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terror and crimes
Many of these facial disfigurings were and still are done in some parts of the world as punishment for some crimes, and as individual shame and population terror practices.
These attacks caused widespread terror in the district and throughout the country and drew the attention of social reformers to the squalor and vice of the area, even though these crimes remain unsolved today.
Serbian forces committed numerous war crimes during the implementation of " joint criminal enterprise " whose aim was to " through the use of violence and terror, force a significant number of Kosovo Albanians to leave their homes, across the border, the state government to retain control over Kosovo.
* Jules Amédée Barbey d ' Aurevilly wrote tales of terror in which morbid passions are acted out in bizarre crimes, such as Les Diaboliques Diabolical Women ( written in 1858, published in 1874, no relation to the movie ).
The nemesis is the final " pay " for the crimes, punishment in the individual who raises their own feelings of pity and terror that allow the soul to purify themselves from these negative passions that every man possesses.
President Luchenko announced that the justice department would prosecute those who had committed crimes during Clark's reign of terror and offered amnesty to those who had followed Sheridan.
President Luchenko announced that the justice department would prosecute those who had committed crimes during Clark's reign of terror.
Communist journalist Daniel Singer has also criticized the Black Book for discussing the faults of communist states while ignoring their positive achievements ; he says that " if you look at Communism as merely the story of crimes, terror and repression, to borrow the subtitle of the Black Book, you are missing the point.
Although various members have been suspected of assassinations and other acts of terror perpetrated in the 1980s and later, and some members having been charged with conspiracy to commit first degree murder and other crimes, al-Fuqra itself is not listed as a terror group by the US or the EU ( it was listed as a terrorist organization in the 1999 Patterns of Global Terrorism report by the U. S. State Department.
All were executed by a firing squad for crimes committed during the reign of terror by Bokassa I of the Central African Empire.
Palestinian Media Watch reported that the Palestinian Authority spent more than $ 5 million a month paying salaries to Palestinians and Israeli Arabs imprisoned in Israel for terror crimes.

terror and carried
This abuse of power by local leaders exacerbated the violent purges and terror campaigns carried out by Stalin against members of the Party deemed to be traitors.
Domestic repression inside Iraq grew worse, and Saddam's sons, Uday and Qusay Hussein, became increasingly powerful and carried out a private reign of terror.
Before that, AK units carried out thousands of raids, intelligence operations, bombed hundreds of railway shipments, participated in many clashes and battles with the German police and Wehrmacht units and conducted tens of thousands of acts of sabotage against German industry The AK also conducted " punitive " operations to assassinate Gestapo officials responsible for Nazi terror.
The first attempt of radiological terror was carried out in November 1995 by a group of Chechen separatists, who buried a caesium-137 source wrapped in explosives at the Izmaylovsky Park in Moscow.
Upon being set free in the morning, Jeremiah went to Pashur ( Jeremiah 20: 3, 5 ) and announced to him that God had changed his name to Magor-missabib, i. e., " terror on every side " and that he would be later carried captive to Babylon and die there.
Yassin was the dominant authority of the Hamas leadership, which was directly involved in planning, orchestrating and launching terror attacks carried out by the organization.
Vasco da Gama having in 1497 found his way round the Cape of Good Hope pushed his way across the Indian Ocean to the shores of Malabar and Kozhikode, attacking the fleets that carried freight and Muslim pilgrims from India to the Red Sea, and struck terror into the potentates all around.
In response, Barre's elite unit, the Red Berets ( Duub Cas ), and the paramilitary unit called the Victory Pioneers carried out systematic terror against the Majeerteen, Hawiye, and Isaaq clans.
He is involved in a terror plot, but is killed by Win before it can be carried out.
The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, having found his way around the Cape and obtained pilots from the coast of Zanzibar in 1497 CE, pushed his way across the Indian Ocean to the shores of Malabar and Calicut, attacked the fleets that carried freight and Muslim pilgrims from India to the Red Sea, and struck terror into the potentates all around.
Trujillo's Dominican Republic carried out dozens of assassinations and terror campaigns against Dominican exiles under the direction of intelligence chief Johnny Abbes García.
" JAT has robbed banks and carried out other illicit activities to fund the purchase of assault weapons, pistols and bomb-making materials ", so JAT is put on US terror list.
Due to an increase in terror attacks during the Second Intifada, mainly carried out by Hamas against Israeli civilians, Israeli troops began conducting regular raids and arrests inside the West Bank.
Only because all offences against law and decency are carried out under the protection of secrecy and under the pressures of terror " Goerdeler argued that if only a situation were created " in which, if only for twenty-four hours, it possible for the truth to be spoken again ", then the Nazi regime would collapse like a house of cards.
After the Finnish Civil War of 1918, the victorious White troops of Carl Gustaf Mannerheim carried out terror against workers and suspected leftists.
Even though a local Turkish militant group, the Great Eastern Islamic Raiders ' Front, claimed responsibility for the attacks, police claimed the bombings were " too sophisticated to have been carried out by that group ", with a senior Israeli government source saying: " the attack must have been at least coordinated with international terror organizations ".
In April, politics was eclipsed ( and the envisaged reform put off until after 1973 ) when a new wave of terror began, carried out by the Turkish People's Liberation Army, in the form of kidnappings with ransom demands and bank robberies.
In early 1918, The Times carried an article – entitled Falkenhausen's reign of terror – describing 170 military executions of Belgian civilians that had taken place since he had been appointed governor.
The number of casualties that occurred at the time of the repatriations and in the weeks that followed has proven difficult to ascertain, with exact numbers being a subject of much debate, however, it is clear that Yugoslav Partisan troops killed most of the collaborationist troops they captured at the end of the war in an " act of mass terror and brutal political surgery " comparable to that carried out by the Ustaše and Chetniks earlier in the war.
* The United States Department of State constantly includes in its " Religious Freedom Report " and " Human Rights Report " information regarding the restrictions of the religious freedoms of the members of the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric, existence of religious prisoners, violation of freedom of movement, police terror and demolition of a monastery, prevention of OSCE from obtaining a copy of the decision upon which the demolition was carried out, police interrogations of the members of the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric etc.
On January 9, 1923 in Holloway Prison, 29-year-old Thompson collapsed in terror at the prospect of her hanging and, unconscious, had to be supported on the gallows by four prison warders, who half carried her to the scaffold, where she had to be held upright while the noose was placed around her neck.
At no time during his leadership of JI were any acts of terror carried out by JI against anyone, either in Indonesia or anywhere else.
From 1994 to 2000, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades carried out a number of terror attacks against both Israeli soldiers and civilians.
The Nationalist side conducted aerial bombing of cities in Republican territory, carried out mainly by the Luftwaffe volunteers of the Condor Legion and the Italian air force volunteers of the Corpo Truppe Volontarie-the most notorious example of this tactic of terror bombings was the bombing of Guernica.

