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was and strongest
`` You have every right to be '', I replied gravely in the Manu dialect, but my attention was fixed on Brassnose, the biggest and strongest of us.
Although there are landscapes in the show ( one of the strongest is a vista of `` Gloucester Harbor '' in 1915 ), the human element was the compelling factor in Sloan's art.
He was born into the aristocratic, warrior class that dominated Mytilene, the strongest city-state on the island of Lesbos and, by the end of the seventh century BC, the most influential of all the North Aegean Greek cities, with a strong navy and colonies securing its trade-routes in the Hellespont.
Hellen, Graikos, Magnis, and Macedon were sons of Deucalion and Pyrrha, the only people who survived the Great Flood ; the ethne were said to have originally been named after the elder son Graikoi but renamed later after Hellen who was proved to be the strongest.
Although clubs from other states were at times invited, the final was almost always between the premiers from the two strongest state competitions of the time — South Australia and Victoria — and the majority of matches were played in Adelaide at the request of the SAFA / SAFL.
The other long established club in the city ' Os Galitos ' was founded in 1904 and water related sports such as swimming, sailing and rowing are some of its longest traditional strongest specialities, other sections in the club include chess, basketball, snooker, pool and billiards among others, but rowing is the modality in which the club has a maintained a long and proud tradition going back more than one hundred years, reaching the highest possible excellence as a club with several of its individual and team of rowers having represented Portugal Internationally and at the Olympic games with good classifications on more than a just few occasions.
Undoubtedly helpful was that some of the university ’ s strongest programs were in the areas of music, speech, and art, disciplines in which ability could be measured by audition or portfolio rather than through paper qualifications.
The strongest defender of laissez-faire was The Economist founded by James Wilson in 1843.
The term Pays Cathare, French meaning " Cathar Country " is used to highlight the Cathar heritage and history of the region where Catharism was traditionally strongest.
So it was that New Castle lawyer Thomas McKean denounced the Stamp Act in the strongest terms, and Kent County native John Dickinson became the " Penman of the Revolution.
The work was strongest in the scientific department, and many of its most valuable articles were from the pen of the editor.
The Convention was designed to incorporate a traditional civil liberties approach to securing " effective political democracy ", from the strongest traditions in the United Kingdom, France and other member states of the fledgling Council of Europe.
As a pioneer in mammalian embryology, he was one of Haeckel ’ s strongest critics.
The 2010-2011 La Niña was one of the strongest ever observed.
From June 2007 on, data indicated a moderate La Niña event, which strengthened in early 2008 and weakened before the start of 2009 ; the 2007 – 2008 La Niña event was the strongest since the 1988 – 1989 event.
Originally, the event was for amateurs only, however, since the 1984 Summer Olympics professional players have been permitted, albeit with certain restrictions which prevent countries from fielding their strongest sides.
The ANI claimed that liberal democracy was no longer compatible with the modern world, and advocated a strong state and imperialism, claiming that humans are naturally predatory and that nations were in a constant struggle, in which only the strongest could survive.
Mignet argued that the " constitution of 1791 ... was the work of the middle class, then the strongest ; for, as is well known, the predominant force ever takes possession of institutions ...
Corruption in politics was the central issue in 1884, and Cleveland's reputation as an opponent of corruption proved the Democrats ' strongest asset.
Participants exhibited the strongest gambler's fallacy when the seventh trial was part of the first block, directly after the sequence of three heads or tails.
By far the strongest hereditary claim was that of Edgar the Ætheling, but his youth and apparent lack of powerful supporters caused him to be passed over, and he did not play a major part in the struggles of 1066, though he was made king for a short time by the Witan after the death of Harold Godwinson.
His popularity ( or notoriety ) was verified by the fact that his name turned out to be the strongest brand of the year.
The hetairoi ( Companion cavalry ) was considered the strongest of their time.
