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tongue-in-cheek and is
The researcher, Klaus Kjøller, who is well known for tongue-in-cheek statements, accused IKEA of imperialism.
Examples range from the discovery that the presence of humans tends to sexually arouse ostriches, to the statement that black holes fulfill all the technical requirements to be the location of Hell, to research on the " five-second rule ", a tongue-in-cheek belief that food dropped on the floor will not become contaminated if it is picked up within five seconds.
Loos had famously declared, in the tongue-in-cheek humor of the day, that " ornament is a crime ".
* Valašské královstí ( Kingdom of Wallachia ) is a tongue-in-cheek micronation established by Tomáš Harabiš, with the Czech actor Bolek Polívka as its king in 1997 in the territory of Moravian Wallachia, for the purpose of promoting the region and tourist activities.
A tongue-in-cheek job title for systems engineers who work primarily in the maintenance and monitoring of a render farm is a render wrangler to further the " farm " theme.
• A " Flaming Smelt " is the tongue-in-cheek mascot of Chicago Great Books school Shimer College, which does not have any sports teams.
A Taco Bell had long been a presence at the U. S. Army's Yongsan Garrison, which is off-limits to non-military people, and for a time there was a tongue-in-cheek grassroots campaign by non-Korean, non-military foreigners in Seoul to get another Taco Bell location.
1066 and All That: A Memorable History of England, comprising all the parts you can remember, including 103 Good Things, 5 Bad Kings and 2 Genuine Dates is a tongue-in-cheek reworking of the history of England.
The title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that most historians give the subject little thought beyond vague references to the Council of Trent.
A Prairie Home Companion is known for its musical guests, especially folk and traditional musicians, tongue-in-cheek radio drama, and Keillor's storytelling segment, " News from Lake Wobegon ".
( This quip is obviously tongue-in-cheek as the film One Hundred and One Dalmatians was not made until seven years later in 1961 and thus the title would not have been seen by him on a Leicester Square cinema marquee in 1954.
In this usage, the term denotes a literary technique employing a generally light-hearted tongue-in-cheek imitation of another's style ; although jocular, it is usually respectful.
* Mr. Juniata Pageant, Established: 1997 — Sponsored by Circle K, the Mr. Juniata Pageant is a tongue-in-cheek spoof of beauty pageants with men from each class competing for the coveted Mr. Juniata crown.
The band is often also cited as being recognizable by Merritt's lyrics, often about love and often with irregular or neutral gender roles, that are by turns ironic, tongue-in-cheek, bitter, and humorous.
Allmusic senior editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine noticed that the song is " a tongue-in-cheek, neo-house cover " and picked it as one of the best tracks on the album, alongside the title track and " Have You Ever Been in Love ".
The song bears no relationship to the original song, which is a tongue-in-cheek assessment of Flemish women.
There is a Witch Meadow Lake and Witch Meadow Campground in Salem, perhaps a tongue-in-cheek homage to the infamous witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts.
The name is tongue-in-cheek, since there is no ocean for hundreds of miles, although it draws reference to a once popular bathing spot on the Oostanaula riverbank commonly deemed Resaca Beach.
During an interview he stated, and this may have been tongue-in-cheek, that he had someone record them on cassette tape so he could listen to them ; this is evidenced by his comments to this effect on the British TV documentary ' Wine, Women and Song ' which was aired in 1983.
It was the band's sixth full-length studio album and presented holiday-themed songs written and performed with the tongue-in-cheek humor for which the band is known.
There is also a tongue-in-cheek reference to zebra crossings in the science-fiction comedy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by English author Douglas Adams, in reference to Man using the improbable creature called the Babel fish as proof of the non-existence of God, the novel says, " Man then goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed at the next zebra crossing.
Completely devoid of brutality but containing a lot of subtle, tongue-in-cheek humour instead, The Poisoned Chocolates Case is one of the classic whodunnits of the so-called Golden Age of detective fiction.
The parenthetical aside is meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

tongue-in-cheek and usually
* John Dickson Carr's The Hollow Man ( 1935, U. S. title The Three Coffins ), usually considered the quintessential locked-room mystery, replete with a tongue-in-cheek philosophical disquisition on the subject by the detective, Dr. Gideon Fell
Lyrically, psychobilly bands tend to favor topics and imagery drawn from horror, science fiction and exploitation films, violence, lurid sexuality, and other taboo topics, usually presented in a comedic or tongue-in-cheek fashion reminiscent of the camp aesthetic.
He was often an appreciated and honored guest and speaker, though usually met with tongue-in-cheek praise.