terror and out
Christopher Syn set out on a quest for revenge, always managing to reach the eloped pair's destinations ahead of them just in time to terrify them against landing and facing him in a deliberate campaign of terror.
After the war, the League of Nations held the East Prussian plebiscite on 11 July 1920 to determine if the people of the southern districts of East Prussia wanted to remain within East Prussia or to join the Second Polish Republic. The German side terrorized the local population before the plebiscite using violence, Polish organisations and activists were harassed by German militias, and those actions included attacks and murder of Polish activists ; Masurs who supported voting for Poland were singled out and subjected to terror and repressions
Names of those Masurs supporting Polish side were published in German newspapers, and their photos presented in German shops ; afterwards a regular hunts were organised after them by German militias which terrorized Polish population At least 3, 000 Warmian and Masurian activists who were engaged for Polish side had to flee the region out of fear of their lives At the same time German police engaged in active surveillance of Polish minority and attacks against Polish activists Before the plebiscite Poles started to flee the region to escape the German harassment and terror
Given a year to complete the work, Gibson undertook the actual writing out of " blind animal terror " at the obligation to write an entire novel – a feat which he felt he was " four or five years away from ".
The ailments may be either purely physical afflictions — such as disease, which may be cured by gifting, flattering, threatening, or wrestling the disease-spirit ( sometimes trying all these, sequentially ), and which may be completed by displaying a supposedly extracted token of the disease-spirit ( displaying this, even if " fraudulent ", is supposed to impress the disease-spirit that it has been, or is in the process of being, defeated, so that it will retreat and stay out of the patient's body ) --, or else mental ( including psychosomatic ) afflictions — such as persistent terror ( on account of a frightening experience ), which may be likewise cured by similar methods.
to persuade the contras to use terror in a less random, more calculated fashion .” Whether they became more calculated regarding their deeds of terror is unclear, but they remained horrific: “ Linder was out with his crew, knee deep in a stream, measuring the water flow to see whether it was suitable to power a plant for San José de Bocay.
Opponents, by contrast, point out that property owners and operators can indeed feel terror.
The NLF, with the support of the army, attained total control of the new state after defeating the FLOSY and the states of the former Federation in a drawn out campaign of terror.
The first was the Strategic Defense Initiative or " Star Wars ": " Star wars raised the terrible prospect that there might be an effective means of neutralising the inter-continental ballistic missile, whereby the two great giants who held what had become to be seen as the balance of terror would contract out of the game altogether: the deterrent would be switched off by the invulnerability of the two providers of the mutual terror ".
According to apocryphal lore, língchí began when the torturer, wielding an extremely sharp knife, began by putting out the eyes, rendering the condemned incapable of seeing the remainder of the torture and, presumably, adding considerably to the psychological terror of the procedure.
The military press censor at SHAEF made a mistake and allowed the Cowan cable to go out starting with " Allied air bosses have made the long awaited decision to adopt deliberate terror bombing of great German population centres | date = September / October 1996 | url = http :// www. legionmagazine. com / en / index. php / 1996 / 09 / the-bomber-command-offensive / | title = The Bomber Command Offensive | publisher = originally published in the Legion Magazine
Wojciechowski had always spoken out against terror as a political tool, but was arrested and expelled from France in 1895.
An organization that could inflict more subtle terror and obedience was needed, and the SA ( which had been born out of street violence and beer hall brawls ) was simply not capable of doing so.
the former they know to be impossible ( at least at present ) & by the latter if I understand them right, they mean no Laws & no Government whatsoever-in the mean time it may be truly said that Gen. Carleton had taken an ill measure of the influence of the seigneurs & Clergy over the lower order of people whose Principle of conduct founded in fear & the sharpness of authority over them now no longer exercised, is unrestrained, & breaks out in every shape of contempt or detestation of those whom they used to behold with terror & who gave them I believe too many occasions to express it.
Of these sources, only nine reactor produced isotopes stand out as being suitable for radiological terror: americium-241, californium-252, caesium-137, cobalt-60, iridium-192, plutonium-238, polonium-210, radium-226 and strontium-90, and even from these it is possible that radium-226 and polonium-210 do not pose a significant threat.
Between the mass executions, the wild fear of the populace, and the institution of the Festival of Reason, by the middle of 1794 there was “ a great deal of enthusiasm for ending the terror, no one could figure out how to do it … The only thing that would end the terror, and apparently the only thing they could all agree upon, was the fall of Robespierre ”.
A campaign of terror against Aristide supporters was started by Emmanuel Constant after Aristide was forced out.

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