In 205 BC, Philip V of Macedon made a temporary peace ( the Peace of Phoenice ) with Rome on favourable terms for Macedonia thus ending the First Macedonian War.
In 2004, a Southern California chapters of Veterans For Peace began installing Arlington West, a weekly " temporary cemetery " in tribute to those killed in the war in Iraq, each Sunday in Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, California.

temporary and Corps
In most cases service in the Corps will probably be considered a ground for temporary deferment.
( On May 8, Jubal Early assumed temporary command of the Third Corps ; his replacement in command of Early's Division was Brig.
In July 1779 Washington named Wayne to command the Corps of Light Infantry, a temporary unit of four regiments of light infantry companies from all the regiments in the Main Army.
Yucca Valley has the Twentynine Palms Base ( US Marine Corps ) 20 miles to the east and the Morongo Basin is home to temporary residents who work on the base.
McCook Field was the temporary home of the U. S. Army Signal Corps ' Airplane Engineering Division.
For the front line command Bradley was promoted to temporary lieutenant general in March 1943 and succeeded Patton as head of II Corps in April, directed it in the final Tunisian battles of April and May.
As the only Signal Corps officer on the General Staff, he was chosen as temporary head of the Aviation Section, U. S. Signal Corps, a predecessor of the United States Air Force, in May 1916 when its head was reprimanded and relieved of duty for malfeasance in the section.
He maintained his temporary wartime rank of brigadier general until June 18, 1920, when he was reduced to lieutenant colonel, Signal Corps ( Menoher was reduced to brigadier general in the same orders ).
In March 1918 Wavell was made a temporary brigadier general and returned to Palestine where he served as the brigadier general of the General Staff ( BGGS ) with XX Corps, part of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force commanded by Sir Edmund Allenby, of whom he was later to write a biography.
In 1934, he commanded a military zone of the controversial Army Air Corps Mail Operation, with a temporary headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, but his pilots performed well and his own reputation was untouched by the fiasco.
This was particularly true of XX Corps, which had been able to establish temporary contact with the Potsdam garrison.
After three months serving as commander of the Cavalry Corps, beginning in May 1915, at which time he was also made a temporary lieutenant-general, Byng was off to Gallipoli to head the IX Corps and supervise the successful British, Australian, and New Zealand forces withdrawal from the ill-fated campaign.
Scarecrow is chosen as a bearer of the twin of Sinestro's yellow ring as a temporary Corpsman, giving him the powers of a member of the Sinestro Corps.
In August 1940, he was assigned in the Office of the Chief of Air Corps, and two months later was appointed assistant to the chief of Air Corps, General Arnold, with the temporary rank of brigadier general.
Despite having no connection to the university, he joined Birmingham University Officers ' Training Corps in 1912, and was thus able to be commissioned as a temporary second lieutenant in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment on 22 August 1914, at the outbreak of the First World War ; in later life, as a result of his modest social origins and unpretentious manner, he was sometimes wrongly supposed to have risen from the ranks.
In 1945, Christison assumed temporary command of the Fourteenth Army and also deputised for Slim as Commander of Allied Land Forces, South-East Asia when Slim was on leave, reverting to XV Corps on Slim's return.
On 15 August Stopford was sacked and Major-General Beauvoir De Lisle, commander of the 29th Division, was made temporary commander of IX Corps until Lieutenant-General Julian Byng could be sent from France.
The threat of large enemy attacks caused a temporary withdrawal, but Division elements under XIV Corps control relieved the 147th Infantry and took over the advance on Cape Esperance.

temporary and is
The first thing to do is get her some money by a temporary but definite adjustment pending a final disposition of the case.
His neighbors celebrated his return, even if it was only temporary, and Morgan was especially gratified by the quaint expression of an elderly friend, Isaac Lane, who told him, `` A man that has so often left all that is dear to him, as thou hast, to serve thy country, must create a sympathetic feeling in every patriotic heart ''.
Much more important is to grasp the feelings of the narrator ( whose full name is never given ) as he becomes aware of the disorganized and bewildered mass of French prisoners clustered together in a temporary prison camp in and around the cathedral of Chartres.
for a dose of radiation is not like a flu virus which causes temporary discomfort and then dies.
On the other hand, the temporary reduction in hypothalamic excitability through the injection of a barbiturate into the posterior hypothalamus causes a lessening in frequency and amplitude of cortical strychnine spikes until the hypothalamic excitability is restored.
And there is the bright note: The gains were achieved in the face of temporary traffic lags late in 1960 and early in 1961 as a result of business recession.
And here is Kennan's image of Hitler, Stalin's temporary collaborator in the subjugation and oppression of weaker peoples, and his later enemy:
In the later books, the limp is not mentioned, which suggests it may have been a temporary wartime injury.
A stream anchor, which is usually heavier than a kedge anchor, can be used for kedging or warping in addition to temporary mooring and restraining stern movement in tidal conditions or in waters where vessel movement needs to be restricted, such as rivers and channels.
He is defined by Thomas Carlyle as " a failure of a Fritz ," with " features " of a Frederick the Great in him, " but who burnt away his splendid qualities as a mere temporary shine for the able editors, and never came to anything, full of fire, too much of it wildfire, not in the least like an Alcibiades except in the change of fortune he underwent ".
A marriage of sorts is arranged between Dido and Aeneas at the instigation of Juno, who was told of the fact that her favorite city would eventually be defeated by the Trojans ' descendants, and Aeneas's mother Venus ( the Roman adaptation of Aphrodite ), who realizes that her son and his company need a temporary reprieve to reinforce themselves for the journey to come.
By his patron Canova was placed under Bernardi, or, as he is generally called by filiation, Giuseppe Torretto, a sculptor of considerable eminence, who had taken up a temporary residence at Pagnano, one of Asolo's boroughs
The VwVGo is divided into five parts, which are the constitution of the courts, action, remedies and retrial, costs and enforcement15 and final clauses and temporary arrangements.
* 1930: The temporary Manseibashi Subway Station opens ; it is closed in November 1931.
It is thought that the group evolved in the seas, but was forced into temporary pools and hypersaline lakes by the evolution of bony fishes.
While the inning is still being played, this last scenario can cause a temporary situation where a run has already scored, but its earned / unearned status is not yet certain.
The apparent ego is merely the result of identification with the temporary aggregates, the components of the individual human being's body and consciousness at any given moment in time.
It is possible that Bonaparte envisaged Aboukir Bay as a temporary anchorage: on 27 July he expressed the expectation that Brueys had already transferred his ships to Alexandria and three days later issued orders for the fleet to make for Corfu in preparation for naval operations against the Ottoman territories in the Balkans, although the courier carrying the instructions was intercepted and killed by Bedouin partisans.
In contemporary usage, memory is usually semiconductor storage read-write random-access memory, typically DRAM ( Dynamic-RAM ) or other forms of fast but temporary storage.
These are usually ' temps ' ( temporary workers ) or consultants who, depending on the project and their experience, might be brought on to lead a task for which the skill-set did not exist within the company, or in the case of a temp, in the vernacular sense, to perform busy-work or an otherwise low-skilled repetitive task for which an employee is deemed too valuable to perform.
The complementary arrangement of the facing sides of South America and Africa is obvious, but is a temporary coincidence.

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