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Page "learned" ¶ 196
from Brown Corpus
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viewpoint and is
There is indeed a moral responsibility on man himself, for his own soul's sake, to respect lower life and to avoid the infliction of suffering, but this viewpoint Schweitzer rejects.
Miller ( '50 ) is the principal antagonist of this viewpoint.
It is natural from the marksman's viewpoint to call a bull's-eye a success, but in the mice example it is arbitrary which category corresponds to straight hair in a mouse.
Instead of emotional recrimination, loaded phrases and sloganeering, we need a dispassionate study of the facts, a better understanding of the opposite viewpoint and a more serious effort to extend the areas of agreement until a solution is reached.
It is always a temptation for a religious organization, especially a powerful or dominant one, to impose through the clenched fist of the law its creedal viewpoint upon others.
Each viewpoint is valid if it is organically related to the other.
It follows, then, provided the possibilities have been exhausted, that the only real alternative is the general viewpoint of the `` left '', which has been represented on the Continent by Fritz Buri and, to some extent at least, is found in much that is significant in American and English theology.
Although they are often considered to be weeds in gardens, this viewpoint is not always necessary, as most of them die when the soil temperature warms up again in early to late spring when other plants are still dormant and have not yet leafed out.
The key difference between Fermat's and Descartes ' treatments is a matter of viewpoint.
An alternate viewpoint is that limiting praise to the unaccompanied chant of the early church is not commanded in scripture, and that the churches in any age are free to offer their songs with or without musical instruments.
From a mechanical viewpoint, up to 99 % of the energy delivered by the rider into the pedals is transmitted to the wheels, although the use of gearing mechanisms may reduce this by 10 – 15 %.
Its omission from the Dead Sea Scrolls is attributed to the inability of the Qumran sect to fit Habakkuk's theology with their own narrow viewpoint.
One of the viewpoint characters of Ian Watson's novel Oracle is an eyewitness to her defeat.
Accordingly, they have claimed that the market is biased in favor of books, TV specials, and other media that support the Triangle mystery, and against well-researched material if it espouses a skeptical viewpoint.
From an economics viewpoint, there is a clear trade-off between cost per copy and cost of the printer.
According to this viewpoint, citizens are sovereign, morally autonomous beings with duties to pay taxes, obey the law, engage in business transactions, and defend the nation if it comes under attack, but are essentially passive politically, and their primary focus is on economic betterment.
Congregationalism expressed the viewpoint that ( 1 ) every local church is a full realization in miniature of the entire Church of Jesus Christ ; and ( 2 ) the Church, while on earth, besides the local church, can only be invisible and ideal.
The Court said: “ It appears to us that NCRL ’ s filtering policy is reasonable and accords with its mission and these policies and is viewpoint neutral.

