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then and relatively
If we have five problems whose solution we seek in relatively united fashion, then there are twice as many issues which, I judge, sharply divide us, intergroup relations practitioners and lay people.
Jones first concentrated on the Italian Baroque, a style then out of favor and relatively inexpensive in the years immediately following the war.
Since then, consistent liberalization and astute economic management has led to the removal of 95 % of all price controls, low unemployment, a positive balance of payments position, a stable exchange rate, a shift of exports from former communist economic bloc markets to Western Europe, and relatively low foreign debt.
Released in March 1989, it featured the then relatively unknown singer Lisa Stansfield.
In the early 1970s, this gave rise to ideas to return to simpler processor designs in order to make it more feasible to cope without ( then relatively large and expensive ) ROM tables and / or PLA structures for sequencing and / or decoding.
The polyphonic organization of different melodies to sound at the same time was still a relatively new invention then, and it is understandable that the mathematical or physical relationships in frequency that give rise to the musical intervals as we hear them, should be foremost among the preoccupations of Medieval musicians.
If it is generally by temporary uninhabitability, for example a nuclear winter, then n < sub > r </ sub > may be relatively high.
Efficient electrical transmission meant in turn that electricity could be generated at centralised power stations, where it benefited from economies of scale, and then be despatched relatively long distances to where it was needed.
Note, however, that if the MSE is relatively low, then the arrows are likely more highly clustered ( than highly dispersed ).
If the parameter is the bull's-eye of a target, and the arrows are estimates, then a relatively high variance means the arrows are dispersed, and a relatively low variance means the arrows are clustered.
If the parameter is the bull's-eye of a target, and the arrows are estimates, then a relatively high absolute value for the bias means the average position of the arrows is off-target, and a relatively low absolute bias means the average position of the arrows is on target.
If GCD ( a, b ) = 1, then a and b are said to be coprime ( or relatively prime ).
As with all members of the deep-fried chip family, they are cooked twice, once at a relatively low temperature ( blanching ) to cook the potato, and then at a higher temperature to crisp the surface, making them crunchy on the outside and fluffier on the inside.
* The gcd is a multiplicative function in the following sense: if a < sub > 1 </ sub > and a < sub > 2 </ sub > are relatively prime, then gcd ( a < sub > 1 </ sub >· a < sub > 2 </ sub >, b ) = gcd ( a < sub > 1 </ sub >, b )· gcd ( a < sub > 2 </ sub >, b ).
Clusters are then formed relatively recently between 10 billion years ago and now.
If an isomorphism can be found from a relatively unknown part of mathematics into some well studied division of mathematics, where many theorems are already proved, and many methods are already available to find answers, then the function can be used to map whole problems out of unfamiliar territory over to " solid ground " where the problem is easier to understand and work with.
Commitment proceedings often follow a period of emergency hospitalization during which an individual with acute psychiatric symptoms is confined for a relatively short duration ( e. g. 72 hours ) in a treatment facility for evaluation and stabilization by mental health professionals-who may then determine whether further civil commitment is appropriate or necessary.
This government's mistreatment of certain ethnic groups resulted in divisions and violence among indigenous populations, who until then had coexisted relatively peacefully.
Since then, a whole series of relatively large areas of the brain have been found to be involved in speech processing.
This pressure gradient pushes relatively cool, low-salinity water from the Atlantic across the basin ; it warms and becomes saltier as it travels east, then sinks in the region of the Levant and circulates westward, to spill over the Strait of Gibraltar.
A maquiladora manufacturer operates by importing raw materials into Mexico either tariff free ( NAFTA ) or at a reduced rate on a temporary basis ( 18 months ) and then using Mexico's relatively less expensive labor costs to produce finished goods for export.
Ways to reduce such context / restore latency include having relatively few registers in their central processing units ( undesirable because it slows down most non-interrupt processing substantially ), or at least having the hardware not save them all ( this fails if the software then needs to compensate by saving the rest " manually ").
Until then, Valéry had, briefly, earned his living at the Ministry of War before assuming the relatively flexible post as assistant to the increasingly impaired Lebey, a job he held for some twenty years.