tongue-in-cheek and Every
The title " Every Good Boy Deserves Favour " was borrowed, tongue-in-cheek, from a mnemonic used to remember the musical notes that form the lines of the treble clef: EGBDF.
In 1965, Kingsley Amis wrote The Book of Bond or Every Man His Own 007, a tongue-in-cheek manual for prospective secret agents, illustrated with examples from Fleming's novels.
Moreover, under the pseudonym ‘ Lt .- Col. William “ Bill ” Tanner ’ — M .’ s CoS and 007 ’ s best friend in SIS — Amis wrote his second Bond book, The Book of Bond, or Every Man His Own 007 ( 1965 ), a tongue-in-cheek, how-to-manual to help the everyman find his own inner secret agent.

tongue-in-cheek and ten
The orchestra started as a one-off, tongue-in-cheek performance art ensemble but became a cultural phenomenon over the following ten years, with concerts, record albums, a film and a hit single.

tongue-in-cheek and years
When, three years later, 3D Realms released Duke Nukem 3D, a tongue-in-cheek science fiction shooter based on Ken Silverman's technologically similar Build engine, id Software had nearly finished Quake, its next-generation game, which mirrored Dooms success for the remainder of the 1990s and significantly reduced interest in its predecessor.
In reference to this, one of Dial-A-Song's many slogans over the years was the tongue-in-cheek " Always Busy, Often Broken ".
" Bald " would in this case be a tongue-in-cheek reference to his landlessness, at an age where his brothers already had been sub-kings for some years.
Later, and for many years, at the British science fiction convention Eastercon, he would deliver a humorous speech ( often part of his famous series known by the tongue-in-cheek label of " Serious Scientific Talks "); these were eventually collected in The Eastercon Speeches ( 1979 ) and A Load of Old Bosh ( 1995 ), which included a similar talk from the 1979 Worldcon in Brighton, 37th World Science Fiction Convention.
Among his best known musical performances were " The Welly Boot Song ", a parody of the Scottish folk song " The Wark O ' The Weavers ," which became his theme song for several years ; " In the Brownies ", a parody of the hit Village People song " In the Navy " ( for which Connolly filmed a music video ); " Two Little Boys in Blue ", a tongue-in-cheek indictment of police brutality done to the tune of Rolf Harris ' " Two Little Boys "; and the ballad " I Wish I Was in Glasgow ," which Connolly would later perform in duet with Malcolm McDowell on a guest appearance on the 1990s American sitcom Pearl ( which starred Rhea Perlman ).
However, on the book's jacket and in a tongue-in-cheek introduction by the book's editor, it was alleged that this 1996 work was written by Bachman years earlier, but the manuscript had only recently been discovered by his widow in a trunk.
During her years at Laurel, she started a small tongue-in-cheek group called the " Dateless Wonder Club.
" In later years, when pressed in interviews if he wrote the phrase, Sorenson would reply tongue-in-cheek " Ask not.
Antoinette also led a tongue-in-cheek campaign for K-Doe's election for mayor of hurricane-ravaged New Orleans in 2006, five years after his death.
His suggestion that he would ride a Vincent Black Shadow ( one of the fastest production road bikes ever made ) was most likely tongue-in-cheek, since this bike is too large for off-road riding and the last one produced would have been 16 years old by that time.
Begun as a tongue-in-cheek spoof of Spoleto, the cultural festival for performing arts in Charleston, South Carolina, Spittoono ( or Spitoono, as it is spelled in alternating years ) was founded by the Redneck Performing Arts Association ( RPAA ) a loosely organized group of locals at the ESSO Club, a gas station and grocery turned bar located on the Old Greenville Highway in Clemson.
" In 2007, Vanity Fair named it the sixth best episode in the show's history, describing it as " a classic satire of network influence, obsessed TV fans, and programs that survive long after the shark has been jumped, the episode is a meta-celebration, a tongue-in-cheek rebuttal to everyone who claimed that the quality of The Simpsons had declined over the years.
For many years he was a frequent contributor of legal opinions to The Rush Limbaugh Show, where Limbaugh referred to him on-air as " F. Lee Levin ," a tongue-in-cheek reference to the famous defense attorney F. Lee Bailey.

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