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was and denounced
Anyone who tried to remedy some of the most glaring defects in our form of democracy was denounced as a traitorous red whose real purpose was the destruction of our government.
This dinner was the start of a new blatancy in the relationship between the gangs and the politicians, which, prior to 1924, says Pasley, `` had been maintained with more or less stealth '', but which henceforth was marked by these ostentatious gatherings, denounced by a clergyman as `` Belshazzar feasts '', at which `` politicians fraternized cheek by jowl with gangsters, openly, in the big downtown hotels ''.
In 1825, the Boston house carpenters' strike for a ten-hour day was denounced by the organized employers, who declared: `` It is considered that all combinations by any classes of citizens intended to effect the value of labor tend to convert all its branches into monopolies ''.
Lincoln denounced the decision, alleging it was the product of a conspiracy of Democrats to support the Slave Power Lincoln argued, " The authors of the Declaration of Independence never intended ' to say all were equal in color, size, intellect, moral developments, or social capacity ', but they ' did consider all men created equal — equal in certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness '.
In 321, Arius was denounced by a synod at Alexandria for teaching a heterodox view of the relationship of Jesus to God the Father.
The temple school was widely denounced in the press.
At the Alexandrian Council of 326, Athanasius was elected to succeed the aged Alexander, and various heresies and schisms of Egypt were denounced.
The Nazi movement, from nearly the start, denounced the Bauhaus for its " degenerate art ", and the Nazi regime was determined to crack down on what it saw as the foreign, probably Jewish influences of " cosmopolitan modernism.
He was suspected and denounced, but nothing ensued until the establishment of the Inquisition in Rome in June 1542, at the instigation of Cardinal Giovanni Pietro Carafa, the first Grand Inquisitor, and later Pope Paul IV.
According to the meeting minutes, Pasternak was denounced as an internal White emigre and a Fascist fifth columnist.
The group was denounced as nihilist by the Austro-Hungarian press and compared to the Russian People's Will and the Chinese Assassination Corps.
* On May 18, 1996, a second mutiny was led by 500 soldiers who refused to be disarmed and denounced the agreement reached in April.
Even though Confucius denounced them for their practices, the aristocracy was likely attracted to the idea of having trustworthy officials who were studied in morals as the circumstances of the time made it desirable.
In November 448, during a local synod in Constantinople, Eutyches was denounced as a heretic by the Bishop Eusebius of Dorylaeum.
So it was that New Castle lawyer Thomas McKean denounced the Stamp Act in the strongest terms, and Kent County native John Dickinson became the " Penman of the Revolution.
He wrote: " It is a matter of great regret that the throwing of bombs by zeppelins on London was denounced as a most savage act and the bombardment of places of worship and sacred spots was considered a most abominable operation.
He had a particularly important part in opening a dialogue between the west European peace movement and dissidents in Soviet-dominated eastern Europe, particularly in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, for which he was denounced as a tool of American imperialism by the Soviet authorities.
Griswold's book was denounced by those who knew Poe well, but it became a popularly accepted one.
In June 1858, when her husband was standing as parliamentary candidate for Hertfordshire, she indignantly denounced him at the hustings.
However, his abstract mathematics was denounced as " Jewish ", useless, and " un-German " and he lost his position in 1935.
Spanish Falangist leader José Antonio Primo de Rivera did not believe that corporatism was effective and denounced it as a propaganda ploy, saying " this stuff about the corporative state is another piece of windbaggery ".

was and double
The double editorial on Two Aspects Of `` The U.S. Spirit '' was subtly calculated to suggest a moral sanction for gambles great as well as small, reflecting popular approval of this questionable attitude toward the highest office in the land.
She was the only kind of Negro Laura Andrus would want around: independent, unservile, probably charging double what ordinary maids did for housework -- and doubly efficient.
My double was made with standard-weight revolver barrels ( before cutting to revolver length ), and although it compares well in other respects, it's considerably heavier than the Deerstalker, which only scales about 6-1/2 pounds.
This second chain bridge was 570 feet long, had two thirty-foot towers and a draw, and a double roadway.
Scherer also had a big night at bat with four hits in five trips including a double, Len Boehmer also was 4-for-5 with two doubles and Dave Ritchie had a home run and a triple.
I'll bribe you with a nice '' -- He was about to say `` double martini '' but thought better of it.
Marie-Louise von Franz tells us the double approach of Western alchemy was set from the start, when Greek philosophy was mixed with Egyptian and Mesopotamian technology.
During January – February 2007, Armenia ’ s trade with Russia and other former Soviet republics was $ 205. 6 million ( double the amount from the same period the previous year ), making them the country ’ s number one trading partner.
< li > On June 15, 2012, a working Apple I was sold at auction by Sotheby's for a record $ 374, 500, more than double the expected price .</ li >
She was a beautiful and reputable woman and according to Pliny the Elder, she had a double canine in her upper right jaw, a sign of good fortune.
The " double width " mode of the TRS-80 was also supported, so 256 x 192 pixels ( in 32x16 character mode ), or 320 x 300 pixels ( in 40x24 character mode ) were also possible.
The Sheridan's gun was a low-velocity weapon suitable in the assault role, but with the addition of the Shillelagh missile could double in the anti-tank role as well.
The test is unstable ( i. e. the crack propagates along the entire specimen once a critical load is attained ) and a modified version of this test characterised by a non constant inertia was proposed called the tapered double cantilever beam ( TDCB ) specimen.
The early a cappella polyphonies may have had an accompanying instrument, although this instrument would merely double the singers ' parts and was not independent.
This, Thom argued, was a notch on the horizon where a double sunset would occur at midwinter.
This cache was double the size of K6's already large 2 × 32 kB cache, and quadruple the size of Pentium II and III's 2 × 16 kB L1 cache.
Noting that Clinton's sex life was scrutinized more than his career accomplishments, Morrison compared this to the stereotyping and double standards that blacks typically endure.
There were noted exceptions, such as denying a stolen base to an otherwise successful steal as a part of a double or triple steal, if one other runner was thrown out in the process.
A stolen base would be awarded to runners who successfully stole second base as a part of a double steal with a man on third, if the other runner failed to steal home, but instead was able to return safely to third base.
* Redouble, when the previous call other than pass was a double by an opponent
Determined to show the Grand Alliance that France was still resolute, Louis XIV prepared to launch a double surprise in Alsace and northern Italy.
; although in that book, Pris was the replicant double of Rachael, and there was no suggestion that replicants were constructed based on human templates.

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