then and novel
she could dust the plants, then break off suddenly and pick up an old novel and read from the middle on ; ;
The story was written for the screen and then as a novel by Randall Wallace.
The experimenters then present the subject rat with a decision between two food options ; the food previously eaten by the demonstrator, and a novel food.
In the Arliss movie Doctor Syn, Syn escapes to sea with Mipps and the rest of the Dymchurch smugglers, whereas Captain Clegg ends more faithfully to the novel, with Parson Blyss being killed by the mulatto ( who is then killed by Mipps ) and then being carried to and buried in Captain Clegg's empty grave by Mipps.
This DNA is then transferred into an organism, giving it modified or novel genes.
Up the Walls of the World published in 1978 was her first full length novel, up until then she worked and built a reputation only in the field of short stories.
Other forms of animal communication may utilize arbitrary sounds, but are unable to combine those sounds in different ways to create completely novel messages that can then be automatically understood by another.
The second movement of the novel begins when the characters are offered jobs in Silicon Valley working on a project for Michael, who has by then left Redmond.
Overclocking enthusiasts reported success reaching 50 MHz using a 100 MHz oscillator instead of an 80 MHz part and the then novel technique of adding oversized heat sinks with fans.
If it be accepted, as can hardly be denied, that the answers of the judges to the questions asked by the House of Lords in 1843 are to be read in the light of the then existing case-law and not as novel pronouncements of a legislative character, then the High Court's analysis in Stapleton's Case is compelling.
She followed that up with the second novel with the same setting, The Warrior's Apprentice then worked on Ethan of Athos.
If an upregulated gene is observed by an abundance of mRNA on the northern blot the sample can then be sequenced to determine if the gene is known to researchers or if it is a novel finding.
" Albertine at the Police Doctor's Waiting Room ", 1885-87 painting by the Norway | Norwegian writer and painter Christian Krohg illustrating his then very controversial novel Albertine about the life of a prostitute
They adopted the term (" the Third Empire " – usually rendered in English in the partial-translation " the Third Reich "), first used in a 1923 novel by Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, that counted the mediaeval Holy Roman Empire as the first and the 1871-1918 monarchy as the second, which was then to be followed by a " reinvigorated " third one.
* A theme well-covered in the novel is that of cultures suffering technological breakdowns who then proceed to revert to belief-systems along religious lines.
Concern about the rapid pace of technological change crystallized around the concept of the technological singularity, popularized by Vernor Vinge's novel Marooned in Realtime and then taken up by other authors.
During a period of intense succession struggles following the death of Sobhuza II, the Ndlovukati was assisted by Prince Sozisa Dlamini, the holder of a novel office, the Authorised Person, in-Libandla, and then was deposed and the mother of the heir, now King Mswati III was made ndlovukati prior to his full accession.
Spy fiction, literature concerning the forms of espionage, was a sub-genre derived from the novel during the nineteenth century, which then evolved into a discrete genre before the First World War ( 1914 – 18 ), when governments established modern intelligence agencies in the early twentieth century.
* The first two pages of Ian Fleming's novel Diamonds Are Forever are told from the point of view of an African scorpion which kills and eats a beetle and is then casually crushed and killed itself, by one of the villains whom James Bond would later confront and eventually crush.
The fantasy novel The Folk of the Air by Peter S. Beagle was written after the author attended a few early SCA events circa 1968 ; but he has repeatedly stated that he then studiously avoided any contact with the actual SCA itself for almost two decades, so that his description of a fictitious " League for Archaic Pleasures " would not be " contaminated " by contact with the actual real-life organization.
In the novel, data privacy is reserved for corporate entities and individuals who may then conceal wrongdoing ; by contrast, normal citizens do not enjoy significant privacy.
With this novel approach to the problem of venesection, Vesalius posed the then striking hypothesis that anatomical dissection might be used to test speculation.
In the 1771 German novel Geschichte des Fräuleins von Sternheim by Sophie von La Roche, a high-minded character complains about the newly introduced waltz among aristocrats thus: " But when he put his arm around her, pressed her to his breast, cavorted with her in the shameless, indecent whirling-dance of the Germans and engaged in a familiarity that broke all the bounds of good breeding — then my silent misery turned into burning rage.

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