viewpoint and further
Then, as more features are added to support each viewpoint, it might be necessary to have cross-conversion features between the multiple viewpoints, further complicating the total features.
A little further on is the Théâtre de Verdure, inspired by Italian gardens, and a panoramic viewpoint with a view of the sea and the Iles des Lerins.
The presence of a member with an extreme viewpoint or attitude helps to further polarize the group, as the other members will alter their view, making it closer to that persons.
A further characteristic of the role of the facilitator in the social constructivist viewpoint, is that the instructor and the learners are equally involved in learning from each other as well ( Holt and Willard-Holt 2000 ).
James Clavell in The Asian Saga discusses an important feature of Australian literature: its portrayal of far eastern culture, from the admittedly even further east, but nevertheless western cultural viewpoint, as Nevil Shute did.
From the pro-Catholic viewpoint, the " Ecclesiastical Reservation " of the Augsburg treaty had impeded the secularization of Catholic lands after 1555, so no further Catholic lands could be converted to Protestant control.
The carhop drive-in service began further west, at a viewpoint off Marine Drive in Point Grey, when Bailey served food from a vehicle.
to create the impression of a perspective-correct landscape scene, available from a viewpoint of 8 points of the compass-the technique was self-described as " landscaping " The techique created a strong impression at the time, and the game received praise for its graphics ; " landscaping " was also used in the sequel Doomdark's Revenge, but did not see significant further use in games.
The special mechanism viewpoint would add to this further by suggesting that these triggers activate the fragmented memory of the trauma, but protective cognitive mechanisms function to inhibit the recall of the original memory of the traumatic event.
Loft Crag is a fine viewpoint which gives an attractive vista of the fells around Great Langdale, because the fell juts further out into the valley than the other two Langdale Pikes it gives a more impressive and full view of the valley.
A further cairn at the northern end of the summit area marks the prime viewpoint for Ullswater.
" Scholar Herbert V. Gunther further explains, " an individual, which in other systems is imagined as a combination of matter and a permanent mental principle ( ātman ), is in reality a continuously changing stream of that which from one viewpoint is believed to be matter and from another a mind.
The antinomian viewpoint mentioned above holds that, because Jesus accomplished all that was required by the law, thus fulfilling it, he made it unnecessary for anyone to do anything further.
Furthermore, "... his viewpoint, and its ' support found in his exhaustive studies it could go further and say that no confounding factors ( like socio-economic, geography, ethnicity, medical care access, and beyond 500 explored in the analysis ) can explain the results.
The house scenes featured a location house built on 3 stories, with open views of the estuary as far as the north Kent coastline, Harwich and Felixstowe to its left viewpoint, and Bradwell, Isle of Sheppey and further to its right.

viewpoint and supported
Lovecraft's viewpoint made no allowance for religious belief which could not be supported scientifically, with the incomprehensible, cosmic forces of his tales having as little regard for humanity as humans have for insects.
" The only IRA body that supported this viewpoint was the outgoing IRA Executive.
The reductionist viewpoint, supported by John McDowell and others, has tried to tackle the first two propositions 1 and 2 ( above ), by putting forth certain modes of expression ( such as being in pain ) as privileged and allowing us direct access to the other's mind.
Once they read the more detailed descriptions of the two studies, they almost all returned to their original belief regardless of the evidence provided, pointing to details that supported their viewpoint and disregarding anything contrary.
Glob believed that these were " offerings to the gods of fertility and good fortune ", a viewpoint that is widely supported.
This viewpoint is supported by the educational attainment of countries — in East Asia for instance — that combine strict discipline with high standards of education.
Left-wing Peronism was represented by many organizations, from the Montoneros and the Fuerzas Armadas Peronistas to the Peronist Youth, the Frente Revolucionario Peronista and the Revolutionary Peronist Youth, passing by Peronismo en Lucha or Peronismo de Base, which supported a Marxist viewpoint.
" As discussed above parliament has already chosen not to do this, a legal viewpoint supported by others, such as barrister Karen Brody, who have argued that a change in the law isn't necessary.
To complete the buildup of measure theory for locally compact spaces from the functional-analytic viewpoint, it is necessary to extend measure ( integral ) from compactly supported continuous functions.
Despite his conservative viewpoint and longtime affiliation with the Republican Party, Warner was also a close friend of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and supported him during the early 1930s.
* The first viewpoint considers Gan to be a dialect of Chinese, which is supported by the scholars in mainland China.
Rose also waded into the ongoing debate between Biblical creationism and evolution, asserting in Genesis, Creation and Early Man that Orthodox patristics exclusively supported the Creationist viewpoint.
This viewpoint is supported by the Pew Research Center and their study " Beyond Red Vs. Blue ".
During his time as chairman, he pursued aggressive policies of adding conservative viewpoint to programming supported by CPB funds.
He felt that the church supported Terrence O ’ Neill ’ s political viewpoint which Paisley opposed.
One viewpoint sees these allegations as supported by insufficient evidence, or as having been completely refuted.

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