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trend and continued
This can be accomplished substantially by a continued trend toward better facilities and techniques for fire control and more resources to cope with critical fire periods, and a more intensive application of a program of prevention, detection, and control of insect and disease infestations.
In an attempt to reverse the downhill trend by stimulating the bone marrow and controlling any hemolytic component, triamcinolone, 16 mg. daily, was begun on Sept. 26, 1958, and continued until Feb. 18, 1959.
The cooling trend continued in the Miocene, with relatively short warmer periods.
Although the NATO countries did not adopt an intermediate-power round, they continued the trend toward shorter and lighter magazine-fed battle rifles.
During the 20th century, this trend continued with more modern and powerful revolver cartridges, in the form of Winchester and Marlin lever action carbines chambered in. 38 Special /. 357 Magnum and. 44 Special /. 44 Magnum.
Lithograph of the President's House, Thornton Hall, Dartmouth Hall, and Wentworth Hall, circa 1834. Presidents Ernest Fox Nichols ( 1909 – 16 ) and Ernest Martin Hopkins ( 1916 – 45 ) continued Tucker's trend of modernization, further improving campus facilities and introducing selective admissions in the 1920s.
Jitō continued to hold power as a cloistered ruler, which became a persistent trend in Japanese politics.
French cinema continued its upward trend of earning awards at the Cannes Festival, including the prestigious Grand Prix for Of Gods and Men ( 2010 ) and the Jury Prize for Poliss ( 2011 ); the Best Director Award for Mathieu Amalric ( On Tour, 2010 ); the Best Actress Award for Juliette Binoche ( Certified Copy, 2010 ); and the Best Actor Award for Jean Dujardin ( The Artist, 2011 ).
In 2010, the Marlins continued the trend of changing managers when they fired Fredi Gonzalez midseason and gave Edwin Rodriguez the job through the remainder of the season.
Banks was not greatly tested, but it was hugely encouraging that he emerged from the group with three clean sheets from three games, a trend that continued when England beat a physical Argentina side 1 – 0 in the last eight, with Geoff Hurst scoring with a header.
This trend in Greek diet continued in Roman and Ottoman times and changed only fairly recently when technological progress has made meat more available.
Mirroring the long downward trend in the popularity of variety shows in general that had taken place in the 1970s, ratings began to decline for Hee Haw by the mid-1980s, a trend that continued into the early 1990s.
This trend continued until Holden introduced the Sunbird in 1976 ; essentially the four-cylinder Torana with a new name.
The 1998 Holden Astra continued Holden's trend of sourcing its mid-size car | mid-size and smaller model lines from Opel in Europe.
In it, as Isidore entered his own terse digest of Roman handbooks, miscellanies and compendia, he continued the trend towards abridgements and summaries that had characterised Roman learning in Late Antiquity.
Ehrlich ultimately lost the bet, and all five commodities that were selected as the basis for the wager continued to trend downward during the wager period.
This trend has continued into modern times, expanded upon by artists such as Robert Lee Morris, Ed Levin, and Alberto Repossi.
Both Henry II and Richard had argued that kings possessed a quality of " divine majesty "; John continued this trend and claimed an " almost imperial status " for himself as ruler.
Thanks to the efforts of men like Hubert Walter, this trend towards improved record keeping continued into his reign.
The downward trend continued through 2002, when the estimated population bottomed out at 14. 9 million, and then resumed its growth.
The cycle continued the trend towards reducing the role played by Arthur in his own legend, partly through the introduction of the character of Galahad and an expansion of the role of Merlin.
This trend continued through 2000's with graffiti / street art gaining more recognition from art institutions worldwide.
continued the trend of incorporating familiar hit songs in the sub-genre known as jukebox musicals.
Mototsune continued the trend begun by Yoshifusa of monopolizing the position of regent to the Japanese emperor.

trend and throughout
The trend throughout the world's religions has been toward a recognition of at least the practical validity of this constitutional enactment.