To prevent civil war the Scottish magnates asked Edward I of England to arbitrate, for which he extracted legal recognition that the realm of Scotland was held as a feudal dependency to the throne of England before choosing John Balliol, the man with the strongest claim, who became king in 1292.

was and inclusion
The result was an agreement that the Lublin Government should be `` reorganized on a broader democratic basis with the inclusion of democratic leaders from Poland itself and from the Poles abroad '', and pledged to hold `` free and unfettered elections as soon as possible on the basis of universal suffrage and secret ballot ''.
It could be said that Aalto's international reputation was sealed with his inclusion in the second edition of Sigfried Giedion's influential book on Modernist architecture, Space, Time and Architecture: The growth of a new tradition ( 1949 ), in which Aalto received more attention than any other Modernist architect, including Le Corbusier.
the inclusion of the term " indivisible " in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States flag ); before this, the construction " the United States are " was more common.
One of the most well-known aspects of the series was the inclusion of music videos, which occurred between animated segments.
The beverage was well received by the people at the meeting, leading to its inclusion on the menu, ultimately becoming the franchise's top-selling product.
The Orders of Morning and Evening Prayer were extended by the inclusion of a penitential section at the beginning including a corporate confession of sin and a general absolution, although the text was printed only in Morning Prayer with rubrical directions to use it in the evening as well.
For example, the inclusion in the intercessions of the Communion rite of prayer for the dead was proposed and rejected.
Species are proposed for inclusion in or deletion from the Appendices at meetings of the Conference of the Parties ( CoP ), which are held approximately once every three years, the most recent of which ( CoP 15 ) was held in Qatar in March 2010.
The 1996 championship was held in the Indian subcontinent for a second time, with the inclusion of Sri Lanka as host for some of its group stage matches.
A major change from previous versions was the inclusion of a clinical significance criterion to almost half of all the categories, which required symptoms cause " clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning ".
They said that among those signing the letter were officers who had no knowledge of their inclusion or who had refused to be included, and even one instance of a general's widow who signed her husband's name to the letter though he had died before the survey was published.
Until that day, the package was distributed as license-free software, which prevented the distribution of modified versions of djbdns which was in conflict with the principles of Open source software which made the inclusion in many Linux distributions infeasible if not impossible.
Indeed, it was the thirty years of work done by Thomas Aquinas and himself ( 1245 – 1274 ) that allowed for the inclusion of Aristotelian study in the curriculum of Dominican schools.
At one point it was announced that the release had been delayed to allow the inclusion of the video for " May it Be ", while the ( now defunct ) fan sites reported that a dispute over the sound quality of the release led to it being withdrawn.
One of the poems attributed to Empress Jitō was selected by Fujiwara no Teika for inclusion in the very popular anthology Hyakunin Isshu.
He stated that inclusion within the educational system was a more pressing need for African Americans than political issues such as suffrage.
Mark Frank ’ s Photon — notable for the inclusion of an 8x10 photo in each issue — was another 1960s zine that lasted into the 1980s.
This balance was altered by the inclusion of the majority Chinese Singapore, upsetting many Malays.
" The inclusion of the designation of borders in the text was dropped after the provisional government of Israel, the Minhelet HaAm, voted 5 – 4 against it.
The second major issue was over the inclusion of God in the last section of the document, with the draft using the phrase " and placing our trust in the Almighty ".
The main event in the First Republic in the sixties was the inclusion of the Socialist party in the government, after the reducing edge of the Christian Democracy ( DC ) had forced them to accept this alliance ; attempts to incorporate the Italian Social Movement ( MSI ) in the Tambroni government led to riots, and were short-lived.
Tom Hall was forced to resign by Id Software during the early days of Doom development, but not before he had some impact ; he was responsible, for example, for the inclusion of teleporters in the game.
* The hypothesis that beta amyloid protein is key to IBM has been supported in a mouse model using an Aβ vaccine that was found to be effective against inclusion body myositis in mouse models.

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