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title and hails
Joelle King, winner of the Australian Open squash title in 2009, and two medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, hails from the town.
In 1999, Kimberly Pressler who hails from Franklinville, won the Miss USA title.
The night prior to the death of the title character, who hails from the fictional town of Plumtree, Tennessee, the narrator realizes that " A pal's last need is a thing to heed ," and swears to McGee that he will not fail to cremate him.
Tora hails from the village of Natalau, in the Sabeto area Ba Province, and holds the traditional title of Taukei Waruta ' Turaga ni yavusa o Waruta.
Then, the title page cuts out, and the music starts, with a clown, that is part of the setting of a circus, at which the video hails as its main character.

title and back
* The Damned-Damned Damned Damned, a limited number of which were deliberately printed with a photo of Eddie and the Hot Rods on the back of the cover, rather than The Damned playing at The Roxy Club, and with an erratum sticker apologising for this " mistake ", and on the front of the LP, on top of the original shrinkwrap, a red food-fight sticker saying ' Damned Damned ', thus completing the LP's title when read underneath the band's name ;
Star receiver Michael Irvin was suspended by the league for the first five games of 1996 following a drug-related arrest ; he came back after the Cowboys started the season 2-3 ; they finished 10-6 and won the NFC East title, but were eliminated in the divisional round of the playoffs 26-17 by the second-year Carolina Panthers.
Although little information survives of the battles fought, enough early victories were apparently achieved for Domitian to be back in Rome by the end of 83, where he celebrated an elaborate triumph and conferred upon himself the title of Germanicus.
It has been used as an honored academic title for over a millennium in Europe, where it dates back to the rise of the first universities.
Next, inside this first flashback, the Lady of the title narrates another story, presented in flashback form, but with cutaways inside it back to events occurring in the time frame in which she is doing her narrating.
Manager Edwin Rodriguez resigned in June, Chris Coghlan revealed his lingering knee issue when the club was to demote him and never returned back to 25 man roster that season, and Jack McKeon returned as manager where he would reclaim title as most wins as Marlins manager.
The title was brought back in 1935, and awarded to Mikhail Botvinnik, who thus became the first " official " Grandmaster of the USSR.
Verlinsky did not get his title back.
Following the Colts first NFL championship, the team once again posted a 9 – 3 record during the 1959 season and would defeat the Giants once again in the NFL Championship Game to claim their second title in back to back fashion.
The title Liber Pontificalis goes back to the 12th century, although it only became current in the 15th century, and the canonical title of the work since the edition of Duchesne in the 19th century.
In, the Vikings, led by Tarkenton and running back Chuck Foreman, got off to a 10 – 0 start and easily won another division title.
With the release of The Sims 2 in 2004, Maxis ' logo was only displayed at the back of the box as well as the title screen at the launch of the game.
They did not win another league title until 1956, aided by a number of future Pro Football Hall of Fame players such as running back Frank Gifford, linebacker Sam Huff, and offensive tackle Roosevelt Brown, as well as all-pro running back Alex Webster.
But Paul Menesius, a Scotsman, who was the ambassador, could not obtain the grant or sanction of that title, though he was received with great magnificence and had many precious gifts to carry back to his master.
Unfortunately, due to the failure to gain rights to the title they wanted, id designers were forced to fall back on the project's nickname of " Quake II.
The Chargers would lose their first four games of the season and come back to become the first 0 – 4 team to make the playoffs as they won 11 of the last 12 games and clinched the AFC West title.
The team earned a trip back to the postseason in by capturing the AFC West division title with a 12 – 4 regular season record.
In the final game of the season, the Padres defeated the Diamondbacks 7 – 6 to win back to back division titles for the first time in team history ( they were tied with the Dodgers for the division title, but because of winning the season series against them, the division title went to them and the wild card went to the Dodgers ).

title and England's
The first statute to address sectarian dissent from England's official religion was issued in 1593 under Elizabeth I and specifically targeted Catholics, under the title " An Act for restraining Popish recusants ".
* August 29 – after Henry III of England's invasion of Wales, the Treaty of Gwerneigron is signed by him and Dafydd ap Llywelyn, curbing the latter's authority and denying him royal title.
England's premier ducal title, Norfolk, remains in the Howard family to this day.
2 Henry VI was performed under the title Henry VI, Part 2: England's Fall.
The lyric provided the title of Jon Savage's award-winning 1991 history of the Sex Pistols and punk rock, England's Dreaming.
Instead, she held the title of Dowager Princess of Wales and, as with the similar case of Henry VII of England's mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, she also used the title " My Lady the King's Mother ".
At the time of the launch, Alex Ferguson had failed to deliver any silverware as team manager and the club were still in a run that would eventually last 26 years without winning England's top division league title.
* The title of " Dread Pirate " was given to Dixie Bull, New England's first known pirate, who was active from 1631-1632.
* England's Looking Glass, a list of works with England's Looking Glass in the title
Wasps followed up the win the following week, again at Twickenham, by beating Bath to retain the title of England's champion side, and complete a double.
Nearly all the regiments ' flags carried an Irish harp in the centre, one exception being Roth's regiment of former Foot Guards, whose official title in the 1690s was the King of England's Foot Guards ; their flag was a red cross of St George with a crown in the centre surmounted by a crowned lion.
Forest law prescribed harsh punishment for anyone who committed any of a range of offences within the forests ; by the mid-17th century, enforcement of this law had died out, but many of England's woodlands still bear the title Royal Forest.
The Bishop in Europe ( full title: Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe ) is the ordinary of the Church of England's Diocese in Europe in the Province of Canterbury.
The school's Head Master, Richard Cairns, was awarded the title England's Public School Headmaster of the Year 2012 by Tatler magazine.
In 1937, Wigan was featured in the title of George Orwell's The Road to Wigan Pier, which dealt, in large part, with the living conditions of England's working poor.
From 1301, the crown's lands in north and west Wales formed part of the appanage of England's heir apparent, with the title " Prince of Wales ".
On 25 May 1952, Lofthouse earned the title ' Lion of Vienna ' after scoring his second goal in England's 3 – 2 victory over Austria.
In 1981, England's Peter Tupling set the record low 72 hole score in professional tournament golf, when he won the title with a 29 under par total of 255. Notable past champions include major winners Vijay Singh and Sandy Lyle and former Ryder Cup player Gordon J.
12 X 5 is the second American album by The Rolling Stones, released in 1964 following the massive success of their debut The Rolling Stones in the UK and the promising sales of its American substitute, The Rolling Stones ( England's Newest Hit Makers ), sometimes title as England's Newest Hit Makers or just The Rolling Stones.
The song is often misinterpreted also as an attack on the UK as a nation, although in reality it is more an attack on the poor quality of most UK citizens ' lives, which is why the original title of the song was " No Future ", and the lyrics calls for an end to " England's dreaming ," as there is ( according to the song ) no real future for most people in the UK.

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