Still, given that the sources of this data has remained the same for the past 15 years, we can at least see a trend of unemployment staying high throughout this period, but rising sharply in the mid to late 90's peaking at 70 % in 1999 ( 2000 CIA World Factbook is the source for that number ), and then decreasing to the usual rates of around 50 % in recent years.
A common trend throughout the 20th century, in both opera and general orchestral repertoire, is the use of smaller orchestras as a cost-cutting measure ; the grand Romantic-era orchestras with huge string sections, multiple harps, extra horns, and exotic percussion instruments were no longer feasible.
The population of Piedmont followed a downward trend throughout the 1980s.
) The leporids first appeared in the late Eocene and rapidly spread throughout the northern hemisphere ; they show a trend towards increasingly long hind limbs as the modern leaping gait developed.
A primary trend has broad support throughout the entire market ( most sectors ) and lasts for a year or more.
Swords with exceptionally long hilts are found throughout the High Middle Ages, but these remain exceptional specimens, and not representative of an identifiable trend, until the late 13th or early 14th century.
Despite this recent trend, Lake Clarke Shores has maintained itself, as it has throughout its history, as an attractive residential enclave that is attainable to middle as well as more upper income households.
The entrance to the 28 m shaft was built on the north side of the pyramid, a trend that would remain throughout the Old Kingdom.
Dramatic demographic change fueled ethnic and religious tension throughout the northern United States following World War I, and Niles proved to be no exception to this trend.
Citizens had been especially concerned that if the borough chose to follow the consultant's advice to " monetize the system ," that the system would be sold to a multinational corporation, as was an increasing trend throughout the region.
The trend of the keyhole kofun first spread from Yamato to Kawachi ( where gigantic kofun such as Daisenryō Kofun exist ), and then throughout the country ( except for Tōhoku region ) in the 5th century.
By dropping the seduction theory, Dr. Masson concluded, " Freud began a trend away from the real world that, it seems to me, has come to a dead halt in the present-day sterility of psychoanalysis throughout the world.
Some luthiers and repairmen attribute this to a gradual trend of misplacing the bridge on these guitars: the same jigs for bridge placement were used throughout the history of each model's production.
Though moralists protested and clergymen preached against such activities, the carnivalesque phenomenon became a trend throughout 18th-century London.
By introducing the miniskirt into the haute couture of the fashion industry, Courrèges gave it a greater degree of respectability than might otherwise have been expected of a street fashion .. An even more prominent French fashion designer, Yves St. Laurent, began to show shorter skirts in his fall / winter 1965 collection, including his famous " Mondrian " dress ( inspired by the work of painter Piet Mondrian ), a trend that he continued with throughout the 1960s, although he became more famous during this period for introducing the concept of the formal trouser suit for women into haute couture.
-Age distributions not reflective of the general population instead favoring older more conservative age groups ( Although the over all effect of this is unknown as approval and disapproval varied significantly throughout age groups without clear trend towards changing attitudes with age ).
This was a trend that would continue on subsequent covers throughout the 1970s and beyond.
Nonetheless, Abigail and Betty ’ s trend of accusing innocents rapidly spread throughout Salem and nearby villages ( especially Andover ), leading to the death of several innocent people.
As well as its fusion with rock and pop, Electronic continued their interest in dance music by inviting DJs to remix their singles and album tracks ; this was a trend that continued throughout their career.
The Peace of Augsburg ( 1555 ) generally, and the principle of cuius regio, eius religio specifically, marked the end of the first wave of organized military action between Protestants and Catholics ; however, its limitations did not address the emerging trend toward religious pluralism ( co-existence within a single territory ) developing throughout the German-speaking lands of the Holy Roman Empire.
The 1989 Rover 200 was a strong seller throughout its life and its successor continued this trend, though its final year of production ( 1999 ) saw a significant dip in sales.
This trend has declined throughout the years with forcible rape from 1997-2006 being-30 % and from 2005-2006 being-10 %.
There was again a decrease with the trend throughout the years with sex offenses from 1997-2006 being-16 % and from 2005-2006 being-9 %